FTLY Director’s Cut DVD (revised)

Happy to deliver some good news!

Thanks to all your support, ‘Fated to Love You’ Director’s Cut DVD finally came true! Yoohoo!

DVD production company is DNT Media (it’s known for making great Director’s Cut DVD~)

We are expecting it to be out by early December.

So, the important thing…Bonus features!

Interview, commentary, NG cuts, unreleased cuts, everything will be there!

And even better…they will be ALL be edited by our director himself!!

(According to the DVD company, there’s no other director like him. Other directors usually only do the commentary…but our BTS will be created by the director himself. How sweet!)

We will be receiving pre-payment first before DVD is produced, to see how much actual demand we have. And depending on the amount of demand we get, we might end up with better quality DVD set, or no DVD set at all (which will happen if there is far far less actual demand compared to demand survey, but hopefully this doesn’t happen! If this happens, we will return your pre-payment)

And here are some special gifts for those who make pre-payment!

1. Photo book

Of course we requested for unreleased photos! How many pages, we don’t know yet, it depends on how many actual demands we get…so we are only letting you know that there will be a photo book

2. Script~!

Director himself helped us convincing the writers…! It’s a rare gift. To all of those pre-paying for the DVD, we will be giving script of Ep1~20…entire series! There’s no other DVD set like this~

3. Good Luck Chip

Remember the chip from Macau casino? The chip that made MiYoung into a Goddess of Luck, the first present Gun ever gave to MiYoung! For the first 500 people to make pre-payment, we will give out Good Luck Chip~

Sweet, isn’t it? If more than 1000 sets are sold during pre-pay period, if there’s stronger demand than expected, there might be more awesome gifts we can offer. So please do purchase it, and keep spread the word around 🙂

And here are some things you might want to know:

-There will be separate page for international fans to purchase.

In Korea, the pre-payment page has already been open and fans started purchasing DVD. However, due to difficulty for international fans to use the page, there will be a separate purchase page for international fans. We will be updating you with when the purchase begins and how to make the payment, so please keep an eye on news.

-Good Luck Chip! Don’t worry about it.

If you are worried that you won’t be one of the first 500 people to make the payment and thus would lose the chance to get the chip…don’t worry! There are separate chips ready for international purchasers.

-DVD Region Code : 3

It can be played in Korea and Southeast Asia. (However, you can always watch it on your computer…! Also, I heard it is not that hard to find a region-free DVD player.)

It’s Chuseok holiday in Korea now. After the holidays, we will update you with any changes or news. Thank you very much for your attention and support 🙂

33 responses to “FTLY Director’s Cut DVD (revised)

  1. I also want to order one and please tell me the payment method, shipping fees etc. Can’t wait for snail couple.

  2. im going to share some quotes from this FTLY which people use to comment on other dramas. like….hamo hamo, greatu greatu…just goes to show how successful FTLY is and everyone is still talking abt it.

  3. Thank You for all Gumi ! I’ll be waiting the news for the purchase!

  4. Dear Gumi,I am new here!
    How can I order this?Do you know about the price yet?Can I get this too in Germany?What’s can I do…

    • International sales hasn’t started yet, and if it starts there will be updates on this blog as well 🙂 As for the price, for Korean purchasers it was around $120, so I think it will be that plus some shipping fee…

  5. when can we buy it?

  6. That’s amazing . I’m glad that you made it . Unfortunately i’m still a student and can’t afford this but still i’m really happy for you . anyway Good luck for all of you and i hope all those who want this wonderful set will get it . FIGHTING 🙂

  7. Gumi you mentioned the bonus features wont be english sub, how can we understand it then? please help. thanks

    • You would just have to watch them…It’s probably mostly some adorable laughs, awkward mistakes, etc. that can be translated without language. Or in some forums people might be discussing it, including people who understand the language.

  8. please kindly email me when the prepayment procedures are out! can’t wait to have it 🙂

  9. Thank you for creating this wonderful blog. This is my resource on all things Jang Hyuk! Is it confirmed that international/US buyers have to wait till after Christmas? That’s a long wait. BTW, is there a Jang Hyuk original t-shirt? Not related to his films or drama – just a classic Jang Hyuk t-shirt which he endorses.

  10. Im new to this. Do i need to register and make payment to get the dvds? Or i just need to wait for the updates.
    Pls excuse me cause im really new to this. This is the first time -.-||| (i know) but i am really interested in getting the director’s cut dvd.

    • You do not need to register. You can just wait for the updates and make payment! 🙂

      • Thanks Gumi, waiting for it. Though im re watching the show, i still want to purchase this dvd. Its really enjoyable and one of JH’s best performance plus a classy production.

  11. hi… this is English Subbed right? I pledged on this for the survey but it should be English subbed…

  12. im so excited. i can get a copy of this show. my best friend in korea teaching english and she comes home in january. best 35th year bday gift ever

  13. Any chance there would be region 1 for international buyers? Hope someone post this in the soompi forum. More love for the series, the better

    • Unfortunately, no…International buyers separately are not big enough group to form a market, I believe, and they prob won’t be able to cover the cost 😦 I heard you can get region free DVD player. I already posted this on soompi FTLY forum.

  14. Thank you very much for the great news. We all just can’t wait.

  15. Gumi, you gals are incredible!! Kumowo…

  16. Thank you gumi!! Would love to sign up for the DVD asap. Can’t wait!! Will keep coming back for the updates!!

  17. Yeah! Greatu greatu greatuu…..

  18. So exciteddd! Thank you once again for the update. Subtitles or not, let us all show our love and support for the hardworking FTLY team. Will wait for more good news. ^^

  19. Gumi, yay, yay, tqvm for the excellent work. Where is region 3 pls? Do you have price infor?

    • Region 3 is Korea and Southeast Asia as far as I know…? You might need region free DVD player if you don’t live there. Anyways, price for Korean buyers is around $120 right now, altho it may change if DVD set content changes, and I think it will be roughly that plus shipping fee.

  20. 😀 YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! HAPPY DANCE! YAY! Oh, I can’t wait! 😀

    I’n so glad they will include the script. Waiting for the doors to open for Intl. buyers feels a little like Black Friday! 😀 YAY!!

  21. Thank you thank you and thank you. You really made my day!

  22. do you know the price yet? and I guess this means we here in the States have to wait till after Christmas then?

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