Westwood Fan signing event 12/18/2014 – Gumi was there!+Gumi’s story

Gumi and I have been really busy with work and studies lately, so we haven’t blogged much. Sorry friends! I’ll try to post more often. I have so many ideas and our love for Hyuk is as strong as ever! but life, you know?

In order to start “buying” your forgiveness :p here are brand new pics of Hyukie at a Fan signing event that happened just a few hours ago! Our Gumi was there and Hyukie smiled at her! I’m not sure if she still remembers why lolol but I hope she can answer my question soon, when she recovers 🙂

Let’s start with the pics of Hyukie smiling at Gumi! Ah these two! I ship them 😀 (but Hyuk is married with two kids, married with two kids, married with two kids)



What did you tell him Gumi?


He has a mischievous smile!

+Gumi’s answer:

Drama Fan forced me to write how I made him smile, right now at this moment, and the fact that it is 3am here did not stop her from forcing me. Not that I was gonna sleep anyways. Hyukie’s beauty is haunting me.

Anyways, what did I say to make him smile? Let me make this clear first, it was all meticulously designed deliberate plan on my side! (pat on my head) I was so determined to say something to him, preferably something amusing, and make sure I stare into his eyes, cuz that’s what I failed to do in summer 2013 autograph event. I wanted to make my getting autograph something slightly more than a brief encounter that lasts as long as he signs his name and writes a short message “Be happy!”, so I decided I will ask him to write me a customized message so that I’ll have more personalized encounter&be able to say something to him&stare at him for a longer while as he writes the longer message.

So when I was standing in line I was trying to come up with a message that could flatter and/or amuse him, and simulated myself saying it over and over so that I would actually be able to say it without freezing.

And it was my turn, I walked up, immediately squatted down, so that I’d be able to have a better stare at his face and eyes. This was a great decision, cuz when another fan was taking pics, I wasn’t blocking him, hence we got a great pic of him smiling…!

When he started signing his name, I asked, “Oppa, can I ask you to write me a message?” and he looked up and oh our eyes met jeez the beauty..when I looked into your eyes…i had no idea you’d be my wife…(feat. Jeff Bernat FTLY ost)

I said “Can you write, ‘Study for as long as the time you spend staring at my face, and get all A’s!'”

And he had that shy and amused smile, and of course it is our Hyukie, he would do what his fan asks him to do, but he hesitated for a sec before writing the sentence, and that shy hesitation was super adorable. And he started writing the message, but omitted ‘my’, and my wild guess is that he felt shy to write the phrase ‘staring at my face’. But I didn’t let him go, I caught him and said “Can you add ‘my’ right here oppa?” and he did lol.

And he stopped writing and went like alay…? with a puzzled look on his face. He didn’t get ‘all A’s’ part. So I drew A in the air with my finger and said A, as in grade. And he went like oh…! all A’s! and smiled. I assume that’s when those pics were taken. But might as well not be, cuz I don’t remember actually seeing his face (again, duh, Gumi, when will you ever remember seeing his face…?!?), so those smiles might as well have been from different moment. But the important thing is that he smiled at me *swoooon* -End of Gumi’s Story

This is is face when he received the precious clay dolls his fans gave him for his birthday.



Here are some awesome close ups! Can you imagine seeing him this close and not fainting? I can’t!


He is looking at me! *faints*














He is very attentive to his fans and looks directly into their eyes *swoons*

20 responses to “Westwood Fan signing event 12/18/2014 – Gumi was there!+Gumi’s story

  1. Oh goodness, you did it girl, represented all of us fangirls. Haha! I envy you but I’m so happy for you at the same time. JH is such a kind, warm soul. I’d probably faint if he stared at me like that.

  2. I am so happy for Gumi~You go girl!!! You made him “shy” with that “fresh” request. So smart of you!.
    Can’t imagine how you held your composure while the powerful Huyk shied away….LOL!!!!

  3. Ooopppssie ..i mean i wish i was there!LOL!

  4. Wow!. Gumi’s shots on Hyukkie were all fabolous!it’s all pretty gorgeous! 😍 you can tell the love by just looking…Gumi loves Jang Hyuk that much that it shows all on the pictures😘..and now i envy her! Imagine, to be with your greatest klove that close?….i might faint and won’t be able to say anything facing his face so close! Lucky you Gumi and thanks for sharing the beauty!😍i wish i were there too feeling your love for her😉and Drama Fan thank you for this!you and Gumi are awesone both of you deserve a big hug…😊💋💖

  5. Brave girl, Gumi! DF, I laughed so hard when you had to repeat “married with two kids” three times. Just like a mantra that doesn’t work.

  6. LOL Gumi should write a fangirl’s guide book to fansignings! That was brilliant!! Complete with fabulous photos too. Thanks for the sharing. Love that coat on him too *swoon*

  7. Super adorable encounter! Haha, I’m dying, this is so cute! Bravo Gumi, not only for maintaining your composure but also for asking him to write THAT. I can see that beautiful face of his shy up to that kind of statement. Haha, daaaebak! Beautiful photos to go along. Thank you girls! XD

  8. Gumi surely has saved the world in her previous life to be this lucky with all the precious meetings with Hyuki ^^

  9. That is one fantastic story! I love that the moment was captured so beautifully. Smart thinking Gumi 🙂

  10. OMG OMG OMG you’re a geniusssss

    Also very brave. If I met my Oppar I would roll around the floor and start foaming at the mouth. I’m surprised you can still talk. Hahaha

    His smile is lovely. Can’t imagine what it feels to stand in front of that and receive its powers on full blast!

  11. Hi, DF. Thank you for sharing Gumi’s story with us.

    I realised that there are many facebook users read your articles here and thought of mentioning about the MBC drama awards.
    (When I checked Fated to love you facebooks, none of them had any mention about the awards.)

    If this is not appropriate for your blog, please delete this comment.

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    Please vote for our Snail couple(Janghyuk and Jangnara) in BOTH categories.

    Voting period: 12th Dec -24th Dec (ends at midnight 24th Korean time)

    Only one vote per MBC ID is allowed during the entire voting period. Which means every vote is PRECIOUS.
    If you don’t have MBC ID, you can create them using your email accounts.
    All the procedures are in Korean, however, if you follow the voting guide below, you will find it quite easy to do.

    MBC Drama Awards link

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    MBC Drama Awards Voting Guide in English

  12. I would have probably swooned on over lol

  13. Augh, SO AWESOME! You did such a fab job, Gumi! Such a PERFECT, cheeky request, and I can totally see why that would make him feel kinda shy. CUTE!!! And, awesome photos! *standing ovation* 😀

  14. Gumi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so happy for you and jealous at the same time (wish it was me. hehehe)
    I feel i have met him, you know by association cos i know you.

    He looks so good and happy and mischievous and *squeeees**
    I love the way he pays attention to all. He is truly wonderful

    Thanks DF for the numerous pics and post..

  15. Thank you girls for sharing! The clay dolls are so well made and into details. They’re wonderful gifts that I’m sure Hyukie loves them. I would dream to look into his eyes without fainting. Looking forward to Gumi’s story telling how she surprised our Hyukie with that precious looks 😀

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