FTLY JJangs Award Ceremony gifs

*whisper whisper*

JNR giving a massage to JH

Don’t ask me why there are only two gifs. I only took the essence 😛

And please bear with the poor quality. I was filming that with my phone with trembling hands, and it is also my first time ever making any gif.

Anyways, hope these bring back some of happy FTLY memories 🙂

+Ooops! Sensed something strange?
Cuz those gifs were reversed lol. I told you, it’s my first time making gif….

Here’s the correct version of those gifs.



3 responses to “FTLY JJangs Award Ceremony gifs

  1. love the snail couple forever~

  2. excuse me … can you find shine or go crazy ep 9 preview????

  3. Hyukie and Jang Nara are really comfortable with each other.

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