Fated to love you – Actors, director and writers commentary for Director’s Cut

Report from actual commentary filming, about the director & actors (there are pictures if you follow the link!)

Originally posted on JH DC Gallery, Eng. translation by Gumi

Schedule for commentaries and interviews were first Sera and Daniel for one hour, and then Gun and MY will come and commentary all together for 2 hours, and then interviews for Gun, MY and director.

First, our director came. Our Dong-vely, the master of DongYoon-ism!
(four pictures)

Director’s autograph (Says “Thank you very much~! Thanks to your big love, we could have fun filming our drama. Lee Dong Yoon PD. FTLY DC gallery Jjang!”)

Director was really cute. he said he doesn’t have an autograph, and he went over to another room to practice autograph. LOL how adorable.
Guys, this Director’s Cut will have episodes edited by director, but will also have bonus features all edited by director himself. It’s really rare! People in the industry were all commenting it was rare.

Out of 20 episodes, most episodes will have deleted inserted, and those inserted scenes, director will collect them and make commentary out of it as well. Looked like he was gonna insert most of the deleted scenes. Of course he didn’t do it yet so no one knows how much, but looks like there will be a looooot of deleted scenes.

And apparently the director knows our gallery lol. He also knows of DVD cafe. So guys let’s not leave here and show him the manias are still appreciating the show and waiting for the dvd!
There’s no other director like him, this was in REAL Director’s Cut.

And Wang Ji Won came.
Ha……guys….do you even know how pretty Sera is? She was really pretty. Her skin…it’s another world really, her skin was shining.
It’s said that she was really good at interviews too. She’s smart and kind, people said.
She came and received a paper with interview questions and was preparing. We were all tense and nervous in the other room, and gathered enough courage to go up to her and give her presents and asked of autograph. She said OK to autograph and picture taking! She smiled brightly as we took her photo and she was really really pretty.
Us DVD team were all impressed at her beauty and we thanked her for retweeting DVD promoting tweets.

And Choi Jin Hyuk came.
From the moment he walks down the stairs, he was totally like a model…definitely not a common person…
wow….neighborhood oppa is cool, has amazing eyes, and he had broad shoulders.
Daniel also came and read the interview questions.
We got his autograph but the moment we were about to ask him of photo, he got called in to do the interview…and we ended up not getting his photo.
Daniel did the interviews and did only one episode of commentary and left, cuz he was busy.
Looked like he was super busy cuz he’s the lead role in next drama. We were just really grateful that he could be here today at all.
Sorry chingus we couldn’t take his photo. Thought sneak pics wouldn’t be a manner, and was gonna get one with his permission, but he was too busy.

When Daniel finished his interview and Sera was doing hers, Nara came.
We didn’t know but the production team let us know lol. They told her we were from fan cafe (looked like they couldn’t rly differentiate between DC or daum fan cafe haha) and we brought gifts to her and really MY was there!
I saw her during support event, too, but why did her face get even smaller…
Her face was about to disappear, she was wearing red shirt and jeans, and she looked like a doll…really like a doll. I mean she’s pretty on screen too but she at least looks like a human right? In real she just looks like a doll. You just need to see her in person….she’s really special and pretty. A doll is speaking.
We gave her the gifts and she immediately showed reactions. When we gave her handmade brownie she laughed saying she tried it once before but had negative responses. And she was super moved by our Touching Lines book…
She opened the wrap right away and flipped through the book.
Director was there as well and as she opened the book he read it together.
Did you guys really make it? By yourselves? -Yes, the one who wrote the calligraphy had to learn photoshop as well to make this – Wow daebak…! It’s the best!
We were really proud.
And Nara jjang said she had to write her name at the back, ‘Jang Na Ra’s book!’ – and she did write it.
And NR’s manager was there, when we were giving gifts I was holding the camera, and i put it on a table, and the manager took it and took pictures for us. So we have more pictures of JNR than other actors…cuz as fans, we can’t take too many pictures right? but the manager was taking it for us, so we were just thankful lol.

And Gun appeared
I only saw his body coming downstairs and i thought that movement was like a person in 20s, so I didn’t even know JH arrived. What the! lol. but our fan leader recognized him right away.
He was in comfy clothes with no make-up and had hat and glasses on.
Again, staffs told him we were from fan cafe…why are they so kind?!
We ended up giving him gifts on the hallway in haste…T.T he was the only one who couldn’t sign the autograph in proper table…he did it on a wall, took picture in the dark T.T
We couldn’t take that many pics of JH as well..it was kind of difficult to ask him in the situation. Also thought it wouldn’t be too in manner if we take too many pics when he didn’t have make-up on…
But I did get to see him here and there with my own eyes and chingus I’m telling you, I almost died trying to stand still as if I’m not a fan. And in the picture he’s wearing glasses so you can’t really see his eyes well but I saw his eyes without glasses. Super pretty. It’s those eyes that were infatuating us on the screen. I’m so fortunate to have had a chance to look at those eyes. He was wearing pretty thick glasses….

So five of them are all here! Let us start the commentaries!

They started with Episode 8 commentary. Daniel had schedule and he had to go, so they started with Ep8 which had a lot of Daniel. Sitting was from left Sera Gun Director MY Daniel. It was Director in the center and guy girl guy girl, looked pretty on camera. and for Episode 2, Daniel left and they set like Sera Gun MY Director. And there was also a couple interview. We’ll be able to have enough of snail couple.

And back to commentary, my thoughts after having heard them is….

Is there anyone still thinking whether or not they should buy the DVD?

Buy. Just buy.
You won’t regret.

Couldn’t stop grinning throughout when I was listening to commentaries.

Our actors were so good at commentaries as well…For both episodes, they never even stopped, just went straight ahead. Our editing director was a veteran who did countless Director’s Cuts, and he said it was the first time for him to see them doing this. Usually they have various requests, problems, but we didn’t have any, just went straight ahead filming.

Haha laughter sounds were coming out endlessly…actors, director keep laughing. Such a good atmosphere and some scene analysis and continuous dialogues. They just laughed a lot during commentaries.
I felt so happy watching them…Felt like watching the drama together with the actors.
Hyuk was so excited and talked a lot, Nara’s signature laughter was audible, all five of them talked well and atmosphere was really good.
Editing director also said it was one of the best atmosphere he’s seen.

After it was over Sera left and the most wanted couple interview was done.
I only saw the monitor and couldn’t hear the interviews, so dunno much about it.
But they had enough time interviewing, and talked to each other a lot, even during breaks and stuff.

And NR individual interview, JH individual interview…and director’s interview at the last, and our 8 hour long commentary+interview filming was done.

And important point! We filmed at MBC, and they brought not a 6mm camera but ENG camera they use for drama filming.
It custs 1000 dollars for one day use, super expensive. There have 3 of these, one went out to film documentary, so they borrowed one from outside.
And they weren’t just vjs, they were like, drama filming people….the youngest one was 20 year veteran. They were talking about ‘why are the best members here lol’ and I was like what are they talking about? but it was real.

And they’ll also do some color filtering, and it’s said that they don’t do that often for Director’s Cut DVD. And again, someone top on that area will be doing it. The one who’s responsible for our project in MBC is passionate about this, so he made this all happen…

It seems like MBC, production company, director they are all ambitious about our FTLY DVD. So at this rate, actually, MBC won’t be earning money, they’ll be losing money. But they all just think of this as doing art and are passionate about Director’s Cut, that’s the only motivation for them to do art right now.

One of the staffs said they hope it’s promoted a lot, it’s really rare for a Director’s Cut to have this quality. It’d be a shame if people don’t buy it cuz they don’t know about this.

We might be able to get really good quality DVD.
I was so proud to be a fan of this drama today.
Let’s work hard in promotion and sell a lot of this!



5 responses to “Fated to love you – Actors, director and writers commentary for Director’s Cut

  1. so touch by the information. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the update and translation, I am looking forward to the release of this DVD. Really love FTLY!!!!

  3. yes i’ve heard from a comedian once( he;s korean too) that she looked like a doll and he wanted to put her in his pocket and carry her all around. :))

  4. wow wow wow..thank you for sharing the full report. JNR really is pretty, she is so small. Jang Hyuk – he looks good in everything even without make up.

  5. I can only say THANK YOU for the full of heart report,for everybody’s effort ,for everybody’s support!!
    Your description made me feel all giggle-excited-happy and like I was there.^_^
    I am not good with words right now -luck of sleep >_<

    Teta from Greece

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