Thank You Jang Hyuk (Part 2)

This a truly beautiful write-up and inspiring read. Please don’t miss it.

Thank you

In the previous post (here), I have written on Jang Hyuk’s marvelous works and how they have greatly enriched my life.  Here, in this post, I am going to write about how Jang Hyuk, as a man, has inspired my life to good.

Jang Hyuk Metamorphosis

Back in 2002 when I first came to know Jang Hyuk in “Successful Story of a Bright Girl”, to me, he was just one actor among the crowd. I even got his name mixed up with another actor.

2014,  twelve years after,  because of Jang Nara, I watched “Fated to Love You”.  As I was watching the drama, I kept puzzling if I knew her screen partner who acted so well. When I found out that he was Jang Hyuk,  the one who worked with her 12 years back, I was struck with great surprise.

Long time no see and this guy has…

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2 responses to “Thank You Jang Hyuk (Part 2)

  1. Thank you for writing and sharing this. Beautiful article. Inspiring and certainly a life lesson for many of us. I was in Macau last week and bcos of Jang Hyuk, i actually went all over the shoppes at Venetian including the front lobby to look for the spot where they shot the scenes. If it had been another drama or another actor, i would not have bothered. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for this blog, i have learnt and enjoyed so much.

  2. That was an amazing article! Thanks for posting the link. I learned new things about him, which makes him even more amazing in my eyes. 🙂

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