Shine or Go Crazy – Official MV and highlights

These videos have gotten me really excited!!!!!!! You guys NEED to watch them especially the highlights. I’ve watched it countless times and towards the end I always feel like clapping haha! 😀  I’m so ready to enjoy this series that seems to have some comedy, romance, action, adventure and mistery FUN!!!! It starts on Monday January 19th at 10 pm (Korea time)






7 responses to “Shine or Go Crazy – Official MV and highlights

  1. Like the posters and stills very much. Really have high hope on this saguek. Very excited that it’s finally on air in less than 24 hours. I’m longing to watch Hyuk as a TJ rapper on stage again! SoGC daebak!

  2. Finally! A Sageuk I am extremely compelled to watch. Beautiful, talented cast, and gorgeous production values. Let’s hope the writers don’t fail us with the story.

  3. This just ramped up my excitement levels.
    Now I’m willing the day to go by faster!

  4. I’m really excited because to me Jang Hyuk is the master of sageuk, but since this is a mixed genre, it might draw more people in that would normally skip this drama.

  5. Oooh boy this is really looking like it’s going to hit the Jang Hyuk sweet spot for me! And holy cow that running with sword thing gave me legit Chuno chills!

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