Fated to love you – BTS ep 15 – Sooo cuteeee!!!!

This is a must watch guys! I’m
not into behind the scenes videos in general but this one is seriously adorable. The Jangs are jjang on screen and off screen ❤️😊👍

I guarantee that you will melt! Their chemistry is off the charts!!!


1.- I love Jang Nara teasing Jang Hyuk. Especially when she laughs. Is she laughing with him or at him? lol

2.- Hyukie jokingly attempting to steal a kiss from Nara and her little slap 🙂 Cuteeeeeee

3.- His hug and lift at the end of the video *swoooonnssss*

8 responses to “Fated to love you – BTS ep 15 – Sooo cuteeee!!!!

  1. OMG!!! they are cute to be together… I’m gonna melt haha

  2. OMG, you are so right abt the hug and the lift at the end. Counting down to Old Goodbye to see their chemistry again.

  3. Ha,ha I became into vampire prosecutor 2 God forgive my lush .

  4. youholdthewater

    My favourite thing of all is the way JNR just full-out laughs in JH’s face (see screencaps above). It shows how comfortable they are together, and also how much fun they’re still having despite the brutal schedule and lack of sleep. And like @curiosor I’m always astounded at how all the BTS footage shows them being so chill and easygoing with each other when the scenes they’re actually filming are so emotionally devastating.

    Also can I just say how much I love that JNR’s real speaking voice is so much deeper/stronger/louder than her Kim Mi Young voice (even the post-France Ellie Kim). There’s this air of no-nonsense straightforwardness about her, I’m more than a little bit in love right now.

    Also Hyuk looks so goddamn good everywhere and in everything, if he was making any amount of eye contact with me at all I would have been melting through the floorboards and evaporating into the clouds.

  5. Oooh. Thank you! These two are clearly consumate professionals. You can tell from their attention to tiny details -“do I get up…?”, she asks in rehearsal -, the way they maintain good, light humor (even with a punishing schedule) yet still manage to portray a tense, fraught situation… I remember being really tightly wound when I was watching the end of ep. 15. All because THAT is the effect their acting produced. Just amazing…

    I wish I had such easy going, yet serious and dedicated colleagues – people who remained relaxed and comfortable but always got the job done…

    I just want to bake them a cake, or a lasagna, or take them to Disneyland or something… I’m so PROUD of them…

    Love in 운명처럼 널 사랑해 (Fated to Love You) http://spqetr.net/archives/2179

  6. That much chemistry is lethal, seriously ! I almost want to smash their faces against one other (gently, that is) and just have them kiss already ! These two are a match made in Kdrama heaven.

    While going through random videos of JH oppa, I came across the IRIS 2 performance on the 2012 KBS Drama Awards, and Jang Nara was there, clearly enjoying the view. I assume they didn’t stay in touch after Bright Girl, they both aged well but he did so spectacularly, so I keep wondering what went through her head when she saw him on Thank You or Chuno .. Probably something like “How did I miss THIS?”.

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