Fated to love you – Ep 15 – Thoughts and discussion

The episode has not aired yet but these previews are reason enough to kyaaaaa lol! This is our space to squee, spazz and more!







13 responses to “Fated to love you – Ep 15 – Thoughts and discussion

  1. I feel my heart will burst with emotions. Their eyes can’t cover their true feelings for each other

  2. Yes ,completely agree,from love to hate is a quick step and she has crossed it because if she wouldnt have done her feelings would fe fake or she were a noble idiot.
    She is deeply hurt and she need to air her wounds to be hailed its a painful journey but she must finish it.

  3. well for me one thing was established during that weak moment and that is they still love each other so much no matter how much they want to deny it..i think Mi Young is that way towards Gun was because she loves him too much and when you’re hurt by that someone you tend to lash out on that someone.it’s a defense mechanism in a way to prevent her from any further hurt.

  4. youholdthewater

    Some quick thoughts;

    I’m getting just the…tiniest….bit frustrated with our OTP and the writers at the moment. I think it’s mostly because there’s so little of what Geon and Mi Young used to do SO well with each other – communicate. With openness, clarity and honesty. Right now it’s a lot of concealment and push-pull and hurting each other with words instead. There’s a lot to work through before they can get back together, a lot.

    I was a little surprised at the extent of Mi Young’s current anger at Geon – three years ago she claimed there was nobody to blame and no resentment on her part. But it does make her so very human, that bitterness and sorrow and anger. She’s completely entitled to be harsh with Geon, and I love the way she isn’t making excuses for him or sugarcoating anything (calling him out for maintaining relationships with people without awareness of the emotional baggage he’s making them lug around with him, that was so GREAT). But boy, it’s hard to watch. It’s hard to watch Geon all deflated like this. And oh gosh. She’s pain and he’s in pain and the only person who can understand and heal that pain is each other and it’s SO SAD.

    And poor Geon honestly doesn’t seem to have much of a plan – at this point I think he’s just attempting to spend more time with KMY rather than completely win her over again, especially since he believes that she accepted Daniel’s proposal. So he’s just sort of flailing around, trying to get chances to see her or talk to her. Which is why I’m wondering if he even thinks it would be okay for him to make a move on a woman already engaged to be married (as far as he knows). Something needs to happen so that KMY can know where he stands and how he feels and what he himself has gone through over the past 3 years. But Geon really does need to step up and decide exactly what he wants and what he needs to do, and then do those things.

    And I’m glad the time jump hasn’t just completely erased the miscarriage or its aftermath. Dog Poopie is just as present as he/she was in the first half of the series. It’s not a completely blank slate or a 100% fresh start for Geon or Mi Young. There is grief, and pain, and baggage. This isn’t about them falling in love again, because tbh it seems like they never did fall OUT of love to begin with. It’s about healing, I think. And making the decision to be together, but this time without any external forces – no one-night stand pregnancy, no wedding contract, no family heir/business nonsense. Just two people choosing to be with each other.

    • Yes. Its frustrating and painful but its also real right? I love and hate it. I like that the show is letting Mi Young show her pain like this. In fact I actually didn’t feel her as being so harsh but more like she was telling some harsh truths. If she had learned about Geon’s illness earlier we wouldn’t have witnessed her get angry and I think we needed this. It makes her much more human and well rounded character. Illness or illness what he did hurt her so its good she gets to express it. Now Im ready for both of them to start healing. He has the advantage of knowing how she really feels through his female alter-ego so he knows how much she is hurting. I love those conversations between Mi Young and her fan. And I loved Geon interpreting the rain’s sounds as “It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s not your fault. It will all be ok” That’s what they both need. Soothing words, love and healing.

      • youholdthewater

        Oh yes, so so painfully real. I really do prefer this anger and hurt and longing compared to just having Geon immediately start chasing Mi Young around and having the show go right back to 100% pure romcom antics. It’s beautifully done, with a level of sensitivity and tenderness and rawness I never thought I’d live to see in a kdrama romantic comedy.

        And I absolutely adore the way the writers have been subtly and not-so-subtly subverting and reversing elements from the first half of the show. Instead of a marriage contract we now have an employer-employee contract, and instead of Geon calling the shots we have Mi Young who is asserting herself and demanding boundaries in their professional relationship.

        Oh man. The rain is saying “it’s okay, it’s not your fault”. That hurt so much, but it was so so so beautiful. Just when you think you can’t love this show more than you already do.

      • This… Totally agree with the both of you here.

        It’s reasonable to feel frustrated – isn’t that how the people around them feel? Grandma, Omma, Yong, Tak (esp Tak as he knows the most). Rather than frustration at how there’s no progress between the 2, instead there’s this “push-pull” (as you called it), I’d see it as all of us being too invested in their love journey, and all we want is for them to be happy together.. some of the frustration may be at ourselves that we are just helpless bystanders and can only watch the thing unfold in proportions we don’t want to happen! sigh, I can’t put this feeling into words..

        I just love our OTP. It’s more than just fangirling over their cute moments, it’s their hurt, pain and everything about them and their journey that just makes me want to root for them. Go miyoungie n geonie! Fighting!

      • youholdthewater

        @fiveinone – Completely agree. Yes, I think a lot of our frustration with the push-pull and the angst is because we want the return of Snail OTP cuteness and sunshine, i.e the thing that got most of us invested in this couple to begin with.

        As you say, it has become more than fangirling over the cute/sweet bits. I’ve sort of learned to make myself NOT view the past few episodes (and the upcoming ones) as filler or unnecessary fluff which is leading up to the grand reunion. Everything they’re doing now – the pain, the hesitation, the push/pull – is part of a journey and a larger picture for our Snail couple, which I think people (including me) will appreciate much more once the show is over and we’re not so frustrated and frazzled about how Geon and MY will end up together.

        I mean sure, I wish we could have more cuteness and flirting and stuff, but when you really think about it, what they’re doing right now just seems to fit so much better. I just really appreciate the fact that the writers/cast/crew aren’t just trying to give us any old romantic comedy – they’re busy telling us a legitimate, compelling, beautiful, emotionally authentic love story.

      • Yup. Everything you guys are saying. This show is the most magical yet the most real romcom I’ve seen.

    • Gosh – I just LOVE reading this conversation and seeing what you all had to say. My favorite – of many favorite passages here:
      “It’s [all so] beautifully done, with a level of sensitivity and tenderness and rawness I never thought I’d live to see in a kdrama romantic comedy.”
      Yes, indeed!

  5. i am loving the hair Gun is sporting…makes him look sooooo (incoherently spazzing)….can’t wait for tonight.

  6. youholdthewater

    That lining on Hyuk’s trenchcoat is gorgeous. And that blue/green/teal/whatever top goes really well with JNR’s hair. Also I’ve noticed that in eps 13/14, KMY and Daniel were the ones who were more likely to be wearing similar or complementary colours (the way Geon and MY would mix and match blues and oranges and yellows in the first half of the show). I’m hoping to see a progressive increase in colour-coordination as our Snail couple grow closer together in the upcoming episodes.

    And now back to your regularly scheduled incoherent spazzing.

  7. Can’t wait the next episode!! so excited… and… Oh, Jang Hyuk, why so handsome, why??!!

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