Fated to love you – Ep 14 – Thoughts and discussion

I took long to open the post. Sorry guys! Busy day at work

I will only comment briefly about this episode because we’ll have a whole week to speculate.

It’s strange, because I liked many moments in this episode but I felt it slow overall

What I liked:

The first scene. The tears in Geon’s and Mi Young’s eyes. I felt the chemistry of our OTP strongly in this scene.

Their SMS conversations. I especially loved the one where they were in bed. It was sweet and sad, both thinking of Dog poopie. That is a bond between them that no one can break.

Yong , little dragon, is so cute! The fire and ice war with his brother was the WTH moment of the episode!

Secretary Tak is adorable. Geon hiding under the desk so he wouldn’t catch him lying! SUPER ADORABLE!

I love Omma’s scenes. All of them. Always.

The questions to ponder until ep15:

Will Mi Young accept Daniel’s proposal? Will Geon interrupt or leave? If he leaves, will he step aside thinking Mi Young will be happier with Daniel or will he try to win her back and how?

30 responses to “Fated to love you – Ep 14 – Thoughts and discussion

  1. I agree with you ,but I guess in western countries our idea about the fate or fatum is a bit lighter than for korean people because for them is a Confuncian concept almost idiosincracy into their NDA…

    • youholdthewater

      That’s interesting – would you happen to have more information/readings on concepts of fate/destiny in Confucianisme or Korean society in general?
      I agree that Western narratives would probably place greater value on individual choice, defying authority, determination to change the order of things.
      But overall I think the interplay between fate and choice will ultimately make this show that much more interesting and rewarding. Even though we already know that Geon + Mi Young is a done deal, I want to see them CHOOSE to be together, FIGHT to be together. I want the Snail couple to earn their happiness. It’s one of those journey-more-important-than-destination type things for me.

      • Well I was thinking about films where people can,t fight against their destiny
        Rugh cut So Ji sub destroys the only chance to break up his chains into the mafia
        Bittersweetlife the main lead goes to the abyss because of the circunstances alias fate…
        Conspiracy in the court The King and the main roles have a clear destiny and they obey it,well its the same writer than Chuno
        The chaser the girl finds her awful destiny into the hands of the pshicokiller although she tries to avoid it and I could go on Cruel city is one of latest examples in dramaland.
        Best wishes

  2. youholdthewater

    More random thoughts;

    This is the first kdrama I’ve ever watched where I have exactly 0% second lead syndrome (superficially speaking it’s mostly because Choi Jin Hyuk does nothing for me), but I really appreciate that the show isn’t going out of its way to completely write him off as a legitimate character and romantic rival, even though we already know all this will end. He really is a pretty great guy, and no matter what happens KMY is always going to appreciate and treasure his companionship and help. He has been her friend, mentor and social support system for the past 3 years, and the show does not invalidate or attempt to play down his importance in her life, and I dig that.

    He’s not being a passive martyr about KMY’s romantic interest in him, and I don’t think he’d be the type to throw a hissy fit when she turns him down either. But I do look forward to the day when he can get out of the way of my Geon + Snail OTP (there’s this AMAZING comment on dramabeans telling Daniel to go back to France and sit on a buttered croissant – I laughed for about 500 years). I also saw some discussion on soompi which brought up the fact that Daniel meeting KMY was almost just as fated as Geon/KMY, which ties in nicely with the show’s overall theme, but I’m also interested to see how choice plays a part in all this. I can be fated to run into you at every hotel or church in the world, but will it mean anything until I’ve made the conscious, committed decision to stay and love you?

    Also, after aaaalll that hassle about making sure Geon produces a male heir to continue the family line, how heartbreakingly wonderful is it that both Geon and Mi Young have decided that Dog Poopie would have been a baby girl, had she been born?

    • Yes, I like how the show keeps reinforcing the theme of fate. If the one MY met in Macau was DP, everything would be different n we would be watching another show. That’s why, fate makes it so interesting that you have to meet those you have to meet. There’s no take 2.

      Aww, it’s so sweet that they think Gaeddongie is a girl. I guess it’s fate that they now have Angel gaeddongie looking over them from heaven.

      I think I’m those 110% for the OTP, no matter what’s the drama. Nv a case of SLS ever. Since I’m already perpetually biased, I’ll always think of the second leads as contriving obstacles to my OTPs no matter how good they are.. though this show manages to make me sympathise with sera a lot, which is an achievement in itself. DP don’t do for me, maybe because he really poses a threat to geon-MY. For sera’s sake though, I wish he can find her. The girl deserves happiness too.

      • I think the opposite. Even if Mi Young had met Daniel first, Mi Young would’ve felt the same. I think the show is emphasizing that choice trumps fate. To me its not about fate, its about chemistry 🙂

  3. On the epi being slow, I think they have reached a point in the story that they can afford be go slower, to develop the story more, and give audience some time to appreciate the story and the characters.

    Someone said this on baidu, just thought I’d share (though my translation may lost some of its flavor, but just capturing the general meaning):
    Epi 13 is like a cup of hot chocolate, warming n touching everyone’s hearts. Epi 14 is like a cup of tea, soothing n calming everyone’s feels.

    Loving FTLY. Cast n crew, fighting!

    • youholdthewater

      On second viewing, I think I must agree with you here – a lot of the plot-heavy elements have already been covered in the first half, and right now the only main arc to focus on is how our OTP is going to get back together + Daniel’s sister. And after the crushing angst of last week and the time skip, I kind of appreciate the fact that these two episodes have taken the time to ease us back into the story and the characters’ headspaces. Nothing ~progressed~ much, but there was a lot of time to set up and establish exactly where all our characters now stand, emotionally and in relation to each other.

  4. I’m happy the last 2 eps were slower than the usual pace because it basically gave us 2 hours of JH / LG appreciation. MY is the cutest thing, but let’s be honest, if someone is carrying this drama so effortlessly through cute and crazy and sad, it’s definitely LG.

    I’ve just said this over at Dramabeans. LG sleeping on the sofa is a whole new level of gorgeous. MY’s morning exercise seemed a lot like Gunnie’s cold showers to me 😀 You can’t hide from each other forever, sweet OTP.

    Yay for Yong moments ! Yay for the white shirt and the red tie on Hyuk oppa ! Yay for grandma Wang’s new look !

    Also, “we’re both lonely and broken, we’ve made each other feel better, let’s get married”. That’s not how you do it, nor should you be doing it, for that matter, Daniel. But it did strike a chord with MY, so let’s just hope things work out eventually without anyone getting too hurt.

  5. Random thought:

    What ever happened to our snail’s red hair with the bangs when she first came back at the airport? U Was it really a wig after all? I actually liked it!

    • I didn’t like the bangs on her, but I loved the color. I guess they had no time to figure out a new look, so they went with a wig. Either way, the Jangs makeover is a success. I’ll miss oppa’s hair for sure, but he managed to become even sexier .. How is that even possible T_T ?

      • I love that some people are just realizing Jang Hyuk is gorgeous. Can you imagine him rested and without eye bags? A doll! unreal! Gumi saw him in person recently and she says he was having a hard time keeping his eyes open. He was very tired but he looked BEAUTIFUL!

  6. youholdthewater

    I need the final 2 episodes to be completely devoted to nothing but OTP cuteness. No plot, no drama, no conflict. Just Geon and Mi Young doing stuff and going places together and being adorable. Heck, I’d be happy to watch them do nothing but lie in bed, in their matching couple PJs, and talk.
    (And the second wedding, we need that too!)

  7. Just a random thought for the rest of the episodes. If Mi Young and Geon can resolve their misunderstandings earlier, I really want to see them trying to date behind people’s back…for fun. 😀

    • OTP is so cute that you can insert anything after “I’d like to see them….” And it would be fun to watch 🙂

    • Yeah and I want them to confront The elders together, or something like that

      • I don’t think the elders are big obstacle anymore, unless they’re going to object to Mi Young marrying Geon because of the old scandal. But since she’s now a renown artist, I don’t think they can accuse her of being a gold digger or anything like that.

        • I actually meant the elder and the mistress who I assume are planning to do something.

          • I see! The mistress might not be too much of a threat, especially now that Yong’s more on Geon and Mi Young’s side. But the other one could be, though he doesn’t seem to hold as much power as he did before.

    • Yes yes yes! They need to date behind everyone’s back. It will be cute.. it will be like the spy movie staring Mr n Mrs Lee coming true!

      • RIIIIIGHT? I want the scenario because everyone wants them back together, but Geon and Mi Young both believe it’d be best to keep the relationship from their families for a while. And their attempt at stealth dating is going to be hilarious and probably ends up a big fail.

      • Better yet is the whole world knows about them, but act as if they don’t know. N MY n geon thought that they had everyone fooled, except we all know it’s not. It will be hillarious! Haha

  8. Poor Daniel is really getting a lot of flak from some viewers but I am very sympathetic – after all, he has spent 3 years with MY, while Gun only had 3 months(?). Anyway, we all know who MY will end up with and I hope the script will not have her agreeing to his proposal as it will be all the more painful for Daniel.

    • To me, who she ends up with is not as important as who the show makes her spend time and scenes with. I really want her relationship with Geon to keep developing. I’d rather take the opposite situation and have Mi Young end up at the last minute with Daniel even if they have to kill Geon, but have her spend more time with Geon. Of course, that won’t happen.

  9. I just LOVE the new OST Don’t say Goodbye by Ailee! What a beautiful and sad ballad!

    Agree that Choi Jin Hyuk’s character was a bit clingy and too touchy feely in Ep 13 and I was abit disappointed that MY did not do much to discourage him so it’s not entirely his fault. BUT in ep 14, Daniel redeemed himself with his romantic proposal! And in that moment, I actually wouldn’t mind if MY actually ends up w Daniel! After all, he’s always been there at her low points, cheering her on when Gun breaks her heart. (I am a sucker for the 2nd male romantic leads who don’t get the girl) Anyway, I really love the 2 male leads.

    • Eek! rationally I’d agree that people can marry without passion and maybe learn to love each other with time. Even Geon and Mi Young’s relationship was one that we saw develope although in terms of time, quite fast. But I’m just not into Mi Young and Daniel as a couple.

  10. youholdthewater

    Still gathering my thoughts about the episode as well, but I agree that overall it felt much slower and less eventful than I’m used to from this show, The pacing was so zippy and fantastic for the first 12 episodes, and now it feels like a little bit of a lag.

    But like you, I did absolutely love the little moments from this episode. The texting scenes are SO beautifully done, although I do have my apprehensions about Geon pretending to be someone else and allowing Mi Young to divulge her personal problems and feelings to him. It feels like another addition to the pile of things our OTP need to sort out eventually, and KMY is obviously not going to take well to this betrayal of trust, especially after she explicitly requested that they stay out of each other’s way. But it also speaks volumes about the strength of their bond, that KMY would be so comfortable and ready to speak her mind and heart to someone who is essentially a total stranger.
    (Also if you squint a little bit, the whole deal kind of makes a nice little parallel to the beginning of the show, back when KMY was confiding in Fake! Priest Daniel).

    Re: the proposal, I really don’t know where the show is going to take it from here. I’m thinking that Superglue Ellie Kim isn’t going to simply accept the proposal out of gratitude, or the feeling that she should just settle. Geon will likely leave before he hears Mi Young’s answer, and in my mind he’s going to assume she said yes and be miserable about it, but respect her decision and leave her alone. Which would place the ball firmly in Mi Young’s court – but she also needs to know about the Huntington’s stuff, and the texting, and the EVERYTHING. Oh gosh there’s so much left to work through. I’d love to hear everyone else’s take on what’s going to happen next.

    • I know, I liked their SMS conversations because of their chemistry but especially in the last one, it was like he was reading her diary or like you said, like he was doing the “fake priest” thing. Our Geon, accumulating mistakes and things to repent from, with each episode.

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