Let’s vote for Jang Hyuk and our Snail Couple on MBC Drama Awards 2014!


The MBC Awards are approaching and I’m thinking what better birthday gift could we give our favorite actor than one  (or all) of these trophies? 😀 Let’s make it happen! All we need to do is register and vote.


We could vote for Best Couple award and Most Popular Actor and Actress Award (while we are voting why not help Jang Nara as well? She is Jang Hyuk’s little “brother” now so she is practically family and I bet he’ll love it if she also wins).

Thanks to JYK for putting together this post for us 😀

Voting period: Dec 12 – Dec 24 (ends at midnight 24th Korean time) ONLY A FEW HOURS LEFT!


Only one vote per MBC ID is allowed during the entire voting period. Which means every vote is PRECIOUS.

If you don’t have an MBC ID, you can create them using your email accounts.

All the procedures are in Korean, however, if you follow the voting guide HERE, you will find it quite easy to do.

MBC Drama Awards Voting Guide in English

MBC Drama Awards link

Best Couple

Popular Actor & Actress

Also, not as relevant as the MBC Awards but we can also vote for our Snail Couple in the DramaFever Awards. In this case we can vote once every day.

Fan Favorite of the Year

Best Couple of the Year

The Boldest Moment of the Year

8 responses to “Let’s vote for Jang Hyuk and our Snail Couple on MBC Drama Awards 2014!

  1. They switched our snail couple’s position on the best couple voting webpage. Do take note when voting, make sure our votes are casted to our snail couple! ^^

  2. I meant it decreases her chances in the Best Couple category. I suppose her fan base might’ve increased with two dramas in a row and this could potentially benefit her in the Popular Actress category, but from what I’ve read her character in MB doesn’t shine. I’ve read they focused more on the father-son relationship so I don’t know if MB has benefited her in any way.

  3. That’s cute that Jang Hyuk said that about SHK. And I understand now it will be win/win for Jang Na Ra fans. I’m one of the people who FTLY does not appeal to. So I haven’t watched it yet, but I have seen clips of them together and they are very sweet. I suppose they do deserve to win, given that explosive fan response.

    • Yeah I actually think it decreases her chances but Gumi thinks differently. How come FTLY doesn’t appeal to you if you haven’t watched it? I think Gumi was referring to viewers who watched it, complained about aspects of it, but still recognized the great chemistry. It is not something that you will understand unless you watch it in context. I’ve heard MB has a similar style to FTLY at the beginning which would make sense since they share a PD. So I still don’t understand what didn’t appeal to you in FTLY teasers. But anyway, I might never know myself about the chemistry between JNR and SHK because I don’t think I’ll ever watch MB myself so I guess we are on the same boat.

  4. It’s such a shame that Jang Nara is in the nominations twice, the other with Shin Ha Kyun. Is that even fair? I guess if MBC doesn’t have any other drama couples to promote?. :/ I’ve been watching Mr. Baek and I have to say those two are really beautiful together also. And behind the scenes I wondered why she jumped so fast into this drama, it was because she was thrilled to work with SHK. That was sweet.
    For the record, I’m not doubting her chemistry with Jang Hyuk at all! I just feel that it’s such a hard choice.

    • I’ve read that most Jang Nara fans are with The Jangs. Their chemistry is not ordinary. I’m not doubting SHK talent even though I’ve never seen him but he gets a lot of praise. Even Jang Hyuk expressed happiness when he found out that Jang Nara was going to work with him because as he said “he likes that hyung” . But I do doubt their chemistry can be comparable. Now, I agree that it is unfortunate that our snail is nominated twice. Even if the majority of her fans are on The Jangs team they will get divided, and this decreases her possibilities as well as both her partners. They might not win but I voted to show my love. Like I said, in my opinion, The Jangs are not an ordinary run of the mill with some chemistry (typical in kdrama) couple. They are truly special and if the world of korean entertainment was fair they would win 😋 And this coming from someone who has enjoyed Jang Hyuk with almost all his female leads.

    • Well I guess there’s nothing unfair about it…If one of the two couples did not get nominated because JNR was in another couple, now THAT would be unfairness, cuz there are fans supporting each couple right? JNR votes will get split up yes and that’s a little bit of disadvantage, but then doing two dramas in a row itself increases fan base so now that’s an advantage for her…and to FTLY fans MB will be a competitor that takes away votes , to MB fans FTLY will be, but I guess everybody just vote for the couple they support 😛

      JNR is always sweet to her co-actors. She said she didn’t even read the script and said yes when she heard JH will be her partner in FTLY. And truly, FTLY was worth watching if not for anything else, for JJangs chemistry alone (altho I enjoyed other parts as well)…even those to whom FTLY did not appeal that much agreed that JJangs’ chemistry was undeniably explosive! I personally feel like ‘Best Couple Award’ is almost designed for Snail Couple lol. I hope voters and MBC think the same way haha.

  5. Done! Best of luck to JJang Team! ♡♡

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