A Message Book for Jang Hyuk has been Completed!

Remember we were collecting comments for Jang Hyuk?

DC Jang Hyuk Gallery fans made those and Korean fans’ messages into a message book! Big thanks to the fan who edited and made it into a book format. Also thanks to other fans who collected pictures to be used in the book, and those who helped me in translating English messages. And of course, big thanks to you who left a message to Jang Hyuk!

Thanks to everybody a beautiful message book has been created, and it will be delivered to Jang Hyuk today, September 27th, during the photo event. One of the fans will bring it to the event 🙂

Now, take a look at our finished product.

댓글북확대1 댓글북확대2 댓글북확대3 댓글북확대4 댓글북확대5

The last one with that landscape portrait is a poem one of the fans wrote, and if you read the first letter of each rows it becomes JH’s drama’s name.
…something like that, it’s really cool 😀

And here’s the printed out finished product.



Hopefully Jang Hyuk will be happy to receive it 🙂 Again thank you for all those who participated!

PS. On the last page where Gunnie in beige suit is holding coffee, there’s this blog’s name…! Stuck on Hyuk!

PS2. On the wide landscape portrait picture, you can find hidden Gunnies here and there

34 responses to “A Message Book for Jang Hyuk has been Completed!

  1. It is brilliant! I am proud of you guys, love to read the every words on the message book, a big THANKS to you all~~ Thank you Gumi for your hard work and support to Hyukie! I am grateful to find this this site, it is my treasure and precious zone in my life~~Thank you again!

  2. thank you so much to gumi and all who made this possible! It exceeded my expectations – looks totally awesome and can’t express how cool it is to see my message in a book for jang hyuk!!!

  3. This is so very cool.

  4. well done gumi and all those who helped in creating the book. keep it up!

  5. I am beyond glad I was able to send a message. This book is simply daebak Gumi!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  6. Just found the post that was asking for messages. I’ve been so busy I totally missed it. I would have left a good comment too. 😦 Aww well. I’m a fan in my heart whether he knows it or not. lol.

  7. This is beyond fantastic! Great Job!

  8. Thank you. It’s awesome.

  9. Thank you so much for making this project a success. I’m very sure Jang Hyukssi will be more than happy and inspired reading all his fans’ messages of love, appreciation and support for FTLY and for all his incoming movies and drama series. Kudos to Gumi and more power! It feels great knowing that my message for JH has been included in the book. Once again , thanks.

  10. thank you so much to the power of 1000x GUMI and to those people(k-FTLY/JH fans) behind this.wonderful present..

  11. Thank you Gumi and all who participate in this project. It’s so beautiful…

  12. wow the message book is really amazing! thank you gumi and all who made this possible. JH will really be happy to receive this one.

  13. Thank you guys you really made my day ❤ ❤ :*

  14. Gumi and all who helped this production – all of you Rock! Thank you very much.

  15. never mind..I FOUND IT! duh me! This is such a wonderful thing that was done…..seriously…I hope he enjoys reading all these when he makes time!

  16. was everyone’s comments NOT put in the book? I was just wondering because I don’t see mine…but maybe they did not put everyone’s comments in the book?

  17. WOW this is fantastic! Thank you so much for doing this and getting our comments translated!!

  18. Super happy and overwhelmed! 🙂 my message have been included in the message book! 🙂 thank you for the chance Gumi!

  19. This is so amazing. I will not count myself as his no. 1 fan but all of you that made this happened are all his No. 1 fans. So glad to have stumbled upon this site that is dedicated to Jang Hyuk. I first knew of him in 2002 but was again in awe of him of his portrayal of Lee Geon this summer. Definitely an actor worth worshipping. Thank you to Gumi and Drama Fan for the time and effort in updating this site.

  20. Wow great!! Thank you so much Gumi ^^, and all of fans who has translated, edited, collected,make into a book, and did the other things for this project, and who will be delivered this project to Jang Hyuk-ssi as well !
    And thank you for all of Jang hyuk fans around the world who participated this project!

  21. So happy that Hyukie will be able to read my message. This really made my day. Thanks to Gumi and to everyone involved in this wonderful effort! Knowing how grateful a person Hyukie is, I’m sure he’ll be so happy to read all the comments from fans. Thanks again!

  22. This is absolutely gorgeous!! An amazing idea! I think he’ll love it. I can’t even remember if I sent a message. :p But anyway, lovely work.

  23. Thank you thank you thank you so much! You made my day! The book is lovely! I hope Hyuk loves it! Hehe, if the fan could captrure his expression when he receives it would be nice to know… :p

    Hyuk fans are daebak!!!! Love u all!!!

  24. Thank you gumi for giving us the opportunity to show our love for Jang Hyuk sshi.

  25. I am really at loss of words!It was already amazing as an idea ,but now seeing as a finished work….this is sooooooo EPIC! *_*
    Thank you Gumi and everybody who helped for making this wonderful project !!! ^_^
    I believe he will enjoy it to the fullest and give him even more energy and strength.

  26. Daebak!!! I’m sure he’ll be lost for words’ Jang Hyuk is blessed with fans like you all are! :))

  27. Awee, of course he will be happy, it’s so beautiful and thoughtful! We thank you for giving the opportunity to int’l fans.
    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t see the images in full detail, but I can say that I love the design and layout, it’s sleek and clean and the photos are lovely. Are there illustrations (sorry, can’t see clearly)? Those suits are the cutest! When I imagine Gunnie, I see him in double-breasted suits, my favorites. 😛 JH deserves all the love and praises beyond Korea. He has himself to thank, for I believe his dedication and passion reflects in his fans, like the ones who have made this message book possible. So thank you all.♡

    • I fixed the post, photos are in better resolution now

    • Thanks for updating the photos (??), I can see clearly now. XD I keep looking at all the pages, they’re so pretty!! The bright colors in this drama just illuminates JH’s whole being. Please thank the fan who designed and formatted the book, I mean it when I say it’s beautiful. ^^

  28. OMG OMG OMG this is amazing ! The JH fandom is the best ! Thank you Gumi, and thanks to everyone who contributed to the making of this lovely book ! I keep picturing how happy this will make him and it’s just too much ! Good work pals !

  29. That’s great 🙂 I feel really happy just thinking about him reading my words . Is there any chance that i can see these photos in a good resolution or they aren’t available ?

    • and thanks so much gumi and all the great fans who allowed us to share our thoughts with our huykie

      • oh , finally . I searched in all these topics in the gallery written in korean which i can’t understand untill i found the one i was looking for 🙂 I’m totally impressed to see my name and my message in the book .
        Thanks Gumi and all who made this book come true . You made my day . ❤

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