Shine or Go Crazy – New stills, BTS and interview

New stills of Wang So cred. Jang Hyuk DC Gallery/MBC.

It seems our Goryeo prince will endure some harsh times, cause we often see stills of him dressed more as a common citizen than as a prince. I suppose it comes with the territory when you are a “cursed prince fated to bring blood to your country” awww. He looks gorgeous as a commoner, however (in fact, it is my favorite look so far)

Also, from what we can see in this video, the drama will definitely be infused with some comical action sequences, as it was mentioned before 🙂 but then again so was Chuno and TWDR.

Video from MBC/Thanks to Zoi





On the other hand, Honey Lee looks absolutely stunning as the princess who will eventually marry Wang So. She is definitely rocking the sageuk garments. I’m fangirling a little here! but I do have a weakness for Goryeo/Silla or whatever it is royal wardrobe. It’s the colors! the pretty colors!










18 responses to “Shine or Go Crazy – New stills, BTS and interview

  1. Our Prince Wang So looks shabby but chic and young. I think his image as a cursed prince is great! The princesses here all look stunningly pretty. Thank you for the background history of this drama. I’m very excited about this coming out soon. It’s a good start of the year 2015! Happy New Year! Wish you all having a prosperous and healthy year ahead!

  2. Reblogged this on kdramadreamer and commented:
    I couldn’t resist reblogging this. Thank you ladies at stuckonhyuk for always being on top of the Jang Hyuk news.

  3. Omgosh Hyukie is so adorable. Love the last pic. I agree with you, her costumes are absolute amazing. I also love the brilliant colors.

  4. I’m so happy to see Honey Lee. she really does look stunning. The entire cast is beautiful. And I am definitely a sucker for Silla era fashion and hair!

    • Silla era, ok… That was the same era as in the drama “A thousand years of love” right? I do like the Silla fashion as well. I think the mostly down hair on the men looks better than the lepracon look lol. The women’s costumes are seriously fab.

      • Yes, that era! 😀 So Ji Sub looked great in the long hair too. I used the Silla era for my first Dream Drama Aurora. LOL @ Leprachaun look!

      • Yeah but isn’t this Goryeo? I only mentioned Silla because I also like that fashion, based on Queen Seondok, but also because I don’t notice much difference 😋 I personally was referring to the female wardrobes because from what Im seeing, at least Wang So is dressed as a commoner right? Isn’t his hairstyle the one that all heroes have in everything? Like Iljimae, Jumong, etc? Now I need to know which one is the lepracon look lol

        • You know, when they have that black see-like hat on and their hair up.

          • Here is some historical background provided by Gumi on Soompi: Our King, Gwang Jong, is also the first king to marry his family in Goryo. Well he was the son of the founding ruler, so ‘first’ prob won’t mean much….but yes he married his half sister (acted by Honey Lee in the drama) and later I think his niece…? All for the sake of power. (in the original novel, it’s shows him being forced to have unwanted marriages)

            And he did kill off bunch off people, thus is called to be a bloody emperor.

            But then no one denies that he also did some great jobs in establishing the base of new dynasty.
            First 8 years of his reign was super peaceful and his ruling was beyond great.
            And then he came up with this law to free bunch of slaves (that’s how most Korean students learn him, memorizing that law’s name lol…) and that agitated aristocrats cuz freeing slaves would weaken aristocrat power. He pushed for it exactly for that purpose, to weaken aristocrat power and strengthen king’s power.

            He also started examination system. Before officials would be just selected through…dunno, family/friend recommendation? And he started merit-based official selection through examination, which again, would weaken aristocrats and strengthen king.

            People give him credit for shaping Goryo into a stable functioning nation…but the process wasn’t exactly peaceful.
            He was an ambivalent ruler, both bloody and competent. I guess the title does fit him, Shine or Go Crazy.

            GwangJong indeed is an interesting figure, and is worth of making a drama out of…although I doubt that they will show the bloody part in this drama. The original novel shows until he becomes the king, I heard, and his reign was peaceful for first 8 years so…yeah I don’t think we’ll be seeing our male lead chopping off bunch of heads. The drama will be based on more the imagination of the author on what kind of person Wang So would have been, not so much on what he actually did in history.

            And it’s a romance drama based on romance novel..! It’s focus is def not gonna be on all the political turmoils I guess. Historical background is still very interesting.

          • Usually when I watch a sageuk, I get curious about the actual history but then after a while, I forget everything I read 😣 In this case, since its based on a romantic novel I haven’t been too curious about the history but I’m starting to get curious now.

      • Ok I read some more. Shine or Go Crazy takes place in early Goryeo. Wang So, as Gumi said is the son of Taejo, founding father of Goryeo, which came right after unified Silla era, therefore, an overlap in fashion makes sense, also to me, everything looks chinese anyway 😐

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