Fated to love you – Interview with The Jangs at SoHo TV event

The Jangs are too adorable for words! I ‘m melting!!!!!!

Thank you to the kind person who uploaded this video

Translation by Gumi

Interview at SoHo TV event

**My translations are not literal, I kinda summarized and stuff as well cuz I just let it play and jot down what I caught. So don’t seek for accuracy here**

Q: Why do you think the series was successful?
JH: There are similar stories everywhere in the world. If there’s Cinderella in the west, there’s Kong Gee Pat Gee in Korea (similar story with Cinderella). I think it’s the matter of who makes the story and how they make it. Because our directors, writers, staff members and actors could work together well, I think we could create a good drama.

Q: How did you add the comic elements to the male lead role?
JH: (some compliments to the original drama)…And I didn’t necessarily try to make him all comic, but when I saw our drama, there were some sadness and some humanism in it. I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting if the character carries some opposing factors as well? So that’s how I analyzed the character, and our writers and directors balanced it well for me. If he is too serious it could be boring, but if he is too comic he’d be all floating. There were some concerns, but writers and directors took care of it well, and JNR sitting next to be did a good job of holding on calmly(Nara eyes him and smiles shyly at this), so that I could go all out comic and come immediately back to the drama.

Q: Weren’t you surprised by Jang Hyuk’s comic acting?
JNR: More than surprised….I was….impressed (dunno how to translate this. the way u get amazed or impressed when u see something new or rare or etc.). Jang Hyuk sunbaenim in real life is a really, really nice person. And he has a strong leadership to embrace those around him. He is not comic in the light airy sense, but he tries to make those around him happy and tries to make the atmosphere nice by being funny. I think that aspect of him shone a lot in this drama. When you think about our drama, the first thing that comes up in your mind is the character Hyuk sunbaenim created. He is a nice, cheerful person to begin with.

Q. Did you ever laugh your crazy laugh at home, cuz you were too immersed?
JH: No, not really…..Well, first of all, I never got to go home. (JNR laughs) We were always filming while the drama was on, and after the drama….well I don’t know about other actors, but in my case, I immediately erase the character after I’m done with my drama. I have to move on to my next projects. So no, that kind of thing never happened.

Q. How is it to meet JNR again after 12 years?
JH: You know, both JNR and I must have changed a lot in 12 years. I changed a lot in terms of my looks as well, JNR didn’t change at all in that sense…but when I met her again, I felt, ah this girl has matured a lot. (…) Before, we both didn’t know how to talk about what, so we were just acting together. After 12 years of time, we both had more life experience and are more relaxed, found more joy in our life respectively. So we had more things to talk about other than acting. That helped us in terms of acting synergy as well, we could get more comfortable and do more convincing acting. She has grown very beautiful inside.

Q: Who is your ideal type now? How about a younger guy, like Jeong Joon Young?
JNR: (she suddenly gets super high tone lol) JJY didn’t say I’m his ideal type. He was just my fan when he was young. (JH: That means she’s his ideal type) I received similar question during interview in Korea before, and I got really sad…please….Gunnie or Daniel…just one of them! If just one of them drop right in front of me!! I’ll be happy singing and all.
There was really no man other than Gunnie (for her acting as MY). Her emotions…from the very beginning. It was a straight line.
JH: When she’s acting, she’ll choose this one (referring to himself), but in real life she wants both.
JNR: NONONO I don’t…! Aw, I hate you!(this was so cute with that adorable laugh) It’s not like that! I said clearly! If either one of those two appeared, I’d be really happy…
JH: Anyways, she says ‘two’
JNR: You know me, right…? (oh gawd her aegyo….)

JH: Aw, but really…when I’m working I have two principles. One is that, after a project, I want people who I worked with to feel “I want to work again with that actor.” Second is that, to my partner actress, I want to make her feel comfortable while working and make her feel good after the project is done. When I was younger, I didn’t know it well. But synergy between the two leads is very important, and when I do something, my partner has to react well, and I have to react well to that as well. If there’s a problem in that, it’s like acting separately, then we don’t have any synergy. That’s what I have in mind when I approach, and I was lucky enough that others were accepting me well. We had great time filming together.

JH was asked if he feel pressured there are so many younger Korean actors earning popularity, and he said no not at all. That means the industry is getting bigger, means bigger market, more projects, he’s very glad. And there are nice cool roles u can do as young actors, and there are also great deep roles you can do as older actors.

When asked about what kind of drama they want to do in third reunion if it happens, JH did mention Dong Fang Bu Bai (is this right? whatever the one heppy mentioned above) and said..
JH: JNR is called rom-com queen, but in the process of becoming a rom-com queen, she has expressed various different aspects of characters. I acted with her 12 years ago and now, and experienced different acting from her. I think she can express details in other genres as well, and I saw potential in her. In our drama, she expressed a mother who lost her child, that wasn’t an acting just limited to rom-com. While I watched it I thought, wow this friend should and could act a lot of other things with brimming energy. (JNR shyly covers her face at this point). It doesn’t have to be an action genre, I just want to meet her again in different genres other than rom com.
JNR: (puts her hands on JH’s shoulder) He’s a really nice person!




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  1. Thank you for transcribing their interview in English.

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  3. Thanks for the translation ! Keep up the good work !

  4. I like that JH refers to his “partner actress”. They were a wonderful couple on screen which makes it believable they worked together as actors with trust to make the on screen magic happen.

  5. Again and again Hyukie shows his professionalism in work, that he truly is a v nice man and friend. He really is a sweet babe. Gumi, thanks again for the translation and sharing. Jjang.

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  7. Wow he really likes to talk! lol
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