Fated to love you – Ep 16 – Thoughts and discussion

Open for us to comment.

I still have to watch.

The cliffhanger though! Buckets of tears 😦

37 responses to “Fated to love you – Ep 16 – Thoughts and discussion

  1. Dear drama fan, thanks a lot for twittering the mbc radio interview! I only wish it was subbed! They r both so great right..even though I didn’t understand a single word. V impressed w JNR’s mandarin!

  2. Curiouser & Curiousor – *chu* Loved the essay. You going to post it and Soompi? And who are you at Soomp?

  3. When Sec Tak randomly says to Gunnie “Salute ! Sergeant Tak Ku Jang !”, is that a “Real Man” reference or am I reading too much into things ?
    JH oppa is getting sexier by the minute, it’s just crazy. But those bags under his eyes are REAL. I hope he gets some good rest after this. Oppa, stay healthy !

  4. Following with the matter about texting I remember Wild Romance by the way one of the most recent underrated comedies, a similar case when the couple sent each other e mails in a very funny way like poisoned arrows it was so cute to watch it 2 anti fans in action…

    • youholdthewater

      Oh but Wild Romance was so cute! The whole forum-chatting sequence was very well done. And the show in general had some flaws with the stalker/mental illness storylines but overall I think it struck a great balance between the OTP cute/genuine development and the darker main arc. It’s one of my personal faves, but I can sort of understand why a lot of people don’t really dig it.

  5. youholdthewater

    It feels so repetitive to keep heaping praises on both Jangs’ acting and chemistry every week, but SERIOUSLY. Seriously. Everything they do is amazing – every look, every eyebrow wiggle (there was some fabulous eyebrow acting going on this week). They’re both clearly bringing so much more to the table than what is already on the script.

    Geon + Omma 4eva ❤ ❤ ❤ I kind of resented Mi Young a bit for trying to stop him from seeing her mother. She's justified of course, but gaaah. He's so broken and hurt and a shell of his former self, just let him eat his anchovy wraps and talk to his mother once a week. It feels like he might just fall apart without it 😦
    Mi Young's mom is a hardass and would have cut off contact a long time ago if she really wanted to, but some combination of pity, tenderness and genuine affection has kept her on Geon's side. Sure, from Mi Young's POV it looks like he's just straining to hold on to something, anything, that keeps him linked to memories of her. But Geon is a very lonely man who has been starved of parental love from a very young age. When he calls Mi Young's mother "Omma", he means it (even if he doesn't call her that anymore). And waaaay back when MY's mom first called him "son", she meant it too, and still does (even if she doesn't call him that anymore). God. I love them a lot.

    Adding some love here for Secretary Tak too. He could have been a pretty forgettable-but-serviceable side character, but they're doing a GREAT job of having him skirt that line between zany and OTT ridiculousness, and authentic emotion and tenderness (just like Geon himself, come to think of it).

    I'm not going to speculate too much on how our cliffhanger will resolve next week, because it just makes me all anxious and frazzled. But there needs to be a lot of truth-telling and talking and emotional purging and oceans of tears, if necessary.

    Also I love SO much that Dragon has his own mini soap-opera going on in the sidelines. That melodramatic soundtrack alone is enough to crack me up.

    • youholdthewater

      Also do correct me if I’m wrong, but is ep 16 the first time that Geon and MY actually make mutual eye contact during their “texting” conversations? When Geon appears in MY’s studio, I mean. I got super excited, because previously they were always deliberately looking just *slightly* in the wrong direction, even when they were in the same space. And the first time we see them really “looking” at each other turned out to be the last texting session they would have before Geon blows his cover as well.

    • I had noticed Jang Nara’s talking eyebrow before but Jang Hyuk’s was incredibly chatty on ep 16 right? I was worried my Hyukie was having a sleep deprivation induced stroke or something awww. The Jangs are so tired but they are so awesome. I want to believe the end of ep 16 means Geon’s “everything is ok” facade is either going to get completely blown or it will at least start to crumble.

      • I think it’s a fair expectation. The look on his face when he saw the painting was like his entire world shifted under his feet.

      • I want to believe that he will throw everything away, n just let his love for MY overtake him. (It may just be the heat of the moment, and he Mau regret it after..)

        What a brilliant idea to put the lollipop man picture there. Not only because by twisted fate, Geon saw it. but cos it’s like a constant reminder to MY that – if it’s not Geon it’s not possible. There’s no way she can accept someone else.

        How amazing is this show? Like @youholdthewater mentioned, it’s NOT possible to NOT repeat this after every single episode. All the time we were thinking how will MY uncover the truth about Geon and running back to him. the show just did the reverse by revealing to geon how much he means to MY! And hopefully this is the catalyst that make Him run to her…

        Can’t wait for Wed! Thanks peeps for all your comments! Love reading them!

  6. just finished ep 16 and I just want to shout “JANG HYUK LOOKS SOooooo HANDSOME ESPECIALLY IN This EPISODE!!!! SCREAM*****” He certainly never look better…..!! So dashing and that crying scene – it just blows my mind!

    Ep 15 left us w a cliffhanger, everyone of us expecting a hot kiss and perhaps leading to more…with ep 16 killing us all when MY fainted in his arms without even a peck!! hah! I wasn’t sure if I would die from frustration or applaud the scriptwriters for not being predictable , and pulled the carpet from under our feet – making us long even harder for THE KISS!

    Can’t believe how time passes by, (especially when u r having fun!)and feeling sad that there’s only 4 more eps to go and there goes our Hyuks and Jangs. I really wouldn’t mind a special 1 ep extension centering around marital bliss and little Gaedongies.

    Sorry I know I said it b4, but I reallyreally love Ailee’s OST- so poignant! I just bought it on ITunes!

  7. Since City hall I wasn,t so hooked with a couple despite his mad laughs Jank Hyuk is doing a great performance and he is showing his wide range and she is wonderful too.

  8. youholdthewater

    I still have to watch the fully subbed episode myself, but I’ve been keeping up with recaps/soompi. Let me tell you, if the show keeps up the amazing work right up to the finish line, it’s going to be very, very, very hard to find another kdrama that will to live up to the experience of watching FTLY. Geon and MY were already my personal Gold Standard of OTP by episode TWO, for crying out loud.

  9. ohhh i love this episode!!!. That warm feeling in my heart is back again. of course there would be a confrontation because of the deception but i’m thinking ( hoping actually 🙂 ) there would be a kiss in there. A passionate one. i want Gun to kiss Mi Young with all the love and passion he has for her.Like a man dying of thirst.ha ha!!

  10. Ooof! Heartache really knocks the wind out of you! My love for these four, Kim Mi Yeong and Lee Geon, Jang Nara and Jan Hyuk, just keeps ballooning – I don’t know if it knows limits and I don’t know if I have the capacity to contain it…

    I am awash in some intensely wishful thinking for what awaits Kim Mi Yeong and Lee Geon after he confirms that he is, in fact, her Lee Young Ja and only Sinead O’Connor can give it voice:

    Why this and not a more heartbreaking ballad… I think the breathlessly palpable heartache and longing emanating from Mi Yeong and Geon (gosh! or is it Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk?) in the 4 episodes in this past fortnight is just so intense and rendered with such subtlety (really, they always go *small and quite* when things heat up) that it has seeped into my subconscious [I think]. The Poetry of it!

    Sinead O’Connor’s rendition of “Secret Love” is the only way I will manage to stay afloat in this ocean of … [*no words*] …

    • youholdthewater

      Omg I love that song! And I love that you’re using music as a coping mechanism. “Act 2” of the show has really been too much to handle, I’ve been curating a playlist to deal with it, too. Any song that gives me Snail OTP feels, straight into the playlist it goes. Whatever keeps us emotionally balanced, right? 🙂

      • Hmmm that’s an interesting thought. Care to share the list?

      • @ youholdthewater: Super! I saw what you wrote further down about not being ready to let go. My feelings exactly! So I thought I’d clear my mind a little and ended up writing a love letter to FTLY! Heaven help us all!
        So in the spirit of sharing with like minded souls, here’s a link:
        Love in 운명처럼 널 사랑해 (Fated to Love You)
        I hope you enjoy!

      • youholdthewater

        @curioser and curiosor – OMG. You’re the person who wrote the Pragmatic Altruism essay! I LOVE YOU. And now I love you even more. Thank you SO much for sharing that piece.

        @mywebfoot + anybody else who may be interested, here are just a few of the songs I use to handle my Snail OTP feels from Fridays through Tuesdays. They are all spectacularly miserable (yet also kind of hopeful, I think).

        After Afterall by William Fitzsimmons [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15tMoU2kHsU ]

        Dust to Dust by The Civil Wars [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKWim4D27cc ]

        Here We Go by Matt Kearney [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJY883ZIClQ ]

      • Oh my heavens, @ youholdthewater !

        I listened to your playlist – and it IS their story! I could not listen without weeping a little. I know we are getting ready for the withdrawal pangs to come and this feels a little “hair of the dog”… huh?

        I spent the morning listening to this on a loop for a bit of healing:
        India Arie – The Heart Of The Matter (live) http://www.chartsinfrance.net/India-Arie/id-101436380.html

      • youholdthewater

        @curiosor – I’m so glad the songs gave you the feels too! And I’ve never heard that particular India Arie song before, but it’s beautiful. The lyrics fit so well, I can’t even.
        Here’s another track I’ve added to my own playlist (with lyrics in the description).

        @mywebfoot – I noticed the link to the FTLY playlist you put together on grooveshark (confession: I lurk on soompi a lot). And no, I don’t mind at all that you used the songs I linked here 🙂 I think it’s a great idea actually, and I loved the other songs you featured there as well.

    • are you implying that there’s a secret longing going on between Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara?!Ooohh that; sweet!! 🙂

      • Oh, no! Nothing like that! I wouldn’t presume. I just mean that the actors are JUST.THAT.GOOD. Their characters ring so true to life that none of the seams of the veil separating actor from character ever show when they are in scenes together – even the big, brightly colored ones.

        I’m as fan, yes, but I and not going to cross the line of inventing fictions about the actors.

        Now as for Mi Yeong and Lee Geon, where do I even start…?
        How about… http://spqetr.net/archives/2179

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