FTLY support event report + Jang Hyuk’s message to fans

I know it’s really late, I’m sorry! Hahaha…but yes here’s the report for August 11 DC Jang Hyuk Gallery FTLY support event. Yes, the event for which some of you contributed. Here are the photo reports, compiled by DC JH gallery Narara.

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These are the photos we took ourselves, well the photo quality isn’t very good cuz it was dark and we only had our cell phones to work with…

BUT! luckily there were some professional photographers on site and this is the beautiful picture they took990688359_ab827a82

which, I’m sure some of you may have already seen looong time ago, haha.

Well, here’s something that NONE of you guys would’ve seen before! Cuz I had it by myself all along and now I’m revealing it for the first time…!

Jang Hyuk’s video message to his fans!!

I apologize for the quality of the video, I was seeing the divine beauty standing in front of me and my hands….couldn’t control my hands…..also it was pretty noisy on the site, and Jang Hyuk speaks pretty softly…it was so hard to understand what he was saying in the video, I had to read his lips, lol. One of the staff members actually asked me to check if I could hear the sound well in the video, but I just said yes yes I can, cuz I didn’t want to bother Jang Hyuk again…he looked tired enough with the filming….

Anyways, I mean, still being able to see a video message is faaaaar better than none, right? Tell me so, so that I can feel like my courage to walk up to him and ask for it wasn’t in vain…!

I also specifically asked for a message to ‘international fans’, telling him that this time some international fans contributed in the support event as well. Although his message can apply to any fan who loves him. I mean, we are all one in that we all love him, haha.

So, enjoy. You can turn on the caption on youtube if you don’t see English subtitle. (and I am telling you, he was even more beautiful in person than in this video)

And here is an autograph for Stuck on Hyuk and Soompi…two places I asked for contribution for the event. Hey, I made him spell out those two…! He knows the existence now! (altho I can’t blame him even if he forgot, poor him, he was half zombie out of fatigue)


Ok, end of the report! If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

23 responses to “FTLY support event report + Jang Hyuk’s message to fans

  1. Thank you so much Gumi for sharing this, I am impressed by his sincerity of his fans, love his words, he is just amazing~~

  2. Daebak!!! I just finished watching ftly a week ago… It has been clinging on me since then… I’m also a fan of jang hyuk, since slave hunter… He’s a thousand mimic actor, can be villain, serious killer, but also turn into terrific comedy and drama actor… Thumbs up for him…
    Thank you for you girls and guys who manage to deliver coffee truck for him and all cast and crew of the drama… They really worth it… They’ve been working hard make this drama project a blast!! Really wish to hug jang hyuk and jang na ra plus the director and pd…
    Hope to see their other films together..really great chemistry of them…

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  4. Thank you gumi! After watching FTLY, I’m a huge fan of JH. I’d only seen him in Thank You before FTLY and now I’m planning to watch his other dramas and movies.

  5. Thank you, gumi, for everything. It’s always good to know that Hyukie is prettier in person than on screen. Did he recognize you the lady keep going back to his “Flu” movie? Hope Hyukie has enough rest and spend more time with his family, especially the Chuseok’s coming.

    • I don’t think he recognized me and I never expected him to haha. I’m just one of his fans, and it’s not like he has one or two fans…! Hope he gets more than enough sleep!

  6. So beautiful… JH and his whole being, that is. Also, the mere act of you and DC members contributing to this thoughtful support event. I thank you all and you, Gumi, especially for maintaining your control and balance. That has to be from years of practice! I asked on soompi too, but you probably missed it. What was his reaction to the name he was addressing, “Stuck on Hyuk”? The name is adorable to begin with, so I’m just curious. But then again, he was probably on auto mode, so.. XD Such pretty handwriting.

    And his message! Very earnest as someone else had put it. Full of meaning and sincerity. He really deserves to be where he is and I respect him so. Wishing him many many hours of sleep after Thursday! Thank you again dear, such a pleasant.

    • I don’t remember him particularly reacting to the name Stuck on Hyuk. He was in a zombie mode….and to find the title adorable or not you kinda need to be proficient in English, lol

  7. Thank you thank you thank you so much for sharing this. It’s an awesome gift to us.

  8. Thank you so much for the great effort of recording this video message and sharing it! So excited for episodes 19 and 20. He looks so hot even when tired from filming!

  9. gumi i’m sharing this in his own Soompi thread along with ‘a message to JH’ post. 🙂

  10. THANK YOU. So …. much. You did such a great job!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this! And for gathering the courage to actually go up to him and speak to him and ask him to spell things and stuff, I wouldn’t have had the nerve, goodness. This is so lovely, now I can pretend I’ve had a personal connection with JH by proxy.

    (And he really does speak quite softly, doesn’t he? I remember how nobody in his Family Outing episodes could really hear what he was saying unless they were sitting right next to him. Aw.)

    • He really does, haha. See, the place was noisy too, but he was also speaking very softly. I don’t even know how he screams and yells so well in dramas, in real life his volume never surpasses the level that can be only heard by the one he’s directly talking to.

  12. Firstly, thank you so much for putting all these out, for helping out with the event, and most importantly, for not forgetting the rest of us when you r there meeting the beautiful man. Thank you!
    Here’s hoping he gets his well deserved rest before we see him again next time. JH ssi fighting!

  13. THANKS SOOO MUCH ❤ Jang Hyuk is indeeed super super hot and handsome =D

  14. Thank you so much Gumi for sharing Jang Hyuk’s video message to his fans. I am very sure a lot of his fans would be very happy about this. Rest assured, we’ll continue supporting Jang Hyuk in his future works after the highly- successful FTLY.

  15. aw I am sitting here crying…that was so wonderful…thanks so much for sharing all this! I would have either been squealing or probably most likely what I am doing now..turning into a big ball of mush and crying…and they would wonder what in the heck is wrong with her? lol (makes me love him even more)

  16. Thank you for everything you do in the name of us poor fans who may never get the chance to meet him in person. The video message was all kinds of sweet.
    Also, call me crazy, but I really would like you to describe how your meeting with him was in details (It nurtures my own fantasy of meeting him). Like, what was the first thing you said to him ? Did you call him oppa or JH-shi ? Did you stutter or were you able to keep it cool ? Did you ask for a hug ? Did you tell him you love him 😀 ?
    Ah, latin alphabet never looked so beautiful T_T

    • Well, the moment he walked toward us it was like o…m…..g…..the beauty……I could see a halo around him. I think the first word we said to him was “your hair looks really nice” (it was the first week after the haircut). I don’t remember if I addressed him as oppa or JH-shi, or if I addressed him at all. I don’t remember if I stuttered or not, I hope not lol….but I do remember, I wasn’t finishing my sentences properly. It was more like “Can I get your autogra….” I didn’t ask for a hug or a picture together cuz…dunno….felt bad, he was already not getting enough rest and it was his precious recess…! Didn’t tell him I love him, hope it conveyed though.

  17. Thank you for sharing Gumi 🙂
    I’m so love it and feel good to see this news about him.
    I’ll wait for another news about our sexiest man, JangHyuk 🙂

  18. Wow! That was so cool of you to ask him for a message! Your efforts were definitely not in vain. He seems like such a nice person just from the video. I have no idea how you managed to stay so composed if I ever had the guts to approach him in the first place my hands would be shaking so hard the footage would be all messed up haha. I hope he gets his well deserved rest along with the other cast and crew. Thanks again for sharing!

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