Please teach me korean: Lesson 1 – Wait!

I was looking for a way to procrastinate so just came across this idea, and Drama Fan was super excited about this idea….so here I go. I’m having mini Korean lesson, and it will be totally unsystematic and JH-oriented LOL. Cuz I’m not a Korean teacher, I’m just a Jang Hyuk fangirl 😛

So our first lesson comes from the very first clip of FTLY…

Are we gonna learn the whole Lee Geon crazy shampoo speech? Of course…..not!!!! We are only learning one little petite phrase. The first word that ever comes out from Gunnie’s mouth.

“Jam kan man yo.”

Did you hear it? If you didn’t, play that video again…’s the very first sound. Actually finishes in first two seconds. Why did I post the whole video up there then? Cuz it’s just awesome, it’s there for you to watch and rewatch 😛

Our phrase of the day (might as well be my first and last lesson since I’m a lazy person) is “wait.”



Don’t depend too much on my romanization, it’s only there to help you…I don’t know actual romanization….and it’s always awkward to spell a different language…like, u don’t actually have to make ‘h’ sound, i just put it there so that 만(man) doesn’t sound like hey yo wassup man! kinda man…it’s mahn…but my romanization will be inconsistent…..

So just listen to Gunnie’s beautiful voice for your pronunciation guide.

To go into more detail,

잠깐 (jahm-kahn) means a moment. A short moment.
So if you only say 잠깐(jahm-kahn!) it by itself already means “One moment!” which also means “Hold!” “Wait!”

만(mahn) means ‘only’. cf.오늘만(oh-neul-mahn): only today 너만(nuh-man): only you
So you add 만(man) to 잠깐(jam-kan) and it becomes 잠깐만(jam-kan-man) to literally mean “Only a short moment”. You say 잠깐만(jam-kan-man) to say “wait for a short moment”.

요(yo) is a suffix for honorifics. 잠깐만(jam-kan-man) already makes sense, but you put 요(yo) at the end to make it a polite language. Becuz our Gunnie is a polite man 😀

So you now know how to say “Wait!” in Korean. You can say “Jam-kan!” or “Jam-kan-man!” or if you want to be  more polite say “Jam-kan-man-yo!”

10 responses to “Please teach me korean: Lesson 1 – Wait!

  1. GREAT! What a wonderful idea. I’ve invested in a language program just so I could watch kdramas that don’t have subs. So I really appreciate this.

  2. What a great idea Gumi, looking forward to next lessons with our HOT oppa 😉

  3. Love this love this love this. I dont wanna graduate from this school

  4. Thanks so much, Gumi nim! It’s such a great way to learn Korean. Even though I understood “jahm-kahn-mahn-yo” after watching many Korean dramas and movies, it’s still great to be able to read this in Hangul, romanization and detail explanation. You’re the best!

  5. Gumi, you are a super gem. Im learning korean bit by bit from the dramas, so using Gunnie is a fab idea. Btw, the romanization helps a lot. I hope you find a way to convey this to Jang Hyuk too bcos i think he will be thrilled to bits he is now a teacher to all his fans. Keep going, THANK YOU.

  6. Awee, reminds me how Hyukie wanted to be a teacher.^^ And suddenly, we all want to be students again, haha. Actually, I know Hangul and sentence structure too, but it’s my limited vocabulary that leaves me in the dust, so thanks for breaking down the phrase! I do hope you continue the lessons!– Such a clever title too! XD I think the greater problem now, though, is getting passed this video. *snail fingers resisting ‘replay’ button*

  7. Omg I love this!! Pls Gumi, you have to continue with these lessons! I can’t wait… hear Hyuk in his beautiful voices while making out what he meant with your notes.. yay!

    Thanks for this!!! 😀

  8. Awesome idea! LOL. I knew what the word was right away. It’s a favorite. haha. I am learning more through romanization, (easier for me) but I do know Hangul now. So that helps a lot.

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