Fated to love you – Ep 20 – Thoughts and discussion

I watched it raw but I’m waiting for subs.

I’ll comment later but please start the discussion or the spazzing 😀 if you already watched it 😊


56 responses to “Fated to love you – Ep 20 – Thoughts and discussion

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    Let’s try this again just one more time: Storytime with Lee Geon and Kim Mi Yeong courtesy of Drama Fan @ “Stuck On Hyuk” 🙂

  2. Let’s start with the negatives;

    – Like @webfoot, I found some scenes to be a tad too draggy or filler-esque, and these could have probably been cut to make room for…
    – Daniel and Sera’s sibling reunion. This plot point started to feel a bit like an afterthought in the last 2-3 episodes. I would have liked to see these two be fleshed out a little bit more, maybe? Both actors did terrific jobs with what they were given, but were kind of under-utilized overall.
    – The Macau 2.0 drugging. Very disappointed that the show went there again, and this time to be played for laughs 😦 I understand the storytelling purpose of having a parallel to Macau 1.0 and then contrasting that to the very tender, very real and very beautiful lovemaking scene afterwards. But it’s still pretty messed up, even though Geon and MY aren’t strangers this time around.
    – Just a personal desire, but I would have liked to see Geon and MY talk about their shared grief and love for Dog Poopie. I suppose in some sense it’s a bonding process that can largely go unspoken or unsaid, but they were both carrying a very particular and very painful kind of grief that only the other person could ever really understand or heal. It would have been nice to see them sharing their feelings about that loss.

    So yes, it’s a show with flaws and many things it could have done better. And yet it’s sort of perfect in its own way, if that makes sense? It’s not quite lightning-in-a-bottle levels of brilliance, but everything about it still somehow comes together in the most heartwarming and genuine of ways. Breathtaking chemistry, nuanced acting, thoughtful and consistent writing, great directing, a killer soundtrack (who else is going to have a Pavlovian reaction to the opening verses of “Goodbye My Love” from now until the end of time?). FTLY isn’t the most original, cerebral or innovative of shows. It your typical kdrama romcom formula – just subverted, enhanced, and executed to near-perfection.
    And I was just thinking of all the comments and discussions we’ve had over the past weeks, and how so many of our reactions are emotionally-based (tears! feels!) or centred around the emotional growth and expressions of the characters. This really is a show that you “watch with your heart”, and that’s not a bad thing at all! All that the story asks of you is to laugh and cry and love and FEEL along with the characters, and that alone makes FTLY so special.

    • I actually do give it a little more credit and would call it brilliant for what it was trying to do. It delivered on its promise 100% and even surpassed it. My one and only problem with it is the second drugging. If I remove that, every other scene makes sense and is there for a reason. Even their little quarrel as they were drinking their cocktails. To me it was brilliant and telling of what their relationship will be like a) It tells us they still have A LOT of things to talk about and this was a an example b) Gun says “Women shouldn’t drink MY asks disappointed “Were you always this old fashioned?” Gun: “Why are you getting mad? I’m doing FOR YOUR OWN GOOD” MY: I’m leaving first Gun: It doesn’t matter we’ll still meet sweetly in our room. This little “silly” scene carries a lot of meaning. Geon still has much of the old fashioned, slightly patronizing guy in him. This makes sense because no one can change who they have been for so many years. And this “being the protector in control, making decisions for others, “noble idiot” is who he has been his entire life since his parents died, probably. But he has clearly softened and more importantly, She will not allow him to patronize her! He is the typical man who will talk and talk but in the end it is so obvious who is “wearing the pants” in that relationship, who is “driving the car”and we can totally guess here who holds the remote control HA!

      • I never picked up on the “driver’s seat” and “wearing the pants” things until I read some of your earlier comments 🙂 You get the sense that Geon is going to do a lot of talking and posturing but all decisions have to go through Mi Young first.

        I actually loved the cocktail argument scene. Such a small but great way to indicate that this isn’t a glossy fairy tale romance, but a real, functional, rough-round-the-edges but ultimately healthy relationship. Of course they’re going to fight. Of course they’re going to disagree. Of course they each have opinions, habits and traits that are going to drive each other up the wall. Of course Geon is going to try to be the CEO of everything and everyone, and Kim Mi Young is going to quietly and firmly shut him down and refuse to do anything she doesn’t want to do. But because they are both such fundamentally good, kind, humble people who love each other so much and are willing to compromise and sacrifice, they’ll be just fine.

        • Gosh! its just that I really love those little details the writers included and I see a lot people were content to dismiss as fluff. I loved it when she revealed her pants under her dress and Geon looked at her dumbfounded “When did you change into pants?” 😀 I just loved it!

    • Really appreciate the reminder that FTLY was all about a visceral reaction, not an intellectual one. I remember too, all our discussions here, and how it was about heart and gut, not brains and plot twists.
      In the end, I won’t remember that FTLY drugged it’s leads for sex, I’ll remember how FTLY made me feel. Maya Angelou said it: “people won’t remember what you said, they’llremember how you made them feel”. In that, FTLY wins. Craughing, craughing belongs to FTLY.

      Thanks so much again to @DF for starting this thread. It began as a spoiler free zone wished for by @ddee and myself, and it turned into an unexpected joy, meeting like-minded souls … @curio @youholdthewater @yoeda to name a few. I don’t want to lose touch, so if anyone is so inclined, do find me at twitter or at tumblr, both are @mywebfoot

      • Very beautiful and apt Maya Angelou quote usage there. And very very true. If there’s one world I would use to describe FTLY at the end of all this, it would be “heart”. It’s a show that is so full of love, and affection, and of people who care about each other in so many different capacities. There’s something about it that comes across as so sincere. I’m a sucker for sincerity. You can call the show unoriginal, or contrived, or draggy, or too melodramatic or silly by turns, but the one thing it has never been? It has never been insincere. It has never disrespected its characters or underestimated its viewers’ intelligence (despite the fact that it’s such an emotionally-centered show at its core). And for me, that sincerity and that heart is what makes FTLY not only my favourite kdrama in a long long time, but one of my favourite love stories ever, period.

        And yes! If anybody would like to find me too, I’m youholdthewater on tumblr as well. Already tracked down ddeee and webfoot recently 🙂

  3. It’s a very good movie, I think you and your mom will like it.

  4. I don’t know if anyone else picked up on this but part of the FTLY story was very similar to an old movie “An Affair To Remember:” with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. I’m convinced the writers were inspired by it. In the movie, DK and CG fall in love aboard ship, but because they’re both engaged to others, and in the public eye (he’s the heir in a wealthy society family, and her fiance is a millionaire businessman) they decide to give themselves six months to get their act together and then meet on the top of the Empire State Bldg and start their life together. But she’s hit by a car and is paralyzed, and becomes the “noble idiot” as she decides she’d be a burden to him, so she pretends she went back to her fiance. A heartbroken CG leaves for Europe, to pursue the art career he always aspired to. Later on, he becomes famous, and DK – who was keeping track of him and was proud of his success – buys his most prized painting, a portrait of her, in secret. When they meet after a lot of time passed, she keeps up the pretense (she’s sitting in a theatre so he doesn’t know she can’t walk) as she’s determined that she’ll either come to him standing on her own two feet or else keep things the way they are, so he can have happiness and freedom. But of course, he’s never been really happy without her.

    It’s too much of a coincidence to be one!

  5. Gumi, wld you know when they start the selection for awards and how is the nominations/qualifying criteria done? Tq

  6. I fell the words coming back to me again and the only one that adequately describes “Fated to Love You” from the first episode to the last (and especially the finale) is but one:

    😀 🙂 ♡ PERFECTION ♡ 🙂 😀

    This story and the people who told it — everything to the last detail, even the parts I’ve noticed some people nitpicking about — create such a wonderful feeling of happiness that it took me a couple of days to realize/accept that such and experience was possible… It’s kind of amazing…

  7. This is such great drama. I never felt so attached to the characters. I am thinking if we felt this way, it must be very difficult for actors to be apart from their characters after the drama is over. Don’t they may need a therapy afterwards? I am just concerned.

  8. Still trying to gather my mind so I can express my love for this drama ….and keep failing LOL.

    From random reading FTLY’s drama viewers posts on the net,I saw that there was some disappointment that the drama went through cliche elements.
    I understand that because I have felt this kind of disappointment in my share of watched dramas …but didn’t feel like that in this drama ^_^

    Dramas /movies are based on or at some point have cliches but how you will execute them during the storyline is what makes the difference.
    It is a combination of many factors ( from writing to photography) but in the end if the actors cannot pull these scenes off ,then those cliches scenes will be -at least-forgettable.

    So for me ,Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara (S)NAILED the scenes! ^_^

    Furthermore there is not just Jang Hyuk or Lee Gun but :Jang Hyuk ‘s ” Lee Gun”
    And by saying that means ,in my book ^_^, that Jang Hyuk with his approach and acting has owned the character and delivered it to the point that he left no space to consider of ” another” Lee Gun .
    And that is the power of an Actor with capital A !!!-No adjective is needed to that

    PS: The drama is full of memorable scenes…no,scratching that and better say mesmerizing scenes.
    For me ,one of them is a the elevator-goodbye scene at ep 16 :
    After their conversation and the formal bowing ….when the elevator arrives and he stretches out his hand on ,as these reaaaaaaally few seconds were passing by …my reaction was :
    At first and at the same time
    “It is the mannerly gesture as the closure of their formal bowing while -Awwwww -it shows his thought :I am now letting you go ”
    But the very moment Mi Young starts to turn her back to go towards the elevator and the camera shows Gun like frozen with the hand like that ,I was like
    “Ooooor…oooor maybe….The mouth might said ‘It’s over’ but the hand is reluctantly rising up and asking her to reach it and stay with him ? *and that camera ‘s change of zooming and briefly showing him in that hand position like “frozen” didn’t help at all in my emotional statement *

    Sorry for the long,unconnected and randomly-expressing way of writing 🙂

  9. Not much about the episode that everyone had not mentioned. But just taking the opportunity to express my thanks to @dramafan for opening up the posts for discussion on the show, and @gumi for all the updates on happenings at Korean on JH.

    What a journey.. it wouldn’t be the same without everyone of you. Fated to love you, a diamond beyond description..

  10. Just finished rewatching ep 1 .. I had never seen JH oppa before FTLY .. Reliving that moment (the greatest CF of all time, that is) gave me chills. You never know when love strikes, huh ..

    Also, when MY goes to the candy shop [fights the urge to sing 50 Cent’s song], the employees greet her as “Princess”, to which she responds : “But I’m not a princess” .. Well, we’ve got some spoilers for you, Mi Young-ah ..

    Rewatching this show now that it’s over comes with a peculiar mix of feelings. Sadness, happiness, wonderment, endearment, nostalgia even. What a journey.

    The fact is, this show IS perfect. Not close enough or pretty cool or great .. Perfect. Even when it defies common sense. Even when slight NGs slip through. Even when the angst lasts too long for your liking. It isn’t flawless, but it’s perfect, if that makes any sense.

    Just a random thought, more of a reminder since it’s obvious .. If you guys have any friends that are just getting into the Kdrama universe, don’t recommend FTLY just yet. You’ll be tempted to, because it’s too good not to be shared, but It’s too precious to be wasted as an initiation course. And you’d have raised their expectations way too high for them to appreciate any other drama.

  11. I am so happy with episode 20 I could just about bust! haha…I am all smiles and cannot contain it! I loved it! SOOOOOO happy it ended in a very happy way really for all involved! I loved how we got to see them fast forward into their everyday lives with their twins…..and again so much love and thankfulness for the other shown and expressed in this episode like the others. Their wedding vows to continue to love each other even after death was very touching. The last scene at the park with the kids and they each pick up a child and hold them and they all face the camera and smile…just absolutely wonderful. A complete, happy, loving family. SO thankful it ended this way….and without a doubt the BEST drama I have watched all summer!

    sweet sweet sighing still……but with a HUGE smile on my face…..

  12. I’m behind, but I’ll be catching up tonight and commenting soon. Just you wait.

  13. i LOVED the finale.
    I really enjoyed seeing our characters just be happy and be in love no matter what happens next. Loved that we didn’t get “i love you” 5 mins to the end,

  14. I understand why some people do not fully appreciate the last two episodes. We are used to grand finales, where the last substantive sentence (before the happy laughters & co) is “I love you”, followed by kisses, applause and whatnot. Act I is a fairytale, Act II is life. We’ve had our share of spectacular in Act I, it was time for warm and appeasing. You may think it not good enough, but warm and appeasing in real life are quite the luxury.

    Also, what you call fillers, I call bringing minor characters back in the picture because they matter .. from the risk-my-license-for-my-nice-ex-employee- lawyer, to the third triplet (would’ve loved to see all three, but it was nice nevertheless), to Dr Octopus who, to Gun, was the closest thing to a father .. EVERYONE MATTERS. That’s how great the show is.

    Post-reconciliation moments don’t usually interest me, because the spark inevitably fades, but JH oppa is a true force of nature. Unstoppable ! Rice pounding 2.0 was even more heart-fluttering than the first one, but third time’s a charm indeed ! My oh my ..

    Agents Tak & Yong, you’re the best. If I could get you on a Macao operation for myself, I would. And Jang Nara, congratulations are in order.

    That being said, every time I have a bowl of noodles from now on, it’ll just hurt T_T All of you who can eat noodles “the right way”, enjoy it on behalf of the rest of us !

    MBC, FTLY cast & production team, subbers, recappers (the ones that don’t hate on my Gunnie), fellow fans, thank you ! Drama Fan & Gumi, special thanks to you ! Let’s root for JH oppa and gather again to discuss his upcoming works !

    Next stop, MBC Drama Awards. We’ll be waiting.

    • I know! I want someone to share my ramen with now! 😦 I felt as upset as Gun and Mi Young about Macao 2.0 It’s no fun if they can’t remember. But I think the point was to show that and then contrast it with them making love again, fully awake, on their own terms, precisely following their conversation where they talk about “choosing” to be fated to each other.

      • Yea.. I was a little upset they got drugged again because I didn’t want their moment taken away – but I’m glad they showed the contrast. Their tenderness when they finally got to be together undrugged was (for lack of a better word) hot. I really like this episode and I really enjoyed the series as a whole. There were times here and there I felt it dragged a bit, but the actors will always strong. I loved all the many inside jokes, the ridiculessness, the love and the pain.

        • Yes, the Macau 2.0 drugging just did not sit well with me at all. The fact that it was played for laughs, or to show how cute Grandma and Tak/Dragon were, somehow made it worse. I’m glad Geon and Mi Young got their Real Proper Lovemaking scene later on, though. But this remains probably my biggest gripe of the finale and the show as a whole.

    • I loooooveeeed the car ride to Jeju! Every time Mi Young was shown to “bring the bacon”, “wear the pants”, “be on the driver’s seat” etc and Gunnie enjoying this, relaxing! Knowing he can trust her! he can let go of the control! enjoying the ride! He started freaking out and then took off his seatbelt! How symbolic was that? It was beautiful! They needed each other so much!

      • I agree that this show gave the female lead a lot more agency than I’ve seen in most other dramas. If I were a feminist studies/literature person I’d be able to expound on all the ways KMY represents equality and strength, but I am not, so all I can say is KMY currently holds the title of my favourite female lead ever.

        • I plan to write a post about the princess story btw. So don’t go away my friend. I’m getting inspired to write a few Fated to love you posts.

        • I mean the rice and barley game! and how she asks to switch positions! with such cute expression and at the same time I felt like a total pervert :p and her pounding and his moaning ok I’ll stop now

      • Thank you for pointing that out ! 3 years of angst have given us a brand new snail couple. MY needed to grow as a person, and Gunnie needed to learn how to “stop the beat” and just relax, instead of constantly worrying about stuff. It seems to suit them very well !

        Mi Young REALLY is super glue now, strong and confident, and she’ll give Gun a hard time if he ever misbehaves, especially if it involves making decisions on his own. But deep down, she’ll always be thankful to him for helping her become that person .. Because after all, he’s Batman (throwback to ep 5), and in the spirit of the Dark Knight, will help you in ways you may not understand, even if you hate him for it. [which is a point anti-Gunnie fans fail to grasp, but I won’t get carried away .. again.]

        The character switch was much needed, but rest assured, a few years in, Gunnie will realize that he’s clean (Dr Octopus already declared it), MY will bathe in the bliss of their love nest, and our snails will be as happy as in Act I, with almost unbroken hearts (Always thinking of you, Gae-donggie).

      • Looking forward to it DF. Make sure you tweet it too!

    • “Also, what you call fillers, I call bringing minor characters back in the picture because they matter .. ”
      I like bringing back minor characters, and I think the minor characters in this show were endearing too (well except Mama Yong). What frustrated me was that the bringing back wasn’t done in a very cohesive way that didn’t do enough justice to them. Take for example, Sec. Tak. The most loyal secretary, the best kind, who disobeys LG when it’s not in his best interest. A superb actor (his reaction scenes didn’t get enough love), and the other half in LG’s crazy woot-woot moments. He had a loveline (briefly?) with Mi Sook. Which disappeared into the background after Yeouldo. Then after his phenomenal show of unwavering loyalty at the presscon to both LG and MY, he gets a scene that I couldn’t watch. Out of nowhere he’s in latin dance? It didn’t belong to the story, so it made me angry, because I liked Sec Tak and I thought he deserved a cooler farewell.
      To me a filler is this: Either scenes that have no cohesion with the story, or scenes that drag on for too long.

      I don’t want to belabor the point, because that just gives more screen space to what were IMO some of the weaker points of the last two episodes. There were plenty of strong scenes, as you pointed out. So I’ll just focus on those in my reruns. Like trying to decode the Rice, Barley game. 😀

      • But he is a dancer in heart! OMG that was the funniest scene in the episode for me! I was at the office and was about to burst trying to hold my laughter. I loved seeing Tak outside of work or Geon’s life! He had a life of his own and his own passions. And “Charles” the lawyer lol! I lost it when he showed up 😀

      • I agree, Sec Tak deserved an epic farewell, but here’s the deal .. The loyal sidekicks get epic farewells when they leave, and he’s not going anywhere. Also, I was actually glad he didn’t end up with MY’s sister, it would’ve been too contrived.
        The only plausible scenario I can think of for Sec Tak is this :

        3 years later, Jang In Chemicals are holding a party for, let’s say, their 60th anniversary. Several A-list businessmen are invited, including the ones that Gunnie doesn’t like, because Grandma Wang said so.

        One of them is Choi Tae Joon of TJ Industries (pun intended) and he’s a world-class playboy [portrayed by Ryu Soo Young, for the sake of sexy cameos]. He flirts with one of the journalists, Seo Min Ah [portrayed by Shin Min Ah], she brushes him off but he doesn’t back down. Sec Tak steps in to the rescue and gets him off her back. She’s not impressed nor grateful. “I can take care of myself, sir, I’m my own knight in shining armour”, she walks away. Sec Tak is already smitten.

        A couple of days later, Gunnie can tell his right-hand man is not okay. Sec Tak confesses to him about his crush.
        “Huehahahahaha. It’s me, Lee Gun, the 22nd descendant to the Jeon Ju Lee clan and the only son of the generation. You’ll definitely get the girl. Definitely ! Huehahahaha !” .. They drop the work, get Yong to join them, and start making plans for operation Min Ah !

        … Joking aside, Sec Tak doesn’t seem too out of place in a Latin dance class. Charles was the icing on top of the cake though.

  15. Sigh. Well. Sad face. That was … Good scene, good scene, filler, filler, FILLER, scene, what?, good scene. I love my snail couple but I am also needing storyline. There was too little of that.
    I wanted more. Still : snail couple cute. And bed scene. And Macau 2.0 was weirdly erotic. I am still happy. 🙂

    • Which were the fillers?

      • 19 and 20 – Sec Tak, Dr Oct and Omma, poolside, go stop, Jeju “my wife is YSW, er, Ellie Kim” 🙂 to name a few. I know I’ll get protests on this but the whole princess thing felt draggy too. 😦

        • By poolside you mean the dance or the conversation under the stars? Cause the latter one nicer than what the subs conveyed. I understood it better with Gumi’s translation but the gist of it was Geon saying they might’ve always been fated and Mi Young answering “Even if we weren’t fated, I’d love you like destiny”. I love you like destiny is a closer translation to the korean title. I interpret it as “We might not be fated, but we choose each other so we feel like we are made for each other” Go stop, besides the reference to Jang Hyuk’s series Tazza and Jang Nara’s real life “addiction” to the game 🙂 was yet another example of Mi Young literally “wearing the pants” in the relationship. Jeju is the entire honeymoon? The princess thing looked like a reference to Bright Girl but I bet some of its beauty was lost in translation. Geon telling a fairy tale to his kids had to happen though, even if those kids didn’t seem to care lol! I read that the last day of shooting was very rushed, they were trapped in Jeju because of heavy rain, etc I think they casted for the kids on the same day.

      • Thanks for the thoughtful reply @DF.
        By poolside I meant the convo under the stars. Thanks for explaining. It was an important summary of the show, but I was really feeling the drag at that point in time and was getting impatient. The Gumi trans is much better than the subs.
        I didn’t know about JN’s GoStop addiction (LOL) . That does add to the cute in the scene. I totally enjoyed the return of the glasses. It’s like a whole other person takes over her body when JN puts those glasses on.
        Jeju – specifically the Ellie Kim autograph scene, but like the other scenes I mentioned, everything felt, oh, maybe 25% too long?
        I feel for them, I really do. Esp when you said the last scene was filmed in a hurry. JN has access to some amazing fountain of youth, but apparently she hasn’t shared the secret with JH. He recovered a bit in Ep 18 and 19 but by 20 he was looking exhausted again. I hope the poor guy has had a chance to conk out and recover.

        • Well he didn’t look like this when he was 33 lol! although wait, I think he did. Still, he is older than her but yeah she is a vampire! Who can compare to her? I hope they are both sleeping a lot now. I mean sleep sleep, not the other sleep lol

        • The scene under the stars sounded like poetry. They were rhyming and all. Unfortunately that beauty gets lost in translation although I did enjoy the sound of it. The musicality of their combined voices. It was also evident during their wedding vows which they recited together.

      • It did? Hmm… Running off to listen without video to see what the feels are like.

  16. I’m so glad that this is a happy ending, they truly deserve to be together. I think this is the only episode that I didn’t cry…..Love both Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra, they look so cute together…….

  17. I’ve only watched the raw version too, and I have to be out of town all this weekend (very likely away from the internet) so I’m not even sure when I can get my hands on the subbed version and then join in the discussion 😦 But I hope to see lots and lots of spazz and analysis and feelings when I get back!

    For now I just want to thank @dramafan and @gumi so very much for providing this space for us to discuss the show and share our thoughts. This is the first time I’ve ever watched a drama live and engaged with other viewers on any level, and I’m glad that I experienced this with a show as special as FTLY. Everybody here (shout-out to the lurkers!) has had something meaningful and intelligent to contribute, and I think I’d be right in saying that the conversations here – always so warm and thoughtful – have helped to make our collective FTLY-viewing experience SO much richer and deeper than if we had been just watching it on our own.

    • I couldn’t have said it better. It has been an honor and a great pleasure sharing this experience with all of you guys 🙂

    • Yea, agree with you. Looking forward to the same for the next JH production.

    • I am still pretty speechless from the finale — I get verbally incoherent when saturated with intense feelings — so THANK YOU @youholdthewater for giving us the words to express gratitude to @Dramafan and @gumi for this wonderful shared experience and joy of getting to do it with all the voices and listeners (aka lurkers) here.

      I wish I had more to say – maybe I do but I just can’t find the words yet. Right now, I am just in a weird state of deep, wordless nostalgia. And happiness.

      고맙습니다, 운명처럼 널 사랑해
      (Thank you, Fated to Love You”)

  18. Jang Hyuk = Oh.Emm.Gee!! Had to scream into my pillow so that I did not wake the entire household 😀

  19. Like you, watched it raw, waiting for subs. I think the actors, crew and staff all tried to make it a super happy ending..yea, they tied the loose ends but some of it a bit too comical and off. Secretary Tak and Dragon heeding Mdm Wang request and being “spies”. Ssambap lady w octupus doctor and her lipstick…omg. And a teen infatuated w Sera??? Even without the subs i was laughing at some parts. Will wait for the subs to get a better understanding.

    • I couldn’t contain my laughter at Tak and the lawyer on the dance floor OMG! But I don’t judge until I watch with subs cause its never the same 🙂

      • Hi Drama Fan, you are absolutely right. Watched it again w subs, not only that, but also ep 19 as well. This is a absolutely fantastic production, really really one of the best i have watched. The only drama that got me counting to wed to watch the next episodes. Guess what, im going to watch all over again starting w ep 1.
        Everything in this drama is so well done, it shows what great teamwork this production has. Again for being an old record, not too soppy..just right amount of sweetness, love,happy and bitter feelings.
        What i love abt this drama:-
        JH has portrayed Gunnie v well, from his laughter (now we know why he does that), to his bossiness (since he is the CEO) and to his quirky habits. JH has shown he can do such a wide range of emotions, and he has converted me to a fan. Lovable Gunnie whom everyone wld want as a hubby or son in law
        JN as MY – fab acting too. From showing the meekiness of MY to being super glue, her transformation and ability to stay to true character of MY is a gem. JN got everyone rooting for MY. Will look out for her other dramas.
        I dont know how they had this chemistry but the Jangs are really fantastic.
        Choi Jin Hyuk as Daniel – handsome, sweet, nice Oppa. Not many scenes of him but he has portrayed neighborhood Oppa so well. First saw Choi a year ago in My Daughter The Flower and he attracted my attention. Wld look out for his other dramas
        Wang Ji Won as Sera – didnt quite like her, not becos of the character she played as “bitchy” Sera but i found her acting a bit too contrived. Saviour moments of her was only in ep 20.

        W the subs, the loose endings made sense – sec Tak is unbelievable. so is Lawyer Charles. Omeoni w Doc Octupus seems a bit off but hamo hamo what the heck, love is not limited to the young only. Gives everyone hope.

        In the end, this is super Daebak.

      • @tasha same. I’d started rewatched before the final episodes aired. Just completed 11. Agree that the show is daebak. N I can’t stop rewatching! XD

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