Shine or Go Crazy – Ep 3 Preview

Excerpts of video:
Translation by JangHyukNo1 on instagram

1st clip ■ Wang SikRyeom (Lee DukHwa): They came back. The men who became TaeJo (WangSo’s father)’s swords and chased after us, a powerful family. ■ JeongJong (Ryu SeungSoo): Father’s secret warriors? ■ WangSo: Probably there must a ruler behind. I have to find out the wirepuller. ♡ 2nd clip: ■ ShinYule: What article do you want? ■ HwangBo YeoWon (Lee Honey): I want people. ■ ShinYule: I have nothing to sell. Especially I don’t sell people. ■ ShinYule: You have a master? Who bought you?

MBC written preview
Translation by JangHyuk_No1 on instagram

💕 After 5 years later, ShinYule, leading ChungHae in BeokRanDon is preparing to deal with the Imperial Family for the Buddhist ceremony. In the ceremony, ShinYule first meets HwangBo YeoWon. HwangBo becomes to like ShinYule’s intelligence. WangWook saves ShinYule’s life and again has a fated encounter. (Based on Text preview of Ep.3, posted on iMBC).

7 responses to “Shine or Go Crazy – Ep 3 Preview

  1. Shine or go crazy, Indeed I’ve gone all insane for this drama! Jang Hyuk!!!!

  2. very nice shine or go crazy I love you jang huk:)

  3. So, they weren’t that heartless in the end and presented a preview! Good for them, good for us! Go go ninja assassins, kill them all one after the other the “fathers” of the united Han states! And Wang so if you wanna remain a friend of mine, you’d better recognize Shin Yool.

  4. Reblogged this on kdramadreamer and commented:
    So the first 2 episodes have set up the premise and I feel we’re going to get into the meat and potatoes now so to speak. Thanks for posting Stuck On Hyuk.

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