Shine or Go Crazy Episode 23 Recap


Shine or Go Crazy Episode 23 Recap. Our characters jockey for position to enter the finale with the best advantage. Sik Ryeom believes his superior army will win. Wang So believes destiny is to fulfill his father’s goal of a strong kingdom for 1000 years. Shin Yool struggles to overcome her illness. Wang So arrives to support her final plunge to avert the coldness. Will she live or die?

sgc_ep23_1bsgc_ep23_1aWang So (Jang Hyuk) yells he is the son of the First King who founded this nation. He declares he will protect the people now. Eun Chun comes forward and bows offering the sword. The consigned men recognize Wang So as the Prince that won the fighting contest. Wang So lifts the sword and yells with his heart. Poong yells to the guards there is a reward for his capture. A fight begins. Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha) pushes Wang So aside telling him he must defeat Sik…

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