[FTLY supporting event] Date changed + can give for FTLY gallery as well!

I feel like I’m pamming my own blog…lol.

Anyways, the date for treating cast&crew a meal has been changed. Originally it was supposed to be today (Sunday) dinner, but we got contacted at 4am Sunday that schedule changed, they did late night filming (super late, huh, 4am that’s almost morning…!) and evening filming was canceled. It’s rescheduled fo tomorrow (Monday) lunch.

Oh, and DC FTLY Gallery is also accepting contributions! They are trying to make mugs and cake for the cast. Also possible snack for filming site. Although I’m not their event staff or anything, if anyone wants to give to DC FTLY Gallery, I would gladly transfer the money to them for you. How-to is exactly the same as before (see previous posts), send to my Paypal account gumi132223@gmail.com, but make sure you note that this is for FTLY Gallery, otherwise it would go into JH Gallery. JH Gallery is also still accepting contributions. So you can choose to contribute to either JH Gallery or FTLY Gallery. +actually, to minimize confusion, those willing to give to JH Gallery, I’d appreciate it if you also clearly note that fact. So if you are giving, note if it’s for FTLY Gallery or for JH Gallery, that way your valuable contribution is going where it’s supposed to.



3 responses to “[FTLY supporting event] Date changed + can give for FTLY gallery as well!

  1. Hi Gumi,
    Sent something today. Sorry it’s not much!
    Name’s cristine

  2. Hi Gumi, I just wanted to thank you and DramaFan for setting this up. I saw the pictures of the food truck, cookies etc on Soompi. You gals are awesome for co-ordinating this. I’m sure JH appreciated it.
    I’m now a fan of JH’s fans … lol.

    P/S: I didn’t want to post on Soompi as I have a problem digesting some of the comments there. Anyway, I hope you get this. Just really wanted to thank you for this as well as all the wonderful translations you’ve done.

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