FTLY Director’s Cut DVD International Purchase Page+YesAsia links added (NOT limited to China!)

FTLY Director’s Cut DVD purcase page for international fans just opened!

You can follow the link to make the payment.



Others (including the script)

Others (not including the script)


With Script: http://www.yesasia.com/global/fated-to-love-you-dvd-script-book-directors-cut-english-subtitled/1036808327-0-0-0-en/info.html


*Price of the DVD set for every country is the same, but because there is big differences in shipping fee according to countries, we have separated links for those who want the script and those who don’t want the script for countries other than Japan. (script is heavy!)
If you choose to receive the script, although the DVD set price remains the same, you will be charged more for the shipping fee. Please take a note of it.

*On Innolife page, instructions are provided in English and Chinese, for both links of ‘Others’. Click the button below ‘add to cart’ if you want to switch language.

*The actual product price and shipping fee has been charged similar to Yes24 international shipping, but due to other commissions, the result price may look slightly more expensive. You may compare prices from Innolife and YesAsia and choose what you want.

* Bonus * The lucky casino chip! They have decided to give out the lucky chip to everybody who make pre-payment through these international purchase pages. (For Korean buyers, they only offered it for first 500 people…!)


32 responses to “FTLY Director’s Cut DVD International Purchase Page+YesAsia links added (NOT limited to China!)

  1. Is the script in Korean only or it comes with english translation?

  2. Hi, may I ask till what time can I pre order the DVD on the 30th? What is the time (KST) is the cut off time..I’m from the Philippines.. Tnx

  3. Does the Yesasia version not carry the lucky chip? Its not in the specs. 😦

  4. Is Innolife.com as trustworthy as YesAsia.com?

    • I heard those two are always the links they open up for international purchasers. Many others have successfully purchased it from there…but it’s your choice. And I have been just told that YesAsia is not limited to Chinese purchasers, so if you feel more comfortable with YesAsia, please do use those links.

  5. Will Yesasia be carrying the director’s cut dvd set later? Or is Innolife the only site where this will be offered?

  6. Is the price in usd dollar ?

  7. Hi
    Does anybody know if there will be any others sites where you can buy or pre-order this DVD? Like Yesasia or is this only limited to innolife.com?
    Because I would love to have the DVD but sadly no credit card.

  8. Hi! Im from the Philippines and may i inquire the total price including the script and the shipping fee.. If possible can you convert it into philippine peso?? Btw, thank you Gumi!

  9. i am buying tonight or tom morning.

    so far i have two boxsets: you’re beautiful and heirs. i didnt know sg had one. might have been tempted.

    heirs came with the a special ost! hope there is too for ftly. i am particularly looking for the happy instrumental remix of morning canon, which was usually played all throughout the series!

    i have watched the tw version back when it was playing in taiwan. i was more or less familiar where the story was going (but i must admit the series went beyond my expectations. it was a thousand times better than the tw version) i intentionally didn’t watch the korean series with so much attention so that when i watch the director’s cut i’ll be in it for more surprise.

    i actually replayed the episode where gunnie is sewing and didnt realize MY covered her hands when she saw gunnie wasn’t wearing his. and gunnie saw this. little details i missed coz i purposely wasn’t paying attention. m looking forward to more of these when i rewatch.

    i am especially looking forward to seeing the scene where MY shampoos LG’s hair and gunnie hugs her.

  10. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am especially excited about the fact that the entire script is included. I see a project in my future! 🙂

  11. Just noticed some differences between the Japanese and International order. Well, placed my order anyway.

  12. hi gumi do you know the approximate diff bet the one with script and without?

    • @dramaville, pls click on the link which Gumi gave. it shows price between w script and without. Be careful and check, you need to select. There is some bug on the link bcos it can end up w multiple order instead of one before you click on the cart.

  13. Gumi is there any method to make payment other than credit card? my card has been cloned before for online payments, i dont want the problem again. thank you.

  14. Dear Gumi, you are a gem. Thank you. :-))))

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