Fated to love you – My other ship – The Hyuks

In an effort to get distracted from my obsession with The Snail Couple aka The Jangs I’m going to focus my attention for a moment on my other ship: The Hyuks! How awesomely funny was that race scene? There was a hint of bromance or at least mutual respect between these two rivals at the end of the race. Of course Geon had to pull a prank cause well, it’s GEON! But Daniel didn’t get upset. On the contrary, he seemed amused

BTS the Hyuks were laughing their hard rock arses off teehee! Luff them!







7 responses to “Fated to love you – My other ship – The Hyuks

  1. one of my favorite scenes and of course i’m LOLing every time i rewatch this!

  2. seriously still my favorite scene! 🙂 I love these 2 together! 😀

  3. LOL at “rock hard arses”

  4. I dig their atypical rapport with each other.

  5. There’s something very attractive about the contrast between two very good looking men.

  6. youholdthewater

    The “I’ll buy you a new dictionary” exchange completely made my WEEK. I wanted their rivalry to be played for laughs, and the show delivered! With a lot of that humour coming from the fact that it’s mostly Geon who is taking it all too seriously. But you’re right – there’s (grudging) mutual respect here, and I was delighted to see Daniel amused by it at all. Also I feel like this is yet another example of how FTLY takes a common drama trope (male lead rivals + sports-related macho posturing) and flips it on its head a little bit.

    • They are cute together. If they continue on this trajectory, where Daniel is not MY’s love interest, I think we can hope for an epic bromance here. I am always charmed by the way Choi Jin Hyuk’s macho face turns into this crinkly mass of happy boy whenever he laughs.

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