Jang Hyuk on Kim Sun Ah’s facebook update


“Hyukie who worked so hard for Gunnie!

It was a random coincidence to walk into you, but it was so nice seeing you! Long time no see! Still so handsome, kyah~

Always someone to thank, someone to learn a lot from, someone who puts endless efforts!

Hope to see each other for a long long time~ just as we’ve been doing until now!

Whenever, wherever!! I will always support you^^”

Aw, so cute. For those of you who didn’t know this yet, Jang Hyuk and Kim Sun Ah have been friends forever. They were in same company as rookie actors, have known each other since before debut.

KSA has mentioned JH on her SNS before too…

She mentioned that she was having a hard time after her drama, feeling empty. And her old friend gave her a call and it helped her a lot. People were asking who it was and this was her answer.

“The one  who walked together with me since debut until now…an actor I respect! The only one who hasn’t changed a bit since rookie time. His eyes, his behavior, his heart…The only actor who didn’t change a bit and is running and running until now!

Oops I kind of already answered the question…So here’s the answer. The answer is..I’m sure you might have guessed, but it is actor Jang Hyuk!”

13 responses to “Jang Hyuk on Kim Sun Ah’s facebook update

  1. I could tell KSA and Hyukie were good friends as soon as I saw their picture showing up together on Ko Soo’s wedding. I thought that they became friends through taking the movie S Diary. Thanks so much for sharing the story of Hyuk caring and supporting his old friend KSA. I just wish they will work together in the near future.

    • Btw, I took the liberty to transfer some of the content to Baidu since lots of people are still wondering how KSA and Hyukie became friends.

    • It’s more like, Hyukie made cameo appearance in S Diary becuz they were friends 🙂 U know, Hyukie lived with god before debut and I heard KSA was a candidate for god…when they considered making god as a mixed-gender group. Anyways, yeah they were friends since before debut.

  2. I’ve never read one negative thing about Jang Hyuk. Everybody who works with him admires him and his dedication to his craft. I would not have recognized KSA if you didn’t say it was her. wow.

    • Lady G absolutely. Same w news, other than military enlistment, which he later turned it to a positive light, there’s always only good ones. I think he has also v carefully and cleverly segregated this work and family life and balanced it so well.

      • Oh right, I forgot about that. But in the end he turned that around too. Yes, he does keep his family life private. That’s a good protection for them.

  3. When she gained weight in order to play her character in My Lovely Sam Soon, in which she gave such a superb performance, she became an actor to watch. In reality, she doesn’t even look like her character in that drama. She has the same dedication and professionalism that makes Jang Hyuk such an interesting and spectacular actor – they both have the extra “special touch and feel for their craft”. Would be interesting to know who else were in the same company as rookie actors at the same time as KSA and JH.

    • Jeon Ji Hyun, Shin Min Ah, Gong Hyo Jin, Jung Woo Sung, Cha Tae Hyun, Jo In Sung, etc. were all in same company, don’t remember quite well the order or who was rookie and who was not but..yeah

    • Thanks, Gumi. That is “one fantastic group of actors”. To quote a line from Fated to Love You – “Must be something in the water….”

      BTW, THANK YOU FOR THIS BLOG – and for making the FTLY DVD available to international fans!

  4. Hahaha, I feel like she’s been watching FTLY too.. the last sentence is a shout out to the number 1 fan part? :p

    Now this is one pairing I would love to see in dramaland.. come on drama gods!!!

  5. It’s weird, just recently I was thinking about KSA and how wonderful it would be to see the both of them in a project together. Seeing this is heartwarming. Your friends tell a lot about you, especially long-time friends.~ And Gunnie gets a shout-out too.^^

  6. I’m really happy . Kim Sun Ah is my best female actor and I’m so glad that she have a strong friendship with my best male actor . I’ve never heard of that before but now i know it , I feel happy and comfort . I hope that friendship and support last for a long long time 🙂

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