Shine or Go Crazy – Ep 1 Preview – Text and photos

Text preview is out and the reality sinks in, Shine or Go Crazy starts TODAY in Korea! Waahhhhhh yesss

Translated by Gumi

A prophecy says Wang So (Jang Hyuk) has a cursed fate, and Wang Gun tries to protect him by expelling him to live in KeumKang Mountain. Years after, Wang Gun calls Wang So back to the palace, and at that site Wang Gun is attacked by assassins…

Meanwhile, Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) who practically runs ChungHae Merchant Group, thanks to her brother Yang Kyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min), faces a situation where she is forced to marry General Kwak.









3 responses to “Shine or Go Crazy – Ep 1 Preview – Text and photos

  1. I would say, this by far would be the most epic Korean drama of 2015 for me. I’ve watched other Korean dramas in their pilot episodes, they were not as strong as the pilot episode of Shine Or Go Crazy. For the other dramas, you have to watch first two episodes to be able to gain interest in them. But in SOGC, first episode made my interest fire up!

    I would also say that this by far would be the best moment for Jang Hyuk. He acted very well and already gave his best of the best moments in acting in the first episode. I was smiling non stop during his scenes, because I was able to see Han Ki Tae in him (Bright Girl’s Success, 2002) because of his “cursing words”, I was able to see Lee Gun in him (Fated To Love You, 2014) because of his devilish laugh, (I cracked up big time when he shouted “DUMPLINGS! HUEHUEHUAHUAHUA” And most of all, I was able to see Dae Gil in him (Chuno, 2010) because of his manliness and being athletic. And also the way he rests his sword on his right shoulder? Oh God. I think I saw Chuno here. 😀

    Also, Oh Yeon So is still lovely as before. Her beauty never changed. The last time I saw her on a drama was Baby Faced Beauty. Back then I was mesmerized at how big her eyes are, and they still not changed. Honey Lee, still gorgeous as ever. Last time I saw her in Modern Farmer. She had lots of comical acting in Modern Farmer, now it’s interesting to see her in a serious role in a traditional drama.
    Over all: This would be my most anticipated drama of this year. This drama gave me the first ROFL of 2015. My heart seems to pop when I heard Ailee singing at the end. Fighting, SOGC!!! 😀

  2. I can’t wait to see this but where? Drama fever and viki aren’t showing it yet. What to do???

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