Hot Icon 2014 – Jang Hyuk – interview

Hi! I’m not sure exactly what this means, if Hot Icon is the name of the show that interviewed him or if it is a special recognition. I’ll update the post once I get clarification but in the meantime, here is Jang Hyuk, in Wang So look from Shine or Go Crazy.  Credit to Jang Hyuk DC Gallery and Zoi for posting these.








2 responses to “Hot Icon 2014 – Jang Hyuk – interview

  1. Any subtitles or transcripts in English of what Jang Hyuk is saying?

  2. Hi
    My first time to watch a Korean TV series Fated to love you Season 1 20 Episodes (all in a row 10 hours?) Netflix. That is some great acting from all actors and actresses, in particular Jang Hyuk. I want to know where I could watch more of his movies with English subtitles? What a great actor he is! I am recommending this series to everyone I know.

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