Fated to love you – Ep 9 – Thoughts and discussion

Guyysssss I’ve been so busy squeeingggg!!! so I didn’t have a chance to open the post until now

I love this show!!!! to the point that I’m having a hard time sounding coherent or
even thinking clearly

So, first let’s get the “bad” get out of the way. GEON’S NEW HAIRDO IS HORRID, there! we need to vent about this for sure. I was petrified when I first saw gifs. Except when it is tied up in a knot, which I find adorable, cause it reminds me of Daegil and also, baby Hyukie teehee.


But then when I watched the episode awwwww, seriously,who cares about hair????!!!!?? ADORABLENESS, HOT, KISS!!!! that’s all my brain can process!


This show is allowing me to LOVE AND ROOT for my OTP without making me hate the second leads. Se Ra is human, all the questions she asked Mi Young sounded like, the questions anyone would ask. I would’ve confronted Geon myself, instead of going to Mi Young but still, there was nothing unnatural in her behaviour. On top of that we learn that Se Ra is a girl who deserves compassion. The scar on the shoulder revealed she is Daniel’s sister, therefore she was adopted. And for the looks of it, her adoptive mother has not been good to her. Awwwww damn it!

You know why this is wonderful? Not only because we love our characters human right? not only because I did not want to hate Se Ra and I did not want her to turn into a cookie cutter villain, just to make everything easier for our OTP. It also makes both Geon’s connection to her and Mi Young’s compassion much more understandable. If we feel for Se Ra, we understand both Geon and Mi Young. If Mi Young were to fall into noble idiocy, we would UNDERSTAND her, right? at least I would!

And I wish we didn’t have the rule to not compare with the original because I wish you guys knew, HOW MUCH THIS has improved on the taiwanese version, in my opinion. This conflict is so much more interesting and original to me.

Daniel, suddently, because he is connected to Se Ra (I actually knew this but didn’t think I would ever care) I CARE. Plus, Daniel is a bit obnoxious, but come on he is HOT and adorable and funny too. Yeah yeah I caved! I like him. And I think it’s the actor doing it for me. Any other actor would’ve fell flat and would’ve disappeared next to the AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG Jang Hyuk, in my eyes. But Daniel makes a fun fun fun rival to Geon. It’s like both guys are on a war to out-nice each other in front of Mi Young. How refreshing is that? I just loveeeee that Geon’s version of Daniel, in his imagination, is so HOT lol. He was totally channeling Patrick Swayze right? Our Geon on the other hand is looking like Willy Wonka, oops! but ok, he can’t be surpassed in the adorableness department (although freaking Daniel fights a good fight)

I love that some of these misunderstandings are not even schemed by villains. I bet that Geon requested his lawyer services maybe to benefit Mi Young. I bet his fear of dying soon has a role in this. It’s still unclear and the way the lawyer communicated this to Mi Young only confused her and us, more.

The subs on Viki were not complete, so I’m not sure if Mi Young already found out that Geon was drugged. She was so upset, that this is the impression I got. If this is the case, her guilt is completely understandable.

Anddddd how much did I love their bed scene at the beginning of the episode? OMGGGG, he is hilarious!!! I love him almost as much as my cat, and they make the same gestures, including that punching the headboard while sleeping LOL And that loving expression in Mi Young. She adores him and “Is it ok to desire him?” YESSSSSSSSSSSS kiss him! kiss him for me woman!!!

I loved all their tender moments, the hugs, her hugging him so tighly that she made him stutter 😀 MI YOUNG IS MY HEROINE!

And that final scene. So the kiss, technically, wasn’t out of this world. The camera didn’t show much. But, in context. It was so powerful! First her words that moved me. Her sincerity! She told him!!!!!she told him she is afraid she might not be able to let him go when the time comes! I did not eXpect her to tell him the same thing she had told Daniel shortly after you know? DDee, does that count as her proposing to him? not yet right? but Awww I loved it so much. Jang Nara was again ABSOLUTE PERFECTION in this scene. And his answer, first, the way he looked at her, and then his answer.It is now 100% clear that, his admiration, respect, connection, attraction, desire had turned into love. He still doesn’t the words “I love you” but he SO LOVES HER! AND THE KISS. The desperate kiss that caught her by surprise. Again, the camera didn’t show much but I loved that Mi Young, even though caught by surprise, closed her eyes!!! (thank you Jang Nara! you kiss like a human! love ya!) In kdrama, a female lead who closes her eyes while kissing, is definitely a rare and precious gem lol! But, I expect a more tender and longer kiss when she is not caught by surprise.

OK NOW, LET’S START WITH THE SPAZZZZZZ!!!!! (and the thoughts, for those of you who can still manage to think coherently)


39 responses to “Fated to love you – Ep 9 – Thoughts and discussion

  1. Been looking forward to reading your thoughts as I do not indulge until my own recap is posted. Concur that this episode started making Se Ra more real. Call me crazy but I do not get Daniel digging MY in a romantic way but as a concerned brother. MY comments before the kiss…real, raw and touching. JH did a terrific job playing off of what she gave him.

  2. That kiss was totally unexpected! But so satisfying….I hope they show more of it in the next episode 😉
    That hairdo should go ASAP….loving the drama so much….the Jangs rock! ♥

  3. youholdthewater

    Chekhov’s Cufflinks? Well maybe not entirely Chekhovian (I just like saying that because of the alliteration), but I really do hope they come back in a significant way as part of the Geon/Se Ra resolution (like the love candy or the lucky poker chip, which I assume will be making at least one more appearance before the show ends).

    I’m DELIGHTED that Se Ra isn’t the cookie-cutter villain/petty second lead, but the unresolved issues between her and Geon are a bit of an elephant in the proverbial room for me too. I mentally squeal at all the Geon/Mi Young interactions but then something in the back of my brain goes “But Se Ra”. So far the show has done a good job of representing the fact that a 6-year relationship with someone isn’t something you can just dismiss in favour of making things convenient for your OTP, so I’ll be patient as trust that the writers will deal with this when the time comes.

    Re: your ideal ending to the show; just- YES. YES TO ALL OF THE EVERYTHING.

    • I remember once a story about someone who claimed to see spirits. She said that at a casino (Genting, for those where this name means something) she looked under the table once and saw ghostly hands holding the ankles of the gamblers to the table…. *cue creepy music*
      So, gosh yes, the cufflinks. Holding him around the wrists. Throw them out LG! Exorcise them MY! 🙂

      Now that Sera is Daniel’s long lost sister clearly the HEA trajectory will be with Goen and MY and Daniel and Sera. I like that – a non-romantic coupling for once. Goen looking for love, Daniel looking for a sister (and family).
      Until they get there, won’t Daniel be the one to take Sera (Goen’s ex) and MY (Goen’s wife) away from him? And potentially be the threat to Goen’s career too, since he is the only thing standing between him and the board removing him?

    • That elephant is huge

  4. I think we can all heave a huge sigh of relief that Se Ra hasn’t turned batshit and it seems likely she’s not going to go down that road. Hurrah!

    But the more I think about it, the more the show doesn’t offer some closure between her & Geon, the more that elephant in the room is going to grow. At least for me. But I’m pretty sure the show is heading there, I just have to be patient. And are those cuff links going to play a role here?

    I was just commenting in the previous ep’s post that Se Ra needs to stick around if only to meet Daniel, and oops they did! HAHA. I still find Daniel a tad obnoxious but he doesn’t annoy me as much anymore, and he looks damn fine in a white suit, so carry on! And LOL Patrick Swayze!! In Dirty Dancing?! Was that the inspiration? Did Baby wear a flower in her hair?? *Dies* .

    And haha Dramafan to answer your question, no that doesn’t count as a proposal! For everyone else who’s confused about what we’re talking about, I commented in last ep’s post that my ideal ending would be for a REAL wedding to happen and where Mi Young proposes to him instead. I want her to say that she deserves happiness and love as much as anyone else and that’s why she wants to be married to him, coz he makes her happy and they could be happy. Together! Forever and ever amen! Something like dat 😛 Alternatively, I’d accept a kick ass exchange of vows where she says something along those lines XD.

  5. Oh I forgot to mention dramacool.com- the full subs were out barely 10hours ago. Were u watching viki live? Unfortunately I don’t get viki where I come from but thank goodness for dramacool.

    IOIL boasts an unusual plot against background of psychiatry and a very good and strong actress( lucky gong hyojin always get good leading man and excellent scripts. Too bad the leading man don’t do anything for me. Give me the Hyuks anytime! Both Hyuks have delicious voices dont they!??

  6. Hellloooooooo – want to tell u how much I enjoy your blog and TOTALLY AGREE w your commentaries on the show. Like u, I caught the Taiwanese version. I didn’t like it and the two chinese leads thinking the acting overwrought and the plot predictable.

    I really love the chemistry between the Jangs and the Hyuks and even more excited that the drama ratings are inching closer to Joseon Gunman! Hope they overtakes it soon!

    R u watching Its okay its love by any chance? I refuse to watch it because of my loyalty to the Jangs. But I am hoping to hear from someone who is watching both dramas. I fear that IOIL will overtake Fated and I really don’t want that to happen!

    • Hi! I’m not currently watching IOIL although I plan to watch it in the future. I can’t watch, feel or breath, anything other than Fated to love you 🙂

    • I am watching both dramas because I dont need this kind of loyalty in my life may be I could describe myself like a player in korean terms ha,ha.
      Well its ok its love its a brave example to try new paths in dramaland the main couple its fantastic and have excellent ingredients to make a good dish but i am not sure 100 per cent now. May be time and more episodes could decide it but I believe its a refreshing drama with lot of possibilities

  7. After the big reveal, Geon stopped communicating with Se Ra. I understand how hurt, confused and quite literally dumped she must have felt. What don’t get is, why she reached out to MY first. The logical thing would have been for her to talk to Geon and ask for an explanation. It’s Geon she thad a six year relationship with, not MY. It may be the hurt talking but she sounded a bit condescending towards MY and all MY could do was timidly bow her head and be profusely apologetic. Se Ra even asked outright, “Do you love Geon?” a question, IMO, wasn’t for her to ask.

    Tad callous? Correct mywebfoot, on the nose. Geon owed Se Ra a long explanation. But here’s the thing, what will he tell her when he himself cannot explain his burgeoning feelings for his new wife? Maybe a few months ago, he could have made a whole show of it and he could have told her he’s just doing it for the kid. But now, it’s different. Now, by telling her the truth, he’ll just be rubbing salt to the wound and he’ll definitely come off as a cad. The process of breaking up is not easy, there’s just no way to do it simply; there’s just no way to cushion stuff to lessen the pain. So if and when that conversation of theirs will come, I’m interested as to how Geon would handle it.

    Lastly, I loved the last scene, their uncertainties felt so real and their earnestness to spare each other from pain shows how deep their feelings have evolved. Props to Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk, their execution of that scene was simply flawless.

    • What you said, the way you weighted all the sides – that’s exactly what makes this Romcom have so much meat. It’s outwardly flighty but it doesn’t back down from dealing with the issues. Love it.
      To your point : yes. There is no good way to explain to a long term GF that he slept with someone, got her pregnant and is now married to her. Which is why – just a -_tad_ callous. It was the circumstance, not him. If they actually do that confrontation scene between Geon and Sera, I think it will be phenomenal.

      • God I hope they do a confrontation scene! They need it! I need it!! CLOSURE!! What I actually thought they (i.e. the writers) would do when it seemed like Se Ra was already completely out of the picture, was to have him donate her cuff links to the auction in lieu of a confrontation convo. But it didn’t happen! So, I’m still hoping that it’s gonna happen. Those cuff links gotta go. Or something, anything!! I’ll take anything!

        Geon’s turnaround has been a tad quick for my taste, but I think it’s also an editing issue. Se Ra’s convo with Mi Young references that some time has passed, so the script seems aware of the need for that, but we don’t see or feel it.

  8. This drama had me grinning like a fool when the OTP were in couple mode and I worried when they worried. This episode showed power from all characters as well as vulnerability. Loved it!

  9. youholdthewater

    The only thing that really bothered me about Geon’s hair was that they couldn’t seem to decide on one style for it. First it was gelled, then it wasn’t ; next it was middle-parted, then it wasn’t ; after that it was a topknot kind of thing (which I quite liked). Also it looks a lot shorter than it was last week? But overall I didn’t find it all that terrible. When you have Jang Hyuk’s face and Lee Geon’s heart, the hair becomes a non-issue after a while ❤

    Also I'll have to watch the properly subbed version before I can comment further, but I couldn't help dropping by just to share in the squeeing!

    And in light of the comments/recaps I've seen of ep 9 so far, I REALLY hope the show doesn't go the route of the Tragic Terminal Illness, The Noble Idiot (most likely Mi Young choosing to get herself out of the way of Geon and Se Ra's life) or god forbid, Sudden! Amnesia. None of these tropes for you show, unless you're going to subvert them or shatter them to pieces.

    • “When you have Jang Hyuk’s face and Lee Geon’s heart, the hair becomes a non-issue after a while <3" YES YES YES
      But still, was the stylist rebelling or something? Hormones? LOL

      I share your worry. My hope is that so far they've done the other tropes One Night Stand Pregnancy, Perfect Second Lead and even Ballerina Ex really well, so I _think_ they know what they are doing. Trying hard not to jinx it even as I type. :))

  10. I am so in trouble for watching this during the day but argh carpe diem! Because kisses.

    @dramafan – I was wondering that too – is he backpedalling but in Geon’s classic bumbling way totally messing it up? I think he wanted to confess, but was hedging his chances just in case she didn’t like it, and when Mi Young said she understood, he was frustrated because he’d hedged his chances TOO well. LOL, you gotta love Geon.

    I like that everyone is acting from their perspective, which is makes sense. What I do love about this show, besides the incredible adorable snail couple, is that Geon ALWAYS chases Mi Young down to make her talk when he doesn’t understand. Geon always has a line that is some variation of “let’s not fight, please let us talk about it” which is a weird thing to adore in a romantic hero, but I ADORE this characteristic he has!

    Ep 9 – epic squeefest. Lunch! Eating faces! Photoshoot! OTP cuteness & epic bromance! Geon himself squeeing over the prospect of lunch with his wife.

    It’s clear to me that he loves her. Still, a man with a long previous romance is still a bit of a work in progress, as evidenced by the numerous Sera things still in the house. I like that the show didn’t just gloss over things like this, although how hard and fast he seems to be over Sera seems a tad… callous. I hope they don’t make it that he has feelings for Sera again in the future, because that would make him a waffler.

    Ok. End of disorganized thoughts. Thanks DF for the space to squee!!!

    • I agree with everything you’ve written, mywebfoot; especially, the last paragraph. The progression from Gun running after Se-ra in the rain – and the taut tension between them then – to Gun weeping over his relationship with his long-time flame to Gun kissing Mi-young was a bit too fast for me. Please let Gun’s character not be as callous as this quick turnabout makes him seem to be.

      • He is a difficult position though right? If he sways he is frustrating, if he falls hard for Mi Young, he is callous. Like I said before, if I were the writer, I’d be stressing out. I wouldn’t know how to handle this.

    • @dramafan ah, no, I wasn’t clear. I think that if he falls hard for MY, it can be a tad callous to SR, but it can also be a case of the writers showing how fantastic/unique/wonderful the MY-LG pairing is supposed to be…. as long as he stays with MY the rest of the way. The problem is only if he starts to show some feelings for SR again. THEN he becomes a waffler. So far it’s fine, I don’t think he’s a rat for dropping his 6-year relationship and turning to MY.

      • @mywebfoot Well, I was referring to how I keep feeling lol! I am in love with his love for MY but something in the back of my mind tells me “Does this mean he didn’t love Se Ra that much?” but if were to show love for Se Ra I’d be madddd lol So I’m confused as to how I want to behave.

      • youholdthewater

        I agree with @mywebfoot – a Geon who somehow wants both women in his life or can’t decide how he feels about either of them is a Waffler Geon, and we’ve managed to avoid that so far.
        Also I don’t think that he’s necessarily fallen completely out of love with Se Ra? It’s more along the lines of him having given up on any expectations of forgiveness from and reconciliation with her, or any hope that things between them can realistically go back to where it was.
        Which is why I appreciate that Geon and Mi Young have not yet specified their feelings as “I love/like you”. They’ve both acknowledged a deep connection and bond, but have yet to actually name that feeling or explicitly state it, either because it’s not quite Love love just yet, or because neither has realized it yet. It’s a beautiful thing, regardless.

      • @youholdthewater EVERYTHING YOU SAID.

  11. A couple of more thoughts, when Geon tells Mi Young that he kissed her cheeks because “tears make him intoxicated” many thoughts went through my mind. 1) He is backpeddaling 2) Does he have a savior complex, will Se Ra’s tears also intoxicate him? 3) He is simply a compassionate guy. It could be all three as well. Mi Young’s response was interesting. She says she understands 1) Is she just saying that because she realizes he is backpeddaling and it being actual love would complicate things? 2) Does she really understand because she is tye same kind of person who can’t tolerate others being hurt? And then he was releived and grateful that she simply understood 1) Is he just grateful that he can get away with his backpeddaling 2) Is he really happy that Mi Young understands him without having to explain much because they are similar? I guess it could be a little bit of everything

    Another moment I loved was when Mi Young asked her mom if she didn’t find Geon and his laugh a bit weird lol! I loveeeee that she doesn’t idealize him 👍😊👏

  12. Mi Young was upset because her brother-in-law got a large amount of money from Geon to rent the shop. She already felt that she owed him too much, added with what Se Ra said to her, it’s not a wonder that she broke down right there.

    And I’m glad that they didn’t turn Se Ra into someone mean and vicious. Her talk with Mi Young is understandable. And, as we predicted, she came to the conclusion that Geon married Mi Young out of responsibility for the baby; and if she could in anyway ‘reason’ with Mi Young, she might be able to save Geon from a loveless marriage. We might not like it, but her thoughts and actions make a lot of sense.

    • Yes. That’s why I need real closure between Geon and Se Ra. Gosh much more can Geon love Mi Young though? It’s like we are waiting for the moment when “he realizes he is in love with her and only her” but how much more can he love her? lol

      • lol you tell me. I’m still not over the last scene. The raw emotions from both of them, and HE’S SO IN LOVE WITH HER ALREADY. Like the scene when he found out that Mi Young had yet to come home, and he’s just so worried sick. It’s like he’s afraid that she would never come back. 😦
        I love that in ep 7 & 9, Mi Young’s the one who came forward with her feelings first. She might seem timid, but she’s also very honest with how she feels.

      • And his conversation with the doctor. He wants to live longer so that he can accompany and see his kid grow up. Don’t play with my heart, show.

      • Agree Geon – Sera need to have a proper talk.
        And @spideysteve – agree. they better not throw in a terminal sickness. PLEASE don’t. Argh.

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