Fated to love you – Ep12 – Thoughts and discussion

I still haven’t watched the episode but I can’t wait! I just watched it! At first I was dreading it because we all knew it was going to be a sad one. I was still hoping the drama didn’t use the turning point of the original

However, I’ve read so many good comments. According to many, the acting was superb. Especially by our Jangs. This is no surprise to me but still, nice to hear.

Also, the much dreaded tropes, noble idiocy now, were amazingly justified, from what I could gather. I still don’t know what my personal impression of the episode will be but it sounds so good.

Yes, the episode was good. It was emotional but not overdone. I enjoyed the performances and as I expected today Jang Nara shone and succeeded in making my wail at the office. Thank you girl! now the “I have allergies” excuse does not work anymore. I can’t even begin to describe my cries at any scene where Dog Poopies was mentioned. I’m on the verge of crying just writing this.

Jang Hyuk obviously also had emotional moments, and my favorite was when Mi Young gave him the Geonni cup. But anyway, its no surprise. I love whatever he does.

This episode was well directed, it was moving, I loved it, but I’m glad this part of the story is over. At the end of the episode we saw a stunningly beautiful and shekshy snail, showing leg woohoo! And a gorgeous Geon with short hair, but I will not lie here, I will miss Mimi. I fear Mimi departed with the laugh and the wackiness! But I want to believe, it will all be back somehow

Still, an event so tragic is bound to affect both our Snail and her Geon in a profound way. Plus, there is still his illness. Daniel, who by the way, was very reasonable and useful on this episode, is now an important person in Mi Young’s life.  Where did Se Ra go? I hope far far away, but I’m sure that wish won’t be granted. Again at the end of the episode I’m left with the question, what now?









I’m copying two posts by Gumi from Soompi. She translated a couple of dialogues that I find to be heart-wrenching but in keeping with this adaption trend, still mature and beautiful. They are about the dreaded “noble idiocy” and Mi Young’s strength/reaction. I cried just by reading this.


I saw some great insight from DC gall+added my own organization/opinion about why LG decided to let MY go. (contains content of Ep12)

Yes, Gun has family history of men living short lives, but that probably never hit him as reality. They had genetic disease, yes, but he was getting checked up frequently, and also his father didn’t pass away from the disease. If his father didn’t have the disease, then he is safe. It’s human nature to want to believe that you don’t have a fatal disease.

But now things are different. He passed out and lost his memory, which ‘could’ be a sign of disease. What’s more, Dr.Octopus tells Gun that his father also had the similar symptoms before…that he had amnesia, around Gun’s age. Now the fear is real.

And here comes a crucial scene showing LG’s feelings. Gun goes to his parents ashes, and talks to them about how he wants to hold onto this woman, but can’t. And he says to his mom “Cuz you know, right?” This shows that Gun doesn’t want to make MY like his own mother. His mother crying, suffering, always showing her back to her own son because she didn’t want to show his tears…Could be because LG’s father had memory losses, maybe frequent…? Could that be why he had mistresses and stuff? Possible. Anyways, Gun def saw his mom suffering, and didn’t want to make MY like his mom.

And to he talks to his father for the first time in forever, and says “How did it feel then? After regaining your memory, were you afraid that you will lose it again? Just like me? I have a woman whom I love and want to stay with, but I’m afraid I will lose her. I can’t stay with her.”

So not only he is afraid that he might die on her, but he is also afraid of forgetting about MY again, and MY having to go through that, seeing him forgetting her right by his side. He already experienced once, how he could hurt MY, how MY got hurt by staying by his side when he doesn’t remember her.

Yes, MY is pregnant and being a divorced single mother won’t be easy on her. But he still thinks leaving is better than staying with him, on the assumption that he has disease (which is a very understandable fear in his situation). It’s not a disease that can be cured, and it’s a disease that can cause him to lose himself, lose memories about her, and thus make her painful just by staying his side and watching that.


Jeez I can’t go to bed. Jeez. Again, contains Ep12 content, if you don’t want to know details about it don’t read further.

I loved how LG and MY had their breakups. It wasn’t angry shoutings, it wasn’t sad crying, it wasn’t done in the extreme emotions. They had that excruciating painful moments after Dog Poopie’s loss, but that’s was not how they decided to break up. They, both of them as mature adults, talked to each other about it (no matter how much misunderstanding there is, they still talked) and decided and said proper good bye. I loved it.
And their last good bye was….it was so….so good. Macau again. They were being respectful to each other and were wishing each other good luck. Jeez I loved their conversation I just need to jot it down here
LG: No matter where you go what you do…I wish your happiness.
MY: I doubt there will be any more dose of happiness left for me. Every happiness I ever dreamt of, I used it all up. Things I couldn’t even imagine for in my life, they all came true after meeting you, Gun. Bad things became good things, a person who loves me became my family.
LG: Don’t look at the path you already passed, just look at what lies ahead of you. (with a very warm voice)
MY: Of course. It’s not like we will see each other again. (Macauuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;( )
       Thank you for everything.
LG: (nods)
MY walks away, and LG calls her from back
LG: Kim MiYoung-ssi! Being too nice is not that good! Don’t be timid, always with confidence! You know. Super glue. Haha.
MY: (smiles with teary eyes)
Macauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!! omg i literally was sobbing there…..cuz it brought back so much memory (and yes I do feel like I knew this couple for a year or so) and they were…they were so Gun and MiYoung. They were these warm amazing people, and that didn’t change even in this situation when they had to have this break up. It was so beautifully done.

3rd POST

I’m crying now……….can I post one more dialogue?

the one i posted up was good-bye before the accident, and this is their actual real good-bye after the accident.

LG: When did you come?
MY: Not long ago.
LG: Have a seat.
How are you feeling…Are you…okay…?
MY: Yes. Why did you lie? You could’ve just said you regained your memories.
Was I that much of a burden to you…?
LG: I thought that’d be more…liberating, for you. The end is decided anyway, and there’s no need to get extra hurtful.
MY: Let me ask one last stupid question.
LG: Yes.
MY: If I say…let’s forget this all and start over, what would you say?
It was a short time but…like you used to…can’t you stay by my side.
LG: I am…sorry. Does that…make an answer?
MY: Yes. It surely does.
LG: What’s this…?
MY: Divorce document. If I knew this was going to happen, I should’ve signed this when you wanted so desperately.
LG: I hurt you a lot..It’s my fault.
MY: No…It’s no one’s fault. We just didn’t know that this relationship was wrong to begin with.
This scene was soooooooooo painful, yet I appreciated it…How no one was screaming or crying, but were just painfully digesting the situation. And how they don’t blame each other. and I LOVED how MY asked one last time, can I be with you. Clearly shows the depth of emotions they had, how MY fully understood she was loved and she loved him. But yes (very understandable) noble idiocy comes in and Gun pushes her away and MY is clearly hurt. The show managed to make Gun not a douchebag, but still get MY very hurt, but still make MY not resentful. Being hurt and being resentful are two different things and that’s what I exactly wanted, cuz it doesn’t ruin MY’s character the show has developed so far. Her expressions seemed so calm and cold but she was still our MiYoung. And the warmth of Gun’s voice throughout assures us it is still our Gun.

I’m excited for next week, how the show will present us with new Gun and new MY with totally new styles, but somehow still show us that they are still our old familiar Gun and MiYoung.







45 responses to “Fated to love you – Ep12 – Thoughts and discussion

  1. I wrote this on Soompi as well

    Ive been thinking about Mi Young’s transformation. Here goes a lot of ramblings, I hope you understand something 😀

    Correct me if I’m wrong, since I didn’t watch the original, but from what I’ve read I think one of the major points of the drama was to see the transformation of the female lead from a pushover to a confident woman, right? And I understand that the trigger of her transformation was the tragedy. I think she blamed the male lead because she was lead to believe that he didn’t want their child and this was for her the last straw since he had been abusing her kindness so far. I assume she not only harbored resentment towards him but she also hated her past self for allowing others to bully and step all over her.
    Therefore, when she meets the male lead again, she not only rejects him because she blames him but also, because he reminds her of that past self she worked on forgetting.

    Mi Young does not seem to have resentment but mostly pain and possibly disappointment. But she now is sure that she must become stronger. Interestingly she has literally said, that she is not blaming anyone for what happened, But she is blaming herself. She has been talking about becoming stronger to protect those she loves. She has also in numerous occassions mentioned that she relied too much on other’s protection such as Geon’s and Daniel. I assume this is what she will work on. I also assume that her friendship with Daniel might become stronger to the point that she might even consider him as a partner. Her relationship with Daniel would be comforting and relaxed because unlike her past relationships, she will be on the receiving end of the relationship.

    Lawyer Min abused her kindness and Mi Young’s desire to “love someone with all he heart” was crushed. But there was Geon, who totally identified with her pain. She found a kindred spirit and eventually fell in love with him. We all know Geon loved her back as much as she did but she is not sure of this, correct? Since she doesn’t know about his illness she’ll think Geon was a kind man, Geon made her happy, but Geon doesn’t love her the way she does. Therefore, another heartbreak. In Daniel she will, maybe, find someone who loves her more than she does and while that is not ideal, its sort of comforting when a person feels that she has already given too much.

    So now I think, what if Mi Young likes things this way? what if she likes her new self and her comfortable relationship with Daniel? Will this be a reason to reject Geon? the fact that he will remind her of her weak past self?

    She did say that if they meet again they should pretend to be strangers

    • I wanted to reply u on soompi, but since u posted here, so I’ll just reply here.

      First, I don’t think MY left with disappointment or hurt, more like she accepted that they are not fated to be together. My take is, both of them blame themselves for the loss of the baby, but even so, MY believed in Geon, that’s why she asked to stay by his side. If there’s no HD, her belief is right, he will do anything to keep her by his side. But fate is such that, they have to separate. It’s not any fault of theirs, it is just how it is.

      Secondly, I don’t think Daniel played a big role of changing her. Different from the original version, the reason why she left is because she wanted to start over, she made the conscious decision to change herself for the better. Rather, the person who influenced her was Geon, his constant reminder for her to stand up for herself, n her wish that she can become the person she can depend on. I keep picturing this in my mind, that she was able to breakthrough herself was because of Geon’s words – but I’m not sure if the writers are on smae wavelength as me. Lol

      Thirdly, no, Geon is not a reminder of her weak self, but of the happiness that was not meant to be (or so they thought).

      Lastly, I think both will act as mature adults, but somehow, or rather fate, makes their hearts (n bodies hehe) come together again.

      (Although we r not supposed to discuss the TW version here, but since u mentioned I’ll just share a bit. Spoiler:
      To XY in the original, Dylan was a float to save her from her misery. She just grabbed onto him cos he’s there, she didn’t choose to change herself until he forced her to. This is a big difference in the K version.)

      • Yes, I broke our rule oops! I won’t do it again. I agree with your view but my concern is MY doesn’t know about HD, therefore wouldn’t she think Geon rejected her because he didn’t love her like she did?

  2. So if Mi Young signed the divorce agreement that Se Ra gave her, is that legally binding? I mean the original agreement was presigned by Geon but he didn’t even look at the one Mi Young gave him. So it could be not legal because it’s fake or because it’s only half signed. Are they not divorced after all?

    I think this is going to be one of those episodes that gets skipped over when I eventually re-watch it, because I don’t think I could ever go through it again. I have to keep reminding myself – THESE ARE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. My poor babies.

    • Frankly I may have lost track of which divorce agreements say what. LOL, I’ve never seen so many in one show.

      From what little I know about legal documents, it’s not binding until both parties sign it. At the same time, MY might act as if it IS binding once she signs it, because she assumes that the document will return to LG who will then sign it.

      So given that I think of all the divorce papers out there, only the first one, the original one with MY scratching the money out, actually HAS two signatures on it.
      The other two THAT I REMEMBER have only LG’s signature. There’s a fake third one that SR gave MY, which might have MY signature only.

      • We have four divorce agreements.
        1. the original one, which was later stole by the mistress. It had Geon’s signature but not Mi Young’s.
        2. the revised one, which Geon tore apart in front the lawyer.
        3. the 2rd revised one, which was also Geon’s will.
        4. the fake one that Se Ra gave Mi Young. I think this might be the only one that has Mi Young’s signature, and the one she ‘returned’ to Geon.

      • Which one did she give to LG when she came to his office? I remember that she was touching the pen looking at the first one but we don’t actually see her sign it?

      • So that probably means she never signed any real divorce papers.

      • Yeah, unless Mi Young got the newest one from the lawyer, the one she signed was very likely the fake one. As for the envelope, since both Mi Young and Ji Yeon used to work at the law firm, maybe they kept spare envelopes at their place (?).

  3. He has been until now a decent guy far from being perfect but very lovable after all,and Daniel too nobody has his class he is the charm make man…

  4. yes yes yes, the drama is doing incredibly well, esp given that it is an adaptation. Of course, our hYuks and Jangs are really V V V good at what they do! I applaud the scriptwriters for surprisingly and wowing us all the time!

  5. Omona. Next time I am too lazy to type! can I just nudge you @youholdthewater ? Because you just said everything that was on my mind after watching that upsetting episode, just in a lucid, organized way. Yes, yes, yes!

    • youholdthewater

      Haha definitely! I think it helped me a lot to stop being hung up and annoyed with the tropes just for existing, and shifting my focus to the characters and their emotions and how they deal with each other when seemingly every cliche in dramaland is being thrown their way. I understand if everything is just too frustrating or beyond the point of believability for other viewers, but I think the show has been handling things beautifully so far.

  6. oops another report says it was second :_(

    but still happy for them laaaaa

  7. did u guys realise that uri Fated to love you finally clinched top spot for wed/thur ratings for this ep??!!!! Yabadabadoooooooo! HAMO HAMOOOOO!

  8. youholdthewater

    Oh wow is there a lot to digest in the last two eps. I still have to sort through my Feelings first, but I’m really seeing the Amnesia and its Aftermath in a whole new light. I was initially terrified of amnesia happening at all, and when it DID happen I was very disappointed, because I wanted FTLY to be ~above~ such cheap narrative tricks.
    And then we get Truck/Car of Doom, Miscarriage, Noble Idiocy and a Time Jump all in one episode. And I’m actually…. not angry about it?

    I think what a lot of kdrama viewers (including myself) tend to forget is the fact that a trope in itself is not an inherently bad, cheap or lazy thing. Sometimes it’s all about the execution. Once I reminded myself to come to terms with that and put myself on the same page as the show and what it was trying to do, watching eps 11 & 12 became so much more fulfilling, even if it did play straight with so many tropes. Actually, I think FTLY comes pretty close to the gold standard example of “If You’re Really Gonna Go Down That Road, This is How You Do It”.

    And I believe a huge reason why the last two episodes have worked as well as they did (your mileage may vary, of course) is because of the characters. I’ve said before that FTLY feels so fresh and authentic because no matter how zany or contrived (or trope-y) the situation, Geon and Mi Young always react like real, fully-realized people, with oodles of heart and honesty. And this held true for this week’s episodes too – neither of them behaved in ways that would be unexpected to us, especially considering how the groundwork for all this conflict had already been laid in the first 10 episodes. Even Geon’s noble dumbassery comes from a place that is understandable and – more importantly – completely true to who he is as a person.

    And that’s why I have yet to feel cheated, shortchanged, betrayed or patronized by this show. Not even a single urge to flip tables.
    Also Jang Nara ohmygod. Whatever the kdrama equivalent of an Academy Award is, I’m gonna steal one and go lay it at her feet. She’s amazing.

    • This is Fated to trope you but we love it.

    • Yes, FTLY has used so many tropes and I’ve never felt like rolling my eyes at this drama or its characters. I understand where Geon came from for making that decision. Noble idiocy or not, it IS something he would do under such a circumstance, should the audiences understand his character.

      • Haven’t thought Abt that till u mentioned. Yes! It’s totally in character for him to behave such way, it’d be out of character for him to selfishly keep her by his side when he knows what she will go through when he dies (well at that moment he thought he has the disease).

        To keep Ur loved one by Ur side while, knowing how much pain it will cause them, takes more than a little selfishness. U need to be extremely selfish to want to put them through all these pain!

        Sigh, I can only sigh in regret, how geon of all people, takes MY’s inner strength too lightly. though, turn it the other way, I can definitely see MY pushing geon away if she’s sick. They r too alike!

        • Yes, that’s what I thought. They’re so very alike. They are willing to be the strength for their loved ones, but unwilling to be a burden for the people they love.

          I think Geon’s less afraid of dying on Mi Young than hurting her over and over again because of his ‘illness’. He just had a taste of it thanks to his temporary amnesia. He had said very hurtful things to Mi Young because he couldn’t remember her. What if it happened again and again and again? Knowing Mi Young well, Geon knows that Mi Young would still keep her faith in him and waiting for him to come back to his senses. But he cannot bear the thought of Mi Young being abused by him. He’s supposed to protect her from harm, not put her in harm’s way. He doesn’t know what more he would do if he forgets Mi Young again. He thinks himself as a time bomb now. Death, if you knows about the destination beforehand, is not so scary; what’s more frightening is knowing that you might do something you cannot predict nor control and thus unknowingly hurt those you care about the most.

          Also, finally learning about that the same thing had happened to his father, Geon realized it’s probably one of the causes of his mother’s sorrow. Geon, of all people, knows better than anyone else how his mother suffered because of his dad. So I doubt he would want to put Mi Young and his kid in the same position as his mom and himself.

          So it’s in character for Geon to behave as such not only because that’s who he is, but also because of his personal experiences while growing up.

      • Honestly, I did understand where Geon was coming from, his whole noble idiocy, but that was before the miscarriage and MY’s near death experience. His insistence to go down the same path after those life changing events somehow stumped me. I would think that losing your child and almost losing the person you love would be enough to make you reconsider your decision. Imo, even with the threat of your own mortality looming, if you truly care for her, you should not let her go through the whole grieving process alone, at least not when everything was in flux. But Geon chose to make a clean break…only to rally in the end.

        JH and JNR were equally amazing in this episode, I’ll provide you with the getaway car @youholdthewater, provided that you’d steal another one for JH! Hehehe

        • I’m not sure the miscarriage should change his decision if he is so convinced he will be a burden to her. My problem with this HD illness is a) Either Geon really has the illness which means he will die young or b) He doesn’t have it which means he overreacted. The first scenario is too dark for a rom com. The second scenario would make him into the biggest noble IDIOT in history. I don’t like either scenario.

      • youholdthewater

        Tbh I think the miscarriage could have only solidified his decision to break things off – now the biggest/most important thing keeping them together was gone, and there’s nothing left to keep Mi Young tied to him.

        As for the Huntington’s stuff, I do wish Dr. Octopus had been more upfront with him about things, but I don’t think Geon’s reaction was toooo out of left field. To have even the slightest possibility of developing a degenerative illness like that is terrifying even on a good day, and Geon has always been paranoid about having the then-mysterious family disease suddenly kick in, or of dying young, or becoming like his father. And while the amnesia isn’t a clear or definite symptom of Huntington’s just yet, I guess Geon felt like he really couldn’t afford to wait around (and let Mi Young get more attached to him) while they wait to see whether it does or doesn’t eventually lead to Huntington’s. As @spideysteve says, he thinks of himself as a ticking bomb right now, so I don’t think it’s entirely out of character or an overreaction for him to do what he does. I’m frustrated with him, yes, but I get him.

        And then of course from a purely narrative standpoint, we need Geon to make the decisions that he does, in order to for our OTP to separate and then come together again as new people who have grown and healed and changed, but this time under those “different circumstances”.

        But of course Geon was being a Noble Idiot of the absolutely highest order, and it really does depend on how well it works or doesn’t work for you, really.
        (Also I don’t think the airport chase bit was about Geon really changing his mind per se, but more of a last-chance-to-say-goodbye/ultimate closure thing. His last “Snail…goodbye” was more final and regretful than it was desperate.)

        @drmjs – Then I appoint you the getaway driver, haha! But seriously, both Jangs are just operating on a whole other level here. The writers and PDs deserve a lot of credit of course, but in my mind JH and JNR are MAKING this show right now. I can’t imagine feeling all these feelings if lesser actors had been in their place instead.

        • Ok thanks for this! I feel I understand Geon better now even if Im frustrated. I always felt him but my head was fighting my heart.

        • lol, you said it all. I don’t think Geon’s fear is nonsensical. It’s a hereditary disease that runs in his family. So far, there’s no sign at all that says he definitely won’t have it. From his ancestors, all of whom died in their 30s, to his dad, who had developed a possible symptom, what would make Geon believe that he would be an exception? None. And Huntington is not an illness that can be held under control once he develops it. It would only go downhill. Even from a humanistic point of view, Geon’s fear and worries shouldn’t be easily dismissed or considered invalid or pointless. They didn’t come out of nowhere, they are REAL.

          And I agree that the miscarriage only solidified his resolve to break up with Mi Young. Seeing how his amnesia already put Mi Young through pain, the miscarriage further added to his heavy sense of guilt. It’s very likely for him to think that he had lost all his qualifications as a man and a husband to Mi Young. The accident can’t really be blamed on anyone, but we know that both Geon and Mi Young blamed themselves. And if Geon already thought than he would only bring Mi Young miseries, the accident and the miscarriage just confirmed what he believed.

  9. 1. Wow it’s refreshing to see a drama with solid acting from the leads like this. Like when Secret Garden airs, all of my friends were swooning over the main couple but I really couldn’t feel the chemistry between them at all. But look at FTLY, even a stranger passing by could tell that Gun and MY are in love. That’s why I’ve always loved those fluffy scenes when our OTP spend time together.

    2. I feel that MY is the better written character than Gun. Had it not been for Jang Hyuk’s consistent acting, I would have throw my phone into the screen because of Gun. I thought after all this time living with MY, he has learned how to live true to himself and express his true emotions. But one moment he was good to her, and then the next thing we saw was him acting like a jerk and demanding to break up with MY. How is MY supposed to perceive his behaviour ???? What is supposed to be his true self in MY’s opinion ? And then when MY knew that he had gained all of his memory back, why didn’t he give her the reason for the breakup ?

    3. Sera’s fake contract. The drama was being a super duper rewarding watch when it comes to matter like this (unveil evil scheming and stuff), but this one was overlooked. When MY gave Gun the fake contract, he didn’t even open it to see what’s inside. The plot was compromised so that the story could be moved according to the original version. Or maybe I have too high an expectation coz this drama has always been clever with its cliche arcs ?

    4. Gun’s hair. Jang Hyuk’s good look can finally shine in this hairstyle, but it’s the old one that screams his flamboyance and playful personality. MY hair was pretty good from the start so they must go for something different, something more bright and bold, but I may choke if they keep that stuffy red wig on her for the next 8 episodes LOL

    • Much like the original and every other kdrama chaebol male lead, part of Lee Geon’s role is to confuse the female lead and to make her suffer purposely or not. Others are spoiled jerks, this one is a mentally unstable noble idiot but the result is the same. I totally understood his pain but he does often get more misunderstood than Mi Young. I guess there must be a reason. I did not agree with his method, the scene where he was harsh with her but its typical in dramaland. Mi Young is the normal person here. I wonder if the issue of the contract will come up later.

      • The strength of FTLY is that it’s cliche but feels good. When dramaland is invaded with stupid chaebol jerk, we need someone who can almost always understand the female lead and be there when she needs him, and Gun has always been a character like that… until the middle of ep 12.

        I hope that the remaining episodes will pick up and keep its old spirit to make up for what the audience have been through mentally and emotionally: MY will keep being amazing, Gun’s personality will be more consistent and developed, Daniel will pose a greater threat to Gun and they will have a fair battle over MY, and finally Sera will still be the no-nonsense and logical girl with dignity, like herself before Gun’s amnesia.

    • I’m sorry to disappoint you…her hair is not a wig, lol.

  10. i am really really excited for the next episode with their new look how will they meet again oh my….

  11. I am about to watch this episode, but just reading….omg…my heart can’t take it. More comments after the show. Whoa…….i need a paper bag beside me.

  12. Ep 12 is a lot to take in. The last scene at the airport is the easier one to focus on. And I’m with you. I actually kind of miss Mimi already. But I guess we all have to look forward. :p
    Anyway, I’m really excited for next week to see how new Geon and new Mi Young will be like, how they’re going to meet, what their reactions will be. I did get a glimpse of the old shy Mi Young when she greeted Daniel but obviously with more confidence. As for Geon, I hope at least the laugh stays. I’m glad that secretary Tak was still the same.

    • you guys know i’ll miss MImi too. *sobs and i’m afraid that we’ll be seeing another cold chaebol later if the laugh and wackiness is gone. NO!!!! i just want my old Gunnie. *sobs harder for something that doesn’t happen yet.

      • I believe we will have our wackiness back. That’s the signature of FTLY. And now we have two people being extra wacky together…if that’s what a confident Mi Young would bring us.

        • I loved our Snail! Her shyness and her glasses! I really still I’m refusing to accept they had to change. My babies were perfect!!!!

          • Same. I miss Geon’s flamboyant style, now he looks like a normal businessman…maybe he’s on a business trip. And Mi Young’s glasses too. Though I do think we will see the glasses again. As for the rest, it’s too early to judge. We barely saw their changes except for the makeover.

            BTW my friend asked that why the writers had to send our Snail to France, like seriously?

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