Happy Birthday Jang Hyuk – Celebrating on the set of Shine or Go Crazy

We have started celebrating Hyukie’s birthday on twitter since yesterday, since it was already December 20th in Korea. Because of time difference we can celebrate a longer Hyuk day all over the world! You can join the party by following the tag #Hyukspam on twitter

Our sweet twitter friend @karen_527 , actually got him a cake and cooked some delicious food 😊


But how did our birthday boy celebrated? Well, working! We know him! Workaholic as ever! And I suppose the production of Shine or Go Crazy can’t stop since the premiere is coming soon, tentatively on January 12th.

But the Shine or Go Crazy team made sure to make our Hyukie feel special on this day! Look at the pics 😀



This is what Jang Hyuk wrote on his official Weibo account: “Thank you all who celebrated my birthday. I am spending a happy day” – (Thanks to @janghyukno1fan for her translation)



6 responses to “Happy Birthday Jang Hyuk – Celebrating on the set of Shine or Go Crazy

  1. happy birthdy to you jang hyuk I love you:)

  2. Oh my heart! I’m having goosebumps just seeing my pic posted along jh’s birthday photos. Thank you drama fan! Happy happy birthday Jang Hyuk!

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  4. Sangilchukkal to King Jang Hyuk indeed! He looked so adorable. Long live King Hyuk!

  5. That cake looks really great 🙂

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