Happy 1st Anniversary, Fated To Love You!!

Our beloved Snail Couple!


Happy 1st Anniversary, Fated To Love You 운명처럼 널 사랑해!!!~ ☺☺☺

Today is July 2nd, and on this day in 2014, the pilot episode of our beloved Snail Couple, “Fated To Love You” was aired in MBC on a Wednesday-Thursday schedule.

For my celebration of this special day, I’ve collected a number of photos of our Snail Couple, Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk, during their ups and downs in this story where fairy tales do come true!~ ♥☺

001144.907000746.748001935.645002739.629004222.579002941002941.924005233.786005602.837005352.614005808.64318.000702.95318.000720.92218.001156.28918.000947.48718.001528.44718.001553.62518.001722.10318.002200.80818.003810.43118.005016.19518.005557.35618.005933.21218.005946.41218.005950.61619.000133.08819.001509.14020.000126.82420.000239.42320.000323.72020.000346.66420.000356.90220.001323.430  20.002455.55320.002518.26220.005654.155

photos credit: LikeMoa

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