FTLY support event

I already posted about this before, and was glad to find out that there were people willing to contribute, so here’s a more detailed post about FTLY support event.

The support event is done by DC Jang Hyuk Gallery. To show appreciation and love of fans, they have decided to treat the cast and crew with chicken soup (Korean traditional summer food) and coffee truck, and are collecting money for that. Anyone who wants to contribute can contribute, and it can be any amount!

I have set up an Paypal account for non-Korean fans who might want to contribute. My Paypal account is gumi132223@gmail.com.

Paypal users: You know what to do! Sending money through Paypal should be easy for you.

Non-paypal users:

The best way would be for you to create a paypal account. If you visit http://www.paypal.com and try sending money to gumi132223@gmail.com, it will give you directions that lead you to create an account. This way, transaction between Paypal accounts don’t cost any transaction fee, so whatever you donate can go directly into FTLY cast&crew’s tummy without much loss 🙂

If you do not wish to make a paypal account but still want to contribute…

Donate Button

Follow this link and there will be an option for non paypal users.

(But I would prefer if you not use that donate button and just send over paypal if that is possible, because I heard that if there’s over certain amount of money under ‘donate’ purpose, I would have to prove how I’m gonna use that money to withdraw it…although I don’t think we will ever reach that point, lol)

Oh, and about the timeline. If you’d like to contribute, it’d be better asap. The filming schedule is very versatile and we don’t have a firm schedule yet for the support event, it’s more like ‘when the manager calls we fly over’ situation haha. We are aiming to do it within a week, though.

For this particular event, time span is very short and we also don’t really know when it’s exactly going to happen, so I can’t give you a clear deadline. I would say, roughly one week…?

But if we end up collecting more money than needed, I’m thinking we might be able to do one more separate support event, maybe just a simple coffee truck with cookies..? This time it can go under foreign fans name. Or contribute more to DC Jang Hyuk gallery, and make it DC gall & foreign fans union thing. Let me know what you guys think, if that’s the case we can keep the account open a little longer.

Thank you for your attention!





10 responses to “FTLY support event

  1. i saw pictures in MBC website, can see the chicken soup catering van..!
    gumi , is the one we supported ??

  2. Gumi, Baidu Jang Hyuk fans want to support this but they don’t know what Pay Pal is. They know something called 支付宝. Do you think you can arrange something for them?

  3. hi gumi.. my name is mazzi .. i sent you money through paypal today. thanks

    • Received! Although it has some pending time till payment is complete…but it is there 🙂 thank you very much!

  4. Just sent mine to you, Gumi. 🙂

  5. Hi Gumi,
    Do you have a deadline for this?

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