[FTLY] Message to Jang Hyuk


Attention, Gunnie lovers!

DC Jang Hyuk gallery is collecting love letters for JH&Gunnie…no length requirement, but generally people are leaving short 1~5 sentences comments, showing appreciation to the actor who created this amazing character. They will put together the comments and deliver it to the actor.

I was just thinking that since I am feeling so much love for Gunnie here, some people might want their messages delivered too. I am at your service. I can translate the messages, we can put both Eng and Korean version of the messages in. But if there are too many messages, or if I don’t have enough time to translate all, I might have to cut off some messages…hope that wont happen.

Anyways, I will receive messages until Thursday, the last episode. Please leave your message as a comment on this post, thank you.

96 responses to “[FTLY] Message to Jang Hyuk

  1. Gumi, thanks for doing this! 🙂

    my message:

    Jang Hyuk oppa! been watching your dramas since SSBG and cant stop loving you since then! some of your projects are misses but others are hits to me! 🙂

    Thank you for all hard work and efforts you pour while filming Fated to Love You! glad you finally took the rom-com genre! 😀

    looking forward to your next project!



  2. Dear Jang Hyuk,
    Thank you for the passion and dedication you put into your work… You are my favorite Korean actor and Dae-Gil is the reason I started watching K-dramas. You are an Amazing talent.
    No other actor in the world has eyes that mesmerize me like your eyes do ! ❤
    Best wishes on your next project.
    Your fan from the USA ,

  3. Thanks, Gumi, for giving us a chance to “talk” to Jang Hyuk.
    Here is my message:
    “Jang Hyuk sshi,
    Thank you for being so dorky and adorable as Lee Gun. You and Jang Nara delivered one of the most loving couples ever in Kdrama. You two have made my Wednesdays and Thursdays super sweet. I wish you the best in your future projects which I’ll be following closely from now on.
    Love from Dallas, USA ~YO”

  4. Dear Jang Hyuk,

    This is my first ever fan letter to anyone. Thank you for starring in Fated to Love You and bringing all of your exceptional talent to this drama. You are one of the most amazing and talented actors in Korea and I look forward to seeing you in many more things in the future. Blessings for your good health and your family.

    Your fan,

  5. Dear Gumi, thanks for doing this! here’s my message:

    Dear Jang Hyuk ssi,
    Thank you for the amazing portrayal of Lee Gun’s character in FTLY, your passions & dedications brought not only LG but also the show to live!
    I was so excited when news about you & Jang Nara ssi are reuniting for this rom-com, as my kdrama experience started with the two of you acted in SSBG. The chemistry between the two of you are still amazing even after all these years… it’s like you are fated to do FTLY. So captivated by you two that even watching the show raw & not knowing the language that I could just laugh, smile & cry along with LG & MY. Btw, I enjoyed also your singing & rapping in the show too. Because of your superb performance, I’m so overwhelmingly consumed in the show. Now, I’m dreading that the show is coming to an end & feeling the withdrawal syndrome. For the first time, I’m getting the FLTY DVD, the Director’s cut DVD & ost cd, so to help me get thru the withdrawal syndrome but most importantly to treasure & rewatch for years to come. Hope you & Jang Nara ssi will be teaming up many times more in the near future (pls not another 12yrs thou).
    Once again, my heart felt thanks for the excellent performance. Wishing you all the best in your future projects undertaking. Please stay healthy!
    Yours truly,
    MC, USA

  6. Dear Gumi thank you so much! Any way to convey drool on paper? ;p
    Here’s my message:

    Dear Jang Hyuk-ssi,

    As an avid k-drama fan I have met many memorable characters, but none more so than the unforgettable Lee Gun, who swooped in & captured my heart & imagination.

    Lee Gun is ridiculous & over the top, yet so human and relatable that I can’t help but root for him and be on his side. Together with the lovely Ms Jang Nara, you made me laugh, cry and everything else in between.

    For being our beloved Lee Gun, a sincere “Thank you” for all your hard work and sacrifice. I hope you know how much you are loved, admired & respected by your International fans. Fighting!

    A Jang Hyuk fan for life, Singapore

  7. Annyeonghasayo Jang Hyuk sshii,

    You have to “STOP THE BEAT” and “FREEZE”!

    My heart can’t let go of “Fated to Love You” and your role as the lovable Lee Gun sshii. Thank you for breathing so much life and art to this character through your superb acting!
    I hope to see you and the JJangs in another project soon. Have a much deserved good rest and take care!

  8. I have been a secret admirer of this page for a looooooooooooong time and I wanted to thank everybody for all your hard work ^_^
    I am enjoying every post and comment !
    This is such a great project and I am grateful !
    I tried to write down in words my admiration for Jang Hyuk(I have been a fan for years) and HIS Lee Gun ,but I am overflowed with emotions and thoughts to the point my mind goes blank and words seem to be poor to express myself.
    So even though my message will be simple ,it is written with a warm and thankful heart :
    “Dear Jang Hyuk ,
    Your acting can reach the heart and soul of people!
    I am always fascinated how you can ‘make’ us be part of the story and live /feel every moment of it.
    I would like to sincerely THANK YOU for sharing once again your gifted acting and talent with us.
    I wish you and your family to be happy and healthy.

    With much admiration and respect,
    Teta from Athens,Greece “

  9. Dear Jang Hyuk,
    By the time you read this, Fated To Love You will have already finished airing, therefore I wanted to congratulate you on successfully completing Fated To Love You. You did an amazing job portraying your character. Your amazing laugh will surely be stuck in my head for awhile. ^^ I hope to see more projects from you in the future. Always stay happy & healthy.

    Mai Thao (USA)

  10. Hi Gumi, thank you for doing this. I’ve been wondering how I can sent my appreciation to Mr JH. Apologies ahead if this is a tad long.

    Dear Jang Hyuk-ssi,
    Thank you for creating the wonderful character of Lee Geon.
    On the day Episode 18 was broadcasted, my best friend went home to be with the Lord. Words cannot express the respite from the profound loss I felt that night when I watched the high-jinks of Lee Geon.
    Through the last 2 months of watching my friend slowly fade away, your Lee Geon made me laugh when all I felt like doing was crying. More importantly I was able to bury my sorrow and tears in his. When Geonie-ssi laughed I laughed, when he cried he gave me an excuse to cry too.
    FTLY, Lee Geon and you will always have a special place in my heart.
    Jang Hyuk-ssi, please do another rom-com or comedy soon, you’ll never know who you are inadvertently “saving”.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    A. Wee, Singapore

  11. Dear Gumi, thank you for doing this, here is my message:

    Annyeonghaseo Jang Hyuk sshi,
    Thank you for taking the role of Lee Gun in “Fated To Love You”, you portray the epic character, perfectly. I am gonna miss Gunnie-sshi for sure. Thank you for your hard work, passion and dedication throughout all your amazing works. Please always stay healthy and happy with your lovely family and all the people around you. Hope to see you soon in your next projects.

    tjliliana ~ Indonesia

  12. Annyeonghaseyo Jang Hyuk ssi.

    I’m so proud of being your twelve years fan since Succesful Story of A Bright Girl. That drama left me a strong & lovely memories as it was my first K-drama. I’m so glad Fated to Love You heals me a lot, I really ship you and Jang Nara for real. I really envy your wife for having such a wonderful man. kekeke. Please please do more projects with Jang Nara unnie again in the future. Romantic comedy fits you the best. Jang Hyuk oppa, always be a good role model to younger generation. Love and full supports to Snail Couple. Fighting.

    The biggest fan from Malaysia.

  13. Cristine Tabing

    Dearest Jang Hyuk,

    Thank you for bringing Lee Geon to life. You made me laugh and cry so much. I cannot remember liking a drama character this much. Thank you for your passion and dedication to your craft. Without it, we would not have one of the most memorable characters in any drama.

    Please stay healthy and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Can your fans see you in another rom-com? Goodluck on your next project!

    Sending you lots of love.
    Cristine (Fr Manila)

  14. To the almighty Jang Hyuk-ssi,

    Congratulations on the success of your latest work, “Fated To Love You”! Since the very beginning of the first episode, I have fallen in love with every part of the character Lee Gun- from the crazy madness but with a charming intensity to his great understanding of responsibility, and most definitely his tender and bold touch at love. You formed Lee Gun into the true ideal man that almost all girls dream of at least once in their life. Thanks to you, your wonderful ability to use given material and transform perfectly into a character you’ve never shown before, and your exceptional talent with creating the most engaging, raw, and natural expressions so beautifully, I 100% enjoyed and experienced a fresh, incomparable romance comedy drama in my memorable summer of 2014.

    Also, undoubtedly, I have fallen deeply in love with you as well over the past 3 months because I watched most of your dramas and films and enjoyed every single one of them.

    I will continue to support you in the upcoming years!! Please stay healthy and live in joy with your family ^__^ Once again, thank you.

    Much admiration, respect, and love,
    From Hana (California, USA)

  15. Gumi – thank you so much for doing this. Can’t appreciate it enough.
    Below is my message:


    Dear Jang Hyuk-ssi,

    Words can’t describe how grateful and touched I am by your portrayal of Lee Geun in “Fated To Love You”. Your performance not only brought me a rollercoaster of emotions (even after the airing of the episodes), but they were so genuinely moving and real to me that I can’t help but see Lee Geun foremost through you. I believe that this is when we know we have a truly amazing actor in hand.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work, for your dedication, for your professionalism, for your and your family sacrifices to allow the public to enjoy such a great show.

    Good luck with your next project: I can’t wait to see it!

    With all my admiration and most respect,
    Sophie, San Francisco, California, USA.

  16. Dear Jang Hyuk-ssi,
    I love and enjoy so much Fated to Love You. Thank you so much for showing your incredible acting skill, love, and dedication in portraying the character of Lee Gun during this beautiful summer season. I love everything about Lee Gun..his unique yet addictive laughter, his antics, his pain, his love and tenderness. Lee Gun is absolutely one of my favorite characters in korean drama I have ever watched in my life. Keep up the good work and your passion Jang Hyuk-ssi! I’m looking forward for your future projects and hope you will do another romcom drama with Jang Na Ra-ssi again in the future.
    Please stay happy and healthy.

    Cara – Soompi

  17. Anyong haseyo, Jang Hyuk ssi. Congratulations for the success of Fated to Love You.

    As one of your millions of fans, I am fully aware of your dedication and professionalism disregarding exhaustion and lack of sleep just to portray the epic character, Lee Gun. You have breathe life to the best male protagonist I have ever watched. You made me laugh out loud, cry my heart out and fall in love for Lee Gun. I was especially pleased upon knowing that you even made your own ad libs just to enhance this endearing character.

    You have an awesome on-screen chemistry with Jang Na Ra ssi; together, both of you have made an unforgettable rom-com I would treasure in my heart for always.

    Please stay healthy and merry for all times. God bless you and the source of inspiration – your loving family.

    Your fan from the Philippines,
    Chinese Chua

  18. Dear Mr Jang
    Thank you for portraying Gunnie so artfully that its almost impossible to fault anything but keep watching re-runs. Thank you for showing so many sides of Gunnie that is so relatable and reminding us that true love stands the test of time. There can be so many thank you’s but more importantly thank you for being you. Its actors like you that keeps us dreaming the impossible 😡 love & blessings from a obsessed FTLY fan to you! Looking forward to your next project!

    • @gumi a shoutout to you: thank you for giving us the opportunity to write fan mails. My emoji in the above post is 🙂 not 😡 LOL. Pls help edit that. Thank you. Bless and be bless!

  19. thank you for such a rare opportunity for a k-drama fan…well, here goes…

    dear mr jang hyuk, it is so rare to find an actor who could do action, drama and comedy scenes so well. you impressed me since “thank you.” there is dedication and passion in your portrayal that it becomes hard to think of another actor who could become dr min or dae gil or lee geon. and in “real man,” you made me admire not just the actor jang hyuk, but the sincere and humble person as well. i wish you more recognition in your career and more happy moments in your personal life as well.
    sincerely, trixie ann, philippines

  20. youholdthewater

    Thanks for this, Gumi! (also hello, fellow malaysians – and singaporeans-!)

    Dear Jang Hyuk,

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication in creating such a wonderful character, and for playing your part in telling such a beautiful love story. Lee Geon and his story is something that I will appreciate and treasure for many years to come. I wish you all the best in your professional and personal life. And thank you so much for everything that you do as an actor and a storyteller. You’ve made my life so much richer through your career and work.

    Much love from
    Vanessa, Malaysia

  21. Dear Gumi, i’d like to say thank you for your kindhearted for give us a chance to send message for family-adorable-humble-yet hawtttt-man Jang Hyuk..thank you very much Gumi,and here is my message to him…i hope in the future i could meet him in person just like you did a few days ago *envy*

    Dear Mr. Jang Hyuk..

    How’s there? i hope you stay healthy and have a good good good rest after being a great-yet-adorable-zombie while you were your FTLY project…ummm….what’s next?? *suddenly im speechless n lost words, imagine as if im talking this to you face to face hahaha im sorry*

    Thank you for being a great actor!!seriously,your eyes tell everything…everytime i watch your acting in chuno, midas, fated to love you and so on, just by looking at your eyes i can feel all the emotion…let me say “you cry i cry, you sad i sad, you laugh then i laugh even more” hahaha…if looks could die, then i die…killing me softly with jang hyuk’s eye hahaha….

    Then thank you for being a great dad n husband for your lovely wife n son(s), family is everything, hope they’re always in a good health…am married and have two son(s), so it’s kind of a blessing to have an idol which have something a something in common with me…and i feel warmth in my heart knowing how you adore n love your wife n son(s)…

    yaaa there you go Mr Jang Hyuk….just please stay loveable daddy, hubby for your lovely family but yet fabuolus, freaking hawtttt and great great great actor!!keep those “killer eyes” says everything through your acting skill..fighting!!and am sitting down here patiently waiting for your next project…take care and stay healthy!!

    Say my warm greeting to your wife n son(s), hope in the future when im having trip to seoul i could meet you in person, im obsessed to meet you in person, shake hand than of course do selca with you *grin*…then Dear God, please here my thoughts. amin..


    ry.wrdh (Jakarta, Indonesia)
    a wife, mother of 2 cute sons, and Jang Hyuk’s trully secret admirer :))

  22. Anna Merencilla

    Dear Mr Jang Hyuk Sshii,

    Hello! How are you? Hope everything ‘s A-okay despite of your busy busy workload these days..shooting here and there! Whew! Very tiring! I sincerely hope that after your hectic schedule at work, you will fine time to relax and have a vacation that you truly deserve with your loving family. 🙂

    I wanna say thank you Sir, for being our Gun! For the last 2 months… FATED TO LOVE YOU, became part of my weekly routine.. Never missed an episode wether it’s raw or with English subbed.I will truly missed your mischievous laughter that never fails to make smile after a long tiring day.
    As FTLY ends,with you Sir, and Ms Jang Nara I’m sending all my love and appreciation for being my Snail Couple who never fails to put a big smile on my face whenever I watched you both on the big tube it eases my worries away..Gun and MY will and forever be my Snail Couple! Love you! 🙂 thank you ! 🙂

    I wish you all the best that life can bring..warmest wishes in all your future projects ! Rest assured, I’ll be always and forever be here to support you in everything! Take care! Stay healthy and safe always! 🙂 God bless!

    Love much from 🙂
    Anna(Manila, Philippines)

  23. Gumi, here is my message. hope i not too late. and thank you very much for always be our depending translator. mmuaahhhh, mmuaaaahhhh *no, don’t wipe those drool away. kkkkk

    Dear Jang Hyuk oppa,
    Thanks for always be amazing with everything you do. Give it action, comedy or melo you can nailed it all beautifully. Thanks for making me a proud fan for stay true and believe in you since SSOBG day. I’m happy for you as Lee Geon because from him everyone got to know and keep searching the original you, the one and only Jang Hyuk. Keep up the good work and good luck for everything you do later. FIGHTING!!!

    Yoeda, Malaysia

  24. Thanks Gumi for giving us the chance to be part of this!!
    Here’s my message:


    Because of you, this last two months had been like riding a rollercoaster to me… So many emotions!! And thanks to you, i had the great, great pleasure to discover an extraordinary actor: Jang Hyuk, whose acting has stole my heart.

    Kisses & hugs,
    From Peru,

  25. Dear Hyuk,
    It’s such a great pleasure to have really ‘known’ you through FTLY, though I’ve watched Bright Girl before. Watching all your previous interviews, shows, BTS, especially The Real Men, have made me love you even more!
    On the other hand, I salute your wifey for having to share you with so many people, especially when you are being hugged, kissed, bedded, lovey-covey by other actresses! I’m a wife too, so I can understand how she must have felt! What to do! It’s your career…so love the woman behind you More!!!
    P.s. I adore you in long hair and with eyeliner 🙂

  26. Dear Gumi, thank you so much for doing this!
    Here’s my message:

    Dear Jang Hyuk,

    Your hard work has made a character come to life. You’ve beautifully translated Lee Goen from a person on paper to a live person who is so flawed yet so loveable. Please also convey my thanks to your wife, because a man who knows how to show love must have also have received much love. Mrs. Jang, thank you for making him into a man who can show passionate adoration for his wife!

    With best wishes for your future projects,
    Webfoot, Singapore

  27. To our very cool jang hyuk,
    We are very amazed how you portray your role in every movies and dramas you’ve made. You are a very versatile actor. Since the day that i watched you in the FTLY, I look and open the wikipedia because every time i’m interested about actors and actresses I want to know a little of something from you.I searched and watched all the movies and dramas you have. The problem sometimes is there is no english subtitle but still i watched them.
    I’m from the Philippines but i lived now in New york.I have a lot of korean co-workers in the hospital and when we are talking about you they said to me that’s my boyfriend.And after that we just laughed.
    Take care always and stay input with your family because family is the one who love you,understand you and waiting for you everyday..Always keep your feet on the ground. God bless you and your love ones..Stay handsome and lived a beautiful heart…. Forever fun of yours…

    • Dear Jang Hyuk

      Thank you for bringing to life the character Lee Gun!! I loved the breadth and nuance with which you engaged us through Gun: from Gun’s out-sized personality to the tender “right there with you” Gun and all the laughter and tears in between. It made me very happy to see you sink your teeth into such a great role. Please keep bringing us wonderful characters and your great acting for many years. I first saw in the sequel to Iris. From there I’ve seen all your work since military service. Many of us felt uneasy seeing you delight us, yet knowing you didn’t get any sleep because of the live shooting system in Korea. That system’s gotta go! Live long, healthy and happy!

      Ellen from USA