[FTLY support event] Date confirmed+Payment capture

Thank you so much for everyone who contributed. Our paypal balance is currently…

paypal balance

Thank you very much!

This would be in Korean Won…

paypal exchange

The problem is, it will take time to get this Paypal account sent to actual Korean bank account (5 business days maybe?)

And the event date has been confirmed to…THIS SUNDAY (8/10), 6PM

The filming schedule is very busy and hectic, and only after the script comes out they can figure out the schedule, so we only got contacted today. Sunday they have studio filming so that would be the good time, they said. Which means preparations should be rushed, hmm..

So the money in my Paypal account won’t go in time to DC gallery account. So what I have decided is just to send my own money to DC JH gallery, 315,111 Korean Won, and then send the money in Paypal account to my own account later.

I sent the money to DC JH gallery today and here’s the capture 🙂

ftly event payment


So, thank you for all who contributed! The cast and crew will be treated with delicious meal & coffee thanks to your participation 🙂

Jang Hyuk DC gallery is still collecting money for possible gifts to the actor after the drama, so if there’s more of you who want to contribute the account is still open. Thanks!



9 responses to “[FTLY support event] Date confirmed+Payment capture

  1. thank you gumi and other people in this support event..!! ^.^

  2. Sorry I missed it waiting for the Paypal to work. How can I contribute to the Jang Hyuk DC gallery? The link?
    I appreciate JH so much, but would have really liked to thank all the crew members. It’s a team effort, after all.

    • Jang Hyuk DC gall is still accepting contribution! Well if you are a Korean, sending directly to JH DC gall would be the way, but for non-Koreans it can be pretty hard so I’m working as the collecting point. Paypal account I set up would be the way…I will collect it there and send over to JH DC gall. Does your Paypal work now? If it does, you can send it now.

  3. Thanks for the effort too!

  4. TT.TT I don’t have paypal and I don’t have credit card.

  5. Great news! I appreciate the whole entire crew are working so hard everyday to meet the broadcast deadline for us.

  6. WOW! That’s a great amount. I need to set up a fund. LOL. J/K. Wouldn’t it be so cool if they sent along a thank you photo or quick video to the Miguk fans? Anyway, that’s not the point, we’re just showing our fan love and support from overseas. (And I haven’t even started the drama yet! :hides:)

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