Fated to love you – The Jangs being too adorable BTS

The media keeps playing with our hearts, releasing these BTS stills where Jang Hyuk is a true gentleman and Jang Nara is just irresistibly adorable.

One article said:

“The photos show Jang Hyuk wiping Jang Nara’s shoes”


“And fixing Jang Nara’s front bang”


The photos also show Jang Hyuk staring at Jang Nara with a charming smile


Giving a hand massage to her (OMG! hand massage? waeee? stop it Hyukie stop it!!!!)


And many people are showing great reactions for their sweet looks.


A representative of the drama’s production team said, “Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara show fabulous teamwork during every shooting. They always show particular care for each other, and they always study through and rehearse their scripts together.”
The representative added, “They always take care of staffs’ snacks, and all of the staffs are getting lots of positive energy from them.

I need to remind myself that he is married with two kids. Married with two kids. I’ll say it again MARRIED with TWO kids lol! I’m not a real life shipper either so WTH! Snail couple, stop messing with mah feels!

11 responses to “Fated to love you – The Jangs being too adorable BTS

  1. oh he’s married. that line. they are not fated to each other in real life. pls no haha truth hurts. If only they could have meet earlier then….. it could be real life happy ending but atleast im happy that they are reunited in show again after not so long years….

  2. I like Lee Gun-sshi in his new hair style, after three years passed, he change his looks and he looks awesome!!! 😘😘More handsome…*xiiixii.. 😉

  3. The way I see it is– this is why he is married with two kids!
    They are so flipping adorable together! ❤ Loving this couple so far, — I have a feeling I am going to be bummed when it's over.

  4. youholdthewater

    My Jangs ❤ I love them being so touchy-feely and comfortable with each other. Forever thanking the kdrama casting gods, because these two are magic. MAGIC.

  5. All the publicity seems to indicate Jang Hyuk is a really nice guy. I like it!

  6. I bet Jang Nara says “he’s so MARRIED with 2 kids” to herself to keep herself sane everyday too 😀 It’s just hard to resist Hyuk’s charm and gentleness when working with him. He’s a dream actor for any actresses to partner with. I want more of the bts pics and vids. They’re too adorable together. Love their chemistry. FTLY fighting!

  7. Awwww……Just when I was about to ship these two in RL after scrolling down these pics….you gave a new info that he is MARRIED with TWO kids!!!! There goes my ship before even starting the journey 😉

    but I can always ship them in FTLY ♥

    • Awwww sorry you didn’t know? Lol! But yeah he is so very MARRIED with TWO kids. This is what I need to chant every morning too to
      keep me sane. He is married. There is no use for me to move to Korea and stalk him 😀 well, there is also the problem that I’m too lazy to be a stalker. Still! It’s a sin to be so HAWT and be so MARRIED with TWO kids! Now excuse me! I shall go splash some iced water on my face 😳

    • Yes he’s married and he’s in charge of the recycling like his life depended on it LOL! Every pic of them smiling with each other makes me melt a little. Especially the one with her in the ball gown. Ahhh so sweet!

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