Fated to love you – Ep 13 – Thoughts and discussion

This episode was funnnnnnn!!!!!!

Let’s spazz together!

Geonni is still Geonni! Mi Young is still Mi Young!

Geonni has spent the last three years “dating” omma behind everyone’s back! Love this!

Geon and Se Ra are now good friends, even if she still has some feelings for him. Super LOVE this!

The man cave full of memories 😦 I feel this was an episode where we could see and feel Geon’s point of view

Mi Young is still wonderful! She seems more confident but still same sweet, sensitive, generous girl. Easy to see why the whole family adores her and misses her so much 🙂






13 responses to “Fated to love you – Ep 13 – Thoughts and discussion

  1. youholdthewater

    Dear god Jang Hyuk looks so flipping BEAUTIFUL in this ep. I was firmly in the camp of people who loved the floppy Geon hair and was sad to see it go, but OH MY GOD. He’s breathtaking now. I had to skim through the whole raw episode just so I could get all the drooling out of the way first.

    I love that his eccentricity remains, but with a softer and more mature touch.
    And I love so much that Mi Young is essentially still our Mi Young – more accomplished, more confident, more glamorous, but still fundamentally the same person we (and Geon) fell in love with.

    And because I’m a sucker for mother-child relationships – biological or chosen – my favourite scene is still the one between Geon and MY’s mom. The way he kept trying to delay the moment when he had to get into his car and leave her.. ooof.

    • Yup. The enduring relationship between Omma and LG was an unexpected surprise. Mom is clearly on team LG although she had to fight against succumbing to Daniel’s charm offense 🙂

    • She is a wonderful actress, they worked together in Tree with deep roots and They have wonderfuul chemistry indeed…
      I like this episode well balance between comedy and melo.

  2. s-s-s-pazz. Though the new hair looks great, I really feel bad for JH and JN. JH’s eyebags have eyebags now. Poor things!
    Which makes what the production and the cast are putting out there in terms of scenes – more than phenomenal. The lighting, the sets, the editing – this episode was flawlessly produced.
    How in the world did they find an artist who perfectly reflects the character of Ellie Kim, and how did they manage to source all her work to put up in an exhibit like this? That is a production coup degrace if I’ve ever seen one.

    • I know! Jang Hyuk looks very hot but very tired too. Same with Jang Nara. I hope they get a lot of rest when filming is over 😐

    • I feel bad for JH and JNR too. His eyebags and the dark circles under her eyes. 😦 I’m glad that their hard work paid off. This drama didn’t disappoint.

  3. Gawd. Can’t get over how HOT Jang Hyuk is.

  4. *Joins in the spazzing ranks* Why sooooooo handsome n cute n funny n amazing n loving n everything!!!

    Love love love geoni!! Fighting n win back miyoungi!!

    My heart skipped abit at the last scene, when he spoke to her calling her miyoungi..

    Congrats to the who FTLY team, well deserved first place in ratings!!

  5. Oh! And did I forget to mention that even with the shenanigans, uri Geonnie is lookin’ F-WINE! F-WINE! F-WINE!


  6. OH. EM. JEE!

    This show is just amazing! I just finished watching episode 13 and oh my! I laughed so hard! And I wept – at the sheer beauty of all the different kinds of unspoken yet tenderly cultivated love in this episode … – especially Geonnie and Mi Yeong’s Omma; the way she looked forward to his ‘casual drop-ins for dinner’; the way she look after his ailing heart; their affectionately quarrelsome companionship — I don’t care what nobody says, he’s STILL her son-in-law…

    Oh, and Geonnie demonstrating how to properly hold a baby… uh! I.did.not.want.to.fall.in.love.but.after.that.there.was.no.going.back…

    The happy tears, the tremulous tears, the omo! omo! omo! tears are still flowing… My heart just kept forgetting to beat for the entire hour! How is the show pulling this off?!?

    And the musical undercurrent in this episode is beyond brilliant! Exhibit A: Mamma Yong meeting her sponsor at a restaurant in full nefarious plotting mode and all the while the ambient music is John Lennon’s “Let It Be” gently plucked on a gayageum… I nearly died laughing uncontrollably! Too funny!

    And I won’t even talk about the rest of them ’cause… well, Jang Hyuk rapping and then some, going meta and then some… there are no words – just mirth… and love love love !


  7. Seeing how grandma and Yong missed Mi Young really warmed my heart. And Yong and Geon’s improving relationship! And omma and Geon was one of my favorite parts of this ep. I did mention that I started crying when mom was preparing food for Geon, right? Omma is the best!

    And what an ending for episode 13! I never would have thought they’re gonna meet again this way.

    Basically I love every scene except for Mi Young & Daniel’s, lol.

    • youholdthewater

      Omma and Geon! And it was made so much more emotional by the way she kept smiling and softening her expression only when he wasn’t looking, and the fact that he’s now very pointedly NOT calling her Omma, but Lettuce Wrap Lady. And as adorable and heartwarming as their interactions were, it also felt weighed down by the burden of the things they weren’t saying, the topics they were avoiding, the mutual pain they weren’t acknowledging. And yet there was also so much warmth and healing that they were both drawing from just being in each other’s presence. It was so beautifully done.

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