Help us make a FTLY Director’s Cut DVD come true!

Dear international fans of Korean ‘Fated to Love You’

We have started a demand survey to estimate demand for FTLY Director’s Cut DVD!
This is to figure out if pushing for Director’s Cut is actually possible, and if there’s not enough demand, we won’t be seeing Director’s Cut DVD at all.

Our current goal is to get 2000 sign-ups.
With enough people’s cooperation, FTLY Director’s Cut DVD would feature a lot of bonus videos!
Director’s Cut will include not only the broadcasted scenes, but also the unreleased cuts that were edited out due to time limit. Also, it will additionally feature BTS film, NG cuts, and interviews of actors, writers and the director.

*Episodes will have English subtitles
*Bonus videos will not have subtitle

Signing up for DVD purchase right now does not imply binding purchase decision. This is only a survey to estimate the demand.

To participate, please email with the subject including 1)country of your residence 2)number of DVD you want to purchase.
ex) 1)U.S.//2) 1
(If you have already sent an email and didn’t follow this format, it’s fine. It’s just for convenience)

The deadline for signing up is August 28.
Thank you for your cooperation, and please spread the word around!

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15 responses to “Help us make a FTLY Director’s Cut DVD come true!

  1. Fated to love you…Awesome Inspiration in my Life💞

  2. I responded enthusiastically to the survey and I hope that a script is included if/when the Director’s Cut DVD set is released. Now that the show is over, the verdict is in – the writing was just brilliant! Definitely something to add to my little growing library. Fingers crossed!

  3. Hi! How’s it? When can we know whether director cut will be produced?

  4. im a little late but can I still submit?

  5. I’ve sent my email already. 😀
    love from Indonesia!

  6. I hope the numbers are coming in! We all need a piece of this gem.

  7. Gumi, I already post this demand in Dramabeans episode 16 recap. hope we got another shout out and positive feedback. 🙂

  8. Hope a lot of people sign up! I sent an email to the FB fanpage to post the pic. I hope they do! They have about 60k fans and if they post it, I’m sure we’ll get more signatures!

  9. Yes I hope this come through too. Hey gumi, an idea, try to promote this just before the live recap at soompi (most people will be stalking then) and after the live recaps. Hope more of the people who love this show sign up. And thanks again for the great efforts.

  10. What an initiative dears!! Wish you luck and for this to become true 🙂

  11. Hope lots of people signing up for the DVD purchase! I really want this to happen and own this director’s cuts DVD.

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