Happy Birthday Jang Hyuk!!

Beautiful blog post written by our dear Zhaoul.


Happy Birthday Jang Hyuk

December 20th is Jang Hyuk’s Birthday!

It’s been almost a year now since my Jang Hyuk journey has began. I want to pay special respect to Jang Hyuk’s career today and growth as an actor.

I joke a lot, especially on twitter, and come across as a fan obsessed, hormone driven Kya girl. Truth is, what I adore more than anything about Jang Hyuk is his acting. Yes he is gorgeous, yes he is sexy but more than anything he is talented.

For myself, when getting into a role, it starts as an energy deep inside. This energy than manifests itself from deep within and seeps out. That’s where your character comes to life. When Jang Hyuk acts, I can feel his energy as an actor. I see it in his eyes, his body language, his speech, posture and so forth.

When I watch him, I connect to him like…

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One response to “Happy Birthday Jang Hyuk!!

  1. Happy birthday jang hyuk:-PB-)

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