Period Epic ‘Empire of Lust (순수의 시대)’ gets English Subtitled Trailer

Empire of Lust (순수의 시대) Empire of Lust (순수의 시대)

Empire of Lust (순수의 시대), the first big period epic of 2015, has unveiled a trailer featured English subtitles.

The tale takes place during 1938 as the kingdom of Koreyo gives way to the new era of Joseon, with the various royal, military and political factions all vying for power. With betrayals, revenge, and no small amount of lust all featuring, Empire of Lust looks set to be an intriguing addition to the Korean period drama canon.

Director Ahn Sang-Hoon (안상훈), who helmed thriller Blind back in 2011, appears to have evolved as a filmmaker judging by the stills released so far which is promising. Empire also features a stellar cast in the form of Shin Ha-Kyun (신하균) (Save the Green Planet), Jang Hyeok (장혁) (The Flu) and Kang Ha-neul (강하늘) (Mourning Grave) as the figures vying for power, while the female roles –…

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