Fated to love you – Ep 8 – Thoughts and discussion

I watched it many times with partial subs

We had comedy but more emotional and romantic scenes

Im trying to imagine where the story might go now but I have no clue

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  1. All the comments posted are great..makes the re watch better. The contrast between Sera and MY is amazing incl how LG sees both his woman. His description of MY at that party was her inner strength not just her beauty. He also said i didnt mean to be cruel to you, i just wanted to get my mind right to come back to you and thank you for waiting. It meant he was willing to try and also to learn how to love her, perhaps by saying thank you, it meant he already started to fall in love w her but didnt realise it then. In ep 3 when he was talking abt marriage to MY on the island he said i want to be a good father, i dont know when or how much my heart will turn to you, so lets get married. Interesting at that time when he said it, he didnt even think abt Sera. He only thought of her i think when he found out he was drugged and in that aspect cheated, so he threw the divorce settlement on MY. I love Daniel Oppa, so cute, handsome and so kind. What a contrast to Sera, but i suppose her character is like that becos of her mother which we will find out in later episodes. Did you notice what Sera said – i have 5 nights and 4 days so this time is a long time?? So it meant they didnt spend all of their time together in 6 years. Obviously she doesnt understand his work or his family bcos she buys him cufflinks and talk abt signing contracts. Sera knew abt LG’s intentions in Macau yet she dumped him to go to New York and she flippantly says they shld get married when she was sleepy. Shows how much they know each other – LG ideal picture of her and Sera perception of the relationship. Also interesting is Sera’s comments – you used to call me after my shows, but no more. You never hang up on me before. Also you always do what i asked you to. MY never asked LG for anything even reading the baby books. great great great..this drama gets better when you do the re watch

  2. As much as I love Jang Hyuk, there is one thing from him that has always been a pet peeve to me. Why does he always have to kiss his partners like he is sucking the life out of them ?? LOL I understand that good acting must feel real, and yes, as a viewer, I abhor those high-school kissing scenes when the two involved are as stiff as a log. But his kissing scenes have received negative responses from the viewer for being unnecessarily aggressive and making the audience uncomfortable. They even worried about how his wife may think when watching those scenes. And there is one blind rumour about how an actor took everyone on the filming set aback and sorta disgusted them by kissing the actress so passionately you could clearly hear the sound, and it turns out to be JH’s scene in Iris 2 😦 If only he could tone it down a little bit, then my fangirl’s love for him can be totally completed. Do anyone notice this too ?

    • I think the only time he got criticized was on that Iris 2 scene. That kiss was awkward. I have loved every other kiss scene he has been in. Especially with Lee Da Hae in Robbers and even their innocent kiss in Chuno. In fact, I remember that Lee Da Hae said in an interview that Jang Hyuk was shy during that bed scene in Iris 2. So I give zero credit to the rumor you mention. His female co-workers always mention what a gentleman he is. What other kiss do you think was too explicit? I’d love to see it lol

  3. Hello,
    I consider this comedy one of the best I have seen in dramaland,good acting gorgeus colours and wonderful timing.The scene into the hotel with the bottle like the main hangcliff is brilliant and veryyyy funny.
    I love J Hyuk most of the time, except when he uses his gang laugh and put my nerves on the edge,but I am afraid to fullfil 20 episodes with a story that could be told in 14 or less the plot begin to be twisted in silly plots to get it…I shall cross my fingers because its very tipical of Korean dramas and they must learn to cut on time cable dramas is doing it and j dramas too.
    By the way I am an expert watching series I have spent half of my life doing it so consider me a smart viewer ha,ha

  4. Ok , I can admit your reasons and its possible that my sensation can be wrong, but all in all the end of the episode is fake and soapy from my humble point of view.
    Respect to JHiuk he is a brilliant actor nobody deny his talent but for me his gang laugh destroy the atmosphere in many occasions.And respect to another actor for this role I believe Gong yoo could have been a good choice too because he has a natural talent for comedy he is the Cary GrANT OF Korea

    • Awww well, I guess I can understand the laugh can be annoying. I think its on purpose, cause its supposed to be disturbing and scary and funny at the same time. But you are not the only person complaining about it so I guess it doesn’t work for everyone. I bet Gong Yoo could’ve played an adorable chaebol. Hey, he has done it before right? He was a chaebol on Coffee Prince? I’m not sure but if he is, then it’s my first chaebol ever ha! I loved that drama. I have no doubt that he would’ve played a good Lee Gun but it would definitely be a different version. Not better or worse in my opinion, but definitely different. To me, Lee Gun is Jang Hyuk, Jang Hyuk is Lee Gun. However, I respect your opinion and I hope you end up falling in love with Jang Hyuk’s interpretation of Lee Gun at some point, so you can enjoy the drama as a whole.

    • Btw, I don’t think your sensation is “wrong”. It’s just different from mine 🙂 We all have different taste. And a product like this lives in the realm of the campy, cheesy, wacky etc right? I personally love that kind of stuff when its self aware. In fact, I have very smart blogger friends who think this show is pure fluff. I see depth, I see brilliance, but the show is so purposely campy with slapstick humor included, that I can see why some people might consider it pure fluff. It’s just their kind of show or humor.

  5. Well firstly I like the show but too much laughs spoils the broth,J.Hiuk is a wonderful actor but tends to overact and here its not an exeption however,she is doing a bright performance since the beginning…
    On the other hand in this episode i have the feeling about a certain speedy feelings at the end of the episoe not very realistic or clear coz if you have loved your girlfriend for 6 years ans You have to abandon her your mourning time is not a day or a night like here.I am angry and moody and voila during the night i am quite romantic …
    I beg your pardon but things in real life are not in this way and this soapy ending burst of laughing because its absurd

    • Hi! welcome to the blog. I disagree on two things you mention here. I won’t dwell on the overacting comment because that is definitely a matter of taste. I admit that one of my complaints about him, is his ocasional excessive screaming and tendency to bulge his eyes. Hey most of my favorite korean actors do this for some reason lol! I think Im into intense guys. However, especifically in Fated to love you, I think his performance is on the mark. It goes with the mood of this story. It looks purposely done this way. When he is required to do a more natural or subtle acting, he does it. The actor needs to have the range. Jang Hyuk has it. But it is the director who determines how high or low the actor goes in each scene. I also disagree on Lee Geon’s supposed sudden change. While we might want to see his romantic gesture as a sign that he now loves Mi Young, this is not the whole story. Just like Mi Young fears, this could be an act of kindness and solidarity with her. He likes, admires and respects her. He wants to acknowledge her as his wife. This does not mean he is in love with her or that he has stopped loving Se Ra. I believe he will try to be a good husband to Mi Young at least until the baby is born. But this doesn’t mean Se Ra is out of his heart. This is probably what Mi Young is thinking too.

    • I agree that Jang Nara is giving a brilliant performance as Mi Young. I can’t imagine anyone else playing her. But I also can’t imagine any other actor playing Lee Gun. To me the beauty of the couple is precisely their contrasting energy which somehow makes them complement each other and fit perfectly. He is OTT superficially but when the scenes calls it he shows his inner world, his conflict, his turmoil only with his eyes. He also has had those tender moments where his eyes turn into pure honey. She acts natural all the time, effortlessly innocent, sweet and adorable but when the scene calls it she shows intense emotions only with her eyes as well. They seem to be acting on opposite ends of the spectrum but they are actually definitely in tune. We can tell because we feel their incredible chemistry.

  6. Really random thing I like about FTLY – the glasses Jang Nara wears are powered, I.e real spectacles. Mi Young is so much a part of JNR it’s a little creepy. Even the little nose twitching to keep the glasses on – those are things you do only if you are used to wearing those glasses. I suspect we are seeing Jang Nara’s actual glasses!
    Also JH is a new discovery for me *avoids everyone’s side-eye*. So I have been youtubing and digging around old JH clips. I have to say I like this Lee Goen look the best. The hair, the clothes, even the character, he ‘wears’ it all well. Maybe it’s because his looks are slightly rough, so he doesn’t need any more roughing up for his other roles. Whereas, the stylists for FTLY went in the opposite direction and gentrified him. His look reminds me of Mr. Darcy – 19th century elite. It works -which is weird and wonderful at the same time. Kdrama gentry. ^.^

    • Gentrified yes…oh and I’m a sucker for anyone that reminds me of Mr. Darcy! Yeah, Jang Na Ra’s glasses seem real. 🙂

    • I read Jang Nara is wearing her own glasses 🙂 Webfoot! you asked for it! Beware cause Im going to spam you with Jang Hyuk pretty pics! Lol Well, every single character he has played has been very different. Not all have been rough. He was nerdy goofy in Windstruck, creppy funny in Please teach me english, most recently in his movie Thorn, I’d say his look is manly but kind of “normal guy” just jeans and tshirts although for some reason he looks really beautiful in that movie. You could search for all that stuff here on the blog too if you are curious 🙂 In Daemang he played the sweetest sageuk hero, the only one I’ve seen who preferred to use his brain and not a sword. A relentless scaredy cat but smart pacifist. That was before his military service so it was the time when his face was pretty but he had no abs 🙂 When he was younger he definitely didn’t have a rough image. His nickname was “White girl” lol. I can’t really decide what look of his is my favorite. His badass Daegil was shmexy but I also like him in dork mode. Lee Geon would be a Mr Darcy as conceived by Tim Burton maybe? lol I can totally see Johnny Depp vibes in him too 😀

      • HUEHUEHAHAHA! I kinda figured that post would get a response from you. ^.^ I didn’t know he had that nickname, but I am sorry, in my eyes he doesn’t have the pretty boy looks of say, LMH or Seo Kang Joon. That’s what I meant. That’s not to say is dislike it, though. I have an aversion to pretty boys actually. In recent memory this type of slightly wild and crazy leading men seem to be in fashion. I am thinking of SJS in Master’s Sun, Hyun Bin in Secret Garden and Cha Seung Won in TGL. Maybe it’s a sure fire way to become a memorable chaebol.
        Ha! Thanks for confirming that JNR is using her own glasses.

        • I was referring to young Jang Hyuk. He is 37 now. He is obviously not a pretty boy :p since he is definitely not a boy. Although I do think his features are aesthetic. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess 🙂 Here is some evidence of his “softer” past (I’d say pretty but I guess that is subjective) https://stuckonhyuk.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/jang-hyuk-the-flower-boy/

        • Hmm Lee Min Ho is pretty? Id say “attractive” but his nose is a little not pretty for my taste :p To me pretty is someone like Yoo Seung Ho. I think that kid is so pretty he could pass for a woman. Young Lee Jun Ki was too pretty for words. But Im also not into pretty boys. Not even when I was young. Ive always liked older and more manly men 🙂 Im very much into what I call ugly hot men too. You know? those who might not be conventionally handsome but have a “je ne sais quoi”? yummmm Jang Hyuk is definitely not the “ugliest” guy on my list of “hotties”. He is almost too pretty to pass my “test” lol

      • Ok it’s confirmed. I like older JH a LOT more. He was quite pretty boy before but he’s one of those who have aged well.

      • I absolutely know what you mean. I am the same. I like laugh lines and rough faces and bodies that look like they’ve worked, not (just) worked out. No prizes for guessing CSW is high on the list of my k-loves. ^.^

      • I’m going to add Lee Beom Soo, another ahjjussi with that certain “je nes sais quoi”, he’s also on my list. I liked Jang Hyuk after watching him in Thank You. Actually, it’s an old drama that I just watched recently and I also saw his riveting performance in Chuno. 🙂

        • Thank you and Chuno are among my favorite dramas of his. Lee Beom Soo is such a fun actor! My favorite drama of his is History of Salaryman. One of my favorite dramas too 🙂

      • @drmjs Lee Beom Soo was the brightest spot in the soggy mess that was PM&I. Hottest politician ever. ^.^

    • Jang Nara wears glasses in real life. And lol speaking of Mr. Darcy and soaking wet…(totally relevant to episode 8).

    • @Webfoot, took the words out of my mouth. Yea Mr Darcy in moody, bossy parts. His clothing style a bit dandy/gentrified but he looks good.

  7. I’m loving the discussion here and as webfoot said, we will now see a new set of relationship dynamics episode 9 onwards. I’d like to see how the dust would settle now that everything is revealed, well at least for the three.

    • Yes. While reading the Soompi thread I realized something. Geon has had with Mi Young a shorter relationship than with Se Ra but they have experienced bad times and good times. It almost seems that with Se Ra they only experienced good times. Every time they saw each other was a vacation. They were relaxed and happy. They showed each other their best face, obviously. This is probably their first big crisis, their first test. Ironically, Mi Young knows Geon better, she has seen the good and the bad. Maybe this is why he is more honest with her? Because they were forced into intimacy so soon? the ice was shattered right away? Heck their second meeting was on a bed and naked lol whereas Geon might’ve unconsciously always want to keep his ideal version of Se Ra and only shown her his “ideal” self?

      • I like the fact that Geon and Mi Young’s relationship is built on honesty. They were both aware where they stood with each other from the get go, no pretenses, no expectations, it was a union for practical reasons (at least mostly on Geon’s part). So it’s fascinating to watch them gradually develop feelings for each other. Geon and Se Ra’s relationship was actually unravelling even before Mi Young stepped into the picture. They took each other for granted, Se Ra thought he’d understand and wait for her and Geon thought she was ready to settle down. It’s funny how, after six years of being together, their assumptions about each other were wrong. After six years of being together, they couldn’t even get their timing right. My question now is, without Mi Young in the picture, do you think their relationship would have survived? Clearly, Geon was unhappy and Se Ra was oblivious of that fact. Also, she seems fond of making unilateral decisions that would always fit into her plans, that’s how self absorbed she is, a trait Geon probably couldn’t see because he was still in the haze of being in love with her.

      • Well just the fact that they couldn’t communicate with each other during that whole ordeal shows that they didn’t have a solid foundation. I don’t doubt they loved each other, but if you can’t talk to your boyfriend bout having cold feet to his face, that’s some serious warning signs right there.

      • youholdthewater

        Your comment about the “ideal Se Ra” and Geon presenting only his “ideal self” reminds me of Geon’s description of Se Ra in episode 1 when he goes ring shopping. If my memory serves me right, he was going on and on to the sales lady about how his girlfriend is this delicate, gentle woman who dances like poetry. And then of course the Se Ra we see is much rougher and no-nonsense. I don’t doubt that he loves her, and tbh it’s wonderful that he sees such beauty in her. But he might also be more than a little bit guilty of idealizing her or putting her on a pedestal (maybe even enabling Se Ra’s inclination to take him for granted?).

    • I don’t know what I’d like to see in epi 9 but definitely more lovey dovey otp scenes!!

  8. Sera wrote about the cuff links!!! How glad she is to have found them, imagining him wearing them; telling him not to lose them, for losing one makes the other useless, like the two of them (herself and Gon).

    I found this on DB and wanted to discuss it with you guys. My subs didn’t have the last sentence of Se Ra’s note. This made me understand even more why Geon burst into a laugh and a cry after reading this sentence. They did love each other a lot right? It was probably long distance and fragile but they did love the idea of each other. I feel so sad for both of them. I think Se Ra is as needy as Geon emotionally. The way she talks about their relationship, about him, is yes self -centered but also very needy. They probably bonded over this need for a family (let me break our rule a little here just to mention that the original Se Ra was an orphan. They have not mentioned this fact in this version but they might keep this storyline) So the cufflings analogy makes it so clear that Se Ra saw Geon as her soulmate and he must’ve felt the same right? Still, the way he cried makes me feel that he has made a clear decision to break up with Se Ra, right? or is it that he thinks she will not forgive him? He didn’t really try to explain how things happened. Regarding their relationship, we have talked a lot about it, but there is one thing I make Geon responsible for. I think Se Ra took him for granted and strung him along for six years but he allowed it. He spoiled her and allowed this situation while it was hurting him inside. It is interesting to me because otherwise he speaks his mind. He is very honest. Why does he overprotect Se Ra in a way that he doesn’t Mi Young for example? He sheltered Se Ra from the truth. I feel he sees Se Ra as fragile right? Even though on the surface she seems pretty tough. Speaking of which somebody made a point in another blog that I also found enlightening. She made a comparison about the ways Geon and Daniel protect Mi Young. Daniel treats her more like a little sister he overprotects while Geon encourages her to he stronger, to walk by his side. He believes in her strength and wants to rely on her somehow maybe? He seems to see her more as his equal. What do you guys think of all these ramblings? lol

    • Its also ironic and sad that it is the unspoken hurt over Se Ra’s “neglect” what allowed Geon to connect with Mi Young. Because it was on that first conversation on the balcony when they bonded over their mutual hurts for the first time.

    • youholdthewater

      Geon’s comment in episode 4 (during his conversation with KMY on the island) about how he has “lost his right as a man” in Se Ra’s eyes because of the events in Macau probably suggest that he was already beginning to give up on the idea of Se Ra ever forgiving him. It’s interesting also that he never actually does bring up the idea of Se Ra forgiving him or promising to take him back eventually; I think his only priority is to come clean and tell her truth she deserves to hear – and he does so, with no frills, no excuses, no self-justification, no grovelling. Just the truth, and what Se Ra chooses to do with that truth is entirely in her hands.

      My mom (who is watching the show with me and completely MELTING over our OTP couple every week, bless her) also brought up an interesting point re: Geon’s rehearsal of his proposal in Macau. The one where he goes on about not just wanting to be present for Se Ra’s joys and victories, but asking her to also let her be there for him during her struggles and painful, vulnerable moments. To take the beautiful and the ugly together. My mom reckons it’s probably a mark of some emotional gap or need that Geon can’t seem to fulfill with Se Ra, that he is getting with Mi Young. We know the guy seems to love being needed and to shower people with attention and affection when they have really earned a place in his heart. But he probably isn’t used to someone as selfless as Mi Young who does genuinely want to put HIM first.

      Se Ra is tricky territory for me, because I do genuinely like her and the way the show has treated her so far, and I don’t want her character to suffer in service of moving the plot forward from this point onwards. I love her rough-and-tumble rapport with Geon, I love that she did put her career first – arguably selfish, yes, but also with a huge amount of self-awareness; she KNEW she wouldn’t be happy being married to Geon with the weight of her unfulfilled dreams still on her shoulders. After six years of dating the same man, yes, she does seem to take Geon for granted, but SIX YEARS also means a great deal of devotion and loyalty and general compatibility from both parties, and you just can’t discount a relationship that has lasted so long, I think, and I’m glad the show acknowledges this.

      Also I must admit that 21st Century Renaissance Man and Your Friendly Neighbourhood Oppa Daniel Pitt is really growing on me. You’re right too – I think the older brother in him makes him feel more protective over Mi Young than Geon does, but I like that he also points out some of her meeker points (e.g her pathological need to apologize for everything) and urges her to be stronger. Actually I think I’m just delighted to have TWO men who want to help Mi Young be the best version of herself that she can be.

      • I agree with everything you said. Everything.

      • Yes to what you said. I think the show has been very deliberate when presenting Mi Young and Se Ra in the same frame, from Mi Young and Se Ra in relation to the ring, or the mistress analogy brought up by the step mom. And my fave is the visual representation of Se Ra and Mi Young during the wedding scene in reference to the Swan Lake (Oddette/Odile). Here, we see that both Se Ra and Mi Young were in white and with crowns on their heads. Visually speaking, we can’t tell which one is the bride. I just love that when the show puts them together, their positions can be easily interchanged.

        lol speaking of Friendly Neighbourhood Oppa Daniel Pitt, this show has a lot of Marvel figurines for decor.

    • That crying over the cuff links scene, I think he was mourning the loss of his relationship with Sera. It was him coming to terms with the fact that their relationship can’t be salvaged. After all, what could he possibly say to Se Ra that would make it all better? What explanation would suffice? The ring is on someone else’s finger and he can’t change that. I don’t think it means he no longer loves her but that now that he’s finally told her, he can “go to” Mi Young freely as her husband without the shadow of that terrible secret hanging over his head. Coz I think fundamentally, he IS a “what you see is what you get” kinda guy and he can’t abide dishonesty. Which is one of the reasons why that fireworks scene didn’t sit well with me coz I wasn’t sure if we’re supposed to take what he said to her as a confession or not. But it sounded awfully like one, right? And if it was, isn’t it a tad soon because it’s not all that easy to get over someone you’ve loved for six years.

      He & Sera’s situation is kind of a cruel twist of fate, and I’d like to think he was crying bout that as well. I think it ties back neatly with the title of the show, this idea of fate, and how the show, at least to me, seems to be saying that fate is nothing but a matter of timing–they finally both are on the same page but they missed their time. Because the show hasn’t really given us a reason to doubt his & Sera’s love as yet. In fact, I think it’s done quite the opposite. They would be married had it not been for a series of terrible accidents & mistakes. And who’s to say that they couldn’t have been happy together? We don’t really know enough about them as a couple to say without a doubt that it wouldn’t hv worked, and I wonder if it’s us as enthusiastic shippers of our OTP that have filled in the blanks over what happened between Geon & Sera in favour of his relationship with MY, which unfortunately means having to make Sera out to be the “bad” guy, in a situation where there are only victims and everyone looses.

      Who is one “fated to love”? Is love a choice? Is Geon actively making a choice to love MY and let go of Se Ra because he has to in order to be a good father and husband? Although, I’m not sure if the ball will rest entirely in his court as it looks like, and I do hope, that Mi Young will wrestle with this and we’ll see her suss out her feelings for him and fight for what she wants. I think it’s time for her to start stepping up to the plate.

      Of course, if Sera turns batshit crazy, I take back everything I’ve said here :P. And I think this is officially the longest comment I’ve written ever!!

      • I know! but isn’t it awesome how this drama is making us think like this? I think this drama is smarter than I ever dreamed it’d be and now that you mention it, its probably trying to tell us that fate doesn’t really exist. Because my gut feeling is, these were choices. How about this? What if these three things combined made Geon decide to marry Mi Young? 1) A heightened sense of duty and his determination to never be like his father 2) A subconscious feeling that Se Ra will never be ready to settle, maybe even some subconscious resentment towards her 3) A feeling of compatibility and empathy with Mi Young and his wish to not leave her alone through the ordeal of being a parent? All of this would make the marriage, at least on Geon’s side, a choice right? And none of this would negate his love for Se Ra or make her a villain. And you are absolutely right that we are not all that informed about how deep Geon and Se Ra’s relationship was, but again my feeling is still, that their relationship was stuck on the dating and having fun together stage. They didn’t allow it or push for it to mature. At least that’s how I see it, with the little information we have. Whereas like or “fate” already threw Geon and Mi Young in more adult situations.

        • Well I’ve never seen his decision to marry as anything other than a choice. “Fate” might hv dealt him a “bad” hand but he chose to play it. Ooh, but nice one with Geonie’s subconscious resentment too, that totally makes sense and you can even see that in those first couple of eps in Macau. I mean, those 3 things do make a heck of alot of sense.

          They married each other without loving each other, and now, at least in Geon’s case, is he actively making a choice to love Mi Young and leave Se Ra behind, is what I wanna know. If so, that’s pretty interesting coz then the show is saying, you CAN choose, as opposed to most dramas where it’s one person and only person coz “fate” says so. Think about how awesome would it be if both Geon & Mi Young in the end, after all this shite, actively say, I choose to love you and want to be married to you–I CHOOSE you. That would be da bomb diggity! Ok I know how I want it to end now–with a REAL wedding where both of them are all happy happy joy joy. Yes, I want that. And I want HER to propose to him for REALZ. Oh god, MAKE IT HAPPEN SHOW!!

      • Btw I guess Se Ra needs to still be in the picture and I hope, not as a crazy villain so at some point I think we’ll get some kind of closure for that relationship before he fully moves on to Mi Young cause I feel I need it! If I were Se Ra I’d be drilling him for answers especially since he had been loyal to her so far! I’d find it hard to just accept it, although it wouldn’t be the first time a person suddenly seems to change their heart. And I say seems to, because there is actually something behind the change of heart, it really is not sudden, at least in real life. At the same time I can’t wait for my OTP to have all sort of guilty or guilt-free skinship 😀

        • Yes totally, we need closure! But I really hope that this doesn’t mean the return of waffly Geon because that would be aggravating. Unless Se Ra can be distracted by Daniel which at least would make him good for something, which like, I’m still asking myself after 8 episodes, what IS he doing here anyway? We know he’s gotta be Se Ra’s brother, but I not sure I care all that much. Still, as long as he’s good for some laughs, I can’t complain.

          And speaking about skinship, I did giggle a bit at their shyness in bed, coz hello, she’s pregnant already, but it might as well have been the immaculate conception!

          • Waffly will be bad. Precisely because of that I need a definite closure. But I can’t think of a way to handle. What could Geon say or do? I’d be so stuck if I was the writer. Good thing I’m not ha!

            • Well all I know is Se Ra has to stick around coz she has to meet Daniel. Maybe she’ll have a change of heart and want to get bck with Geon, while Mi Young is dealing with some terrible shit that befalls her (sigh) and decides to leave him. So Geon considers getting bck with Sera, before finally saying no, it’s over (cue tear-jerking convo, voila closure), and goes after MY. Or something like that?

              But is this 20 eps or 16?

      • About ‘fate’ and ‘choice’, I think that’s the theme that runs through the writer’s works. There’s one line I really love from the writer’s previous work, ‘I choose to love this person like he’s my fate’. What she’s saying is that she has no idea what fate has in store for her, all she’s going to do is embrace the choice she makes. ‘Love is a fateful choice, not fate.’ And this plays a twist on the title of FTLY: what does ‘fated’ mean? Or I actually like the google translate version: I Love You Like Fate, which works better in my opinion. And, really, except for some parts in the first two episodes, the choices Geon and Mi Young make are what move the story. Geon chose to marry Mi Young; later, despite his misunderstanding, he chose to stay close to her rather than staying away from her. Mi Young could have refused his proposal, but she agreed because she saw that he’s a good person.

        As for Se Ra and Geon’s relationship, it still might have worked, with or without the Macau incident. The reason we think it wouldn’t last long even without Mi Young in the picture is because we’ve seen how well Geon and Mi Young work together. It’s easy to doubt Geon and Se Ra after seeing what he could have with another person. Even so, the existence of Mi Young & Geon doesn’t not invalid the love Geon and Se Ra have.

        • What were the writer’s last drama? I though it was a sit-com or am I mistaking if for another show? I Love You Like Fate would’ve been PERFECT I think. Oh lovely, thanks for sharing bout that, and I agree it’s their choices that have led them both down this path.

          • Writer Jo’s last drama is Soulmate. It’s a bit sitcom-like romcom. I marathoned it last week. :p Only one pair are ‘soulmates’, and they didn’t meet each other until the second half of the drama. This writer has also written several books, some on similar topics like fate and love.

  9. Oh and that Chuno bit again! But this time I was thrown for a sec, coz I hear that melody and it reminds me of TRAGEDY so I was like, oh no what’s happening am I supposed to brace myself or is this supposed to be funny-meta-haha moment?? And then I calmed down and figured it out ;P

  10. I’m reading comments all over the place, DB, here, soompi, baidu, anywhere I can.. I recommend baidu if u understand Chinese, some of the comments are really made me think. I guess veteran Chinese fans can glean more hidden meanings from watching the show than a noob like me. Haha

    One comment which strike me was that the actions by Geon (the breaking of the news to sera, the party rescue etc) actually stemmed from his responsibility to the baby, which explains the very last scene, what MY (n we audience) is terrified of, that all these are just his innate goodness n not because of the love. I can’t really put what I’m thinking into words, but well. Good job show, for taking me on a roller coaster emotional ride.. lol

    • I came to this conclusion after much thinking. My first reaction to the fireworks was, he loved her, right? Its settled now! but this makes more sense. Otherwise, what would be the conflict? I think his treatment of Mi Young is a combination of the way he just is, generous and always over the top lol and what someone like her inspires in everyone! I would do that for her and more 😀 yeah! Hey even Daniel has these grand romantic gestures for her. But are we, like Mi Young, expecting too much from Geon at this point? Well, they are the OTP, we know he is attracted and we feel he loves her already but I suppose he doesn’t know this yet.

    • What Geon said to Se Ra can be read differently. The general impression when he said to Se Ra that “I have a baby; that woman, she’s the mother of my child” is that he got married out of responsibility for the baby (it’s true and it’s also because he felt responsible for taking care of Mi Young). So, baby is the reason he married Mi Young. Geon thinks so, Mi Young thinks so… I think Se Ra will eventually come to this conclusion too, and I wonder once the shock wears off, how she’s going to take in this information and what’s going to be her next step.

      We see by the end of ep 8 that Geon is prepared to fully embrace this marriage, but Mi Young is preparing herself to let him go when the time comes. She did think at one point that they could somehow make this marriage work, even though they didn’t love each other. But the divorce paper is a hard blow. It shattered whatever hope Mi Young had for a life with Geon.

      And then came the news of the soap factory being sold off. It’s devastating for her, and she’s angry, hurt, and disappointed. It furthers her belief that she really means nothing to him, only the baby matters. The fact that Geon keeps using the baby as an excuse didn’t help at all (though we all know that he genuinely cares about Mi Young and wants to be close to her). In ep 7 & 8, Mi Young’s been trying to put a distance between her and Geon. It’s shown in the change in how she addressed him and how she’s keeping him away from her life. Since they’re not going to be husband and wife, there’s no need for Geon to get involved. She didn’t fully succeed but she did put on an effort. (BTW, does anyone also feel that whenever Mi Young expresses her gratitude to Geon or how thankful she is, it sounds like she’s saying goodbye?)

      Then, of course, Se Ra happened. And Mi Young was there to witness the pain Geon and Se Ra went through because of her. All she could say was that she’s sorry, she’s sorry for hurting them so. As over-sympathetic as Mi Young is, she would of course put the blame of destroying Geon & Se Ra’s relationship on herself. Because she knows more than anyone how much Geon was looking forward to marrying Se Ra, how much he loves her. Mi Young’s first encounter with Geon ended with him angrily taking from her the ring with which he’s going to propose to Se Ra (I love the double meaning of this scene, the ring ended up on MY’s finger but Geon took it away to Se Ra); their second chance encounter began with Mi Young overhearing Geon’s proposal speech. Se Ra is the rightful owner of the ring, she is where Geon’s heart belongs to. It’s only right for Mi Young to leave when the time’s up.

      What I’m saying is Mi Young’s resolve to step back, along with her feelings for Geon, has been gradually developed for the past 8 episodes and accumulates to the flashback at the end of ep 8. From Mi Young’s point of view, Geon’s kindness toward her is for the baby, from his sense of responsibility, and because he’s a nice person in nature. I can’t blame her for believing so, because Geon’s attitude and behaviors have been confusing ever since the beginning of their marriage life. And like I said, him using the baby as an excuse to cover up his care for Mi Young doesn’t help either. The damage is done. I’m curious to see how the drama goes from here. And I also wonder about what Mi Young’s going to do with the baby. Is she going to bring it with her or leave it under Geon’s care? I guess she’s not sure just yet.

      • I do feel she is saying goodbye every time she thanks him 😞

      • youholdthewater

        ” (BTW, does anyone also feel that whenever Mi Young expresses her gratitude to Geon or how thankful she is, it sounds like she’s saying goodbye?)”

        This just made me so incredibly sad. But you’re right, there seems to be a sense of finality in her tone and demeanour. For some reason it always reminds me of their goodbye scene in Macau (“we’re never going to see each other again, after all”) but also – as you’ve so rightly pointed out – her (conscious or unconscious) way of placing boundaries and avoiding attachment with Geon.

        Your entire comment is also a succinct and insightful summary of where our three leads stand at this point in the story. So much of the show now hinges on how Se Ra will process and deal with her pain, but Mi Young’s reaction will also play a massive part in the progression of these relationships. I hope they don’t take her down the cliched road of noble self-sacrificing idiocy, but this quote from the latest dramabeans recap gives me hope (and also just about sums up what it is that works SO well about FTLY);

        “And the very reason why this show remains such a rewarding watch is because Gun and Mi-young are so fully realized that they’re not just going to act and behave the way other dramas have conditioned us to believe they would. It’s like magic, the way those two interact.”

        • Yes, a sense of finality. Her tone when she thanks him, how she emphasizes that she’s grateful for what he did for her is as if they won’t be seeing each other the next day. It’s even sadder than their goodbye scene in Macau, because now they’re more than simply two strangers who accidentally bonded over their shared pain and sense of abandonment and betrayal.

          I’m looking forward to see both Se Ra and Mi Young play a more active part. Up until now, Geon’s the one who has more power in the development of the story, and for now he chose responsibility over love (a dilemma which I think he will have to face again in the future). I don’t know what they’re going to do, but well that’s the excitement of watching a story unfold.

  11. I shrieked like a lunatic when he took her hand in the company lobby. I think I may have a slight problem with being overly invested in these ENTIRELY FICTIONAL characters. But oh, they are just so delightful!

    I’ve noticed that Geon touches Mi Young a lot. Not in a sexy times way (although I’d be totally fine with that, lol) but just like little stuff. I noticed it especially in ep 7 when they were fighting in the stairwell of the art expo. He stopped her by grabbing her arm but then lets go and gently takes her other wrist/hand. And it’s almost like he doesn’t even know he’s done it until she asks him what she means to him and he looks down at where they’re touching and lets go. In front of her sister it was like he was milking the opportunity for skinship because he had his arm around her THE WHOLE TIME. It’s in all the little stuff like a hand on her back in the elevator or the way he patted her shoulder while she was sleeping next to him. And it melts me every time because that’s what it’s like to fall for someone. You just want that physical connection on a subconscious level. It’s so sweet.

    • Also, HAND SNAILS! Even Chief Tak is doing them now 🙂

      • Chief Tak is such a shipper. And I love Mi Young’s former boss. When he handed her the divorce paper unbeknown to her, he’s genuinely worried for her. It’s just so nice to see that, other than her friend, someone at her work place actually cares about her.

      • Hand snails! I love that HE loves to entertain her & will do things to make her smile!! He just wants her to be happy!!

        And this show has the uncanny ability of making the characters say stuff I’m thinking just after I think them. I was thinking to myself, what the heck is the lawyer boss doing there during the fireworks, and lo and behold, LAWYER BOSS SAYS THE THING! And it’s not the first time too. I was thinking after that skirmish with the photogs that MY needs to start defending herself, and SHE SAYS THE THING to Daniel!

      • Does anybody know in interviews if the hand snail thing is scripted or is it something Jang Hyuk or the PD or both came up with? I know the laugh is his (right??) rather than the script’s so am keen to know what else comes frm JH’s own brilliance!

      • youholdthewater

        Hand snails! ❤ @ddee The snail concept in general strikes me as something that was probably already scripted, but it looks like Jang Hyuk probably picked it up and just ran with it. Because he totally would.

    • Yes! I simply love how we never see him wrist grab MY ever, or at least it doesn’t come across as aggressive as what I’m used to seeing elsewhere, and I dunno whether it’s a directing thing or it’s a writing thing or an actor thing, but it’s lovely to see that there’s care taken to how he touches her. As opposed to Daniel, who doesn’t have the same delicacy with her.

    • I love the way he touches her from the beginning (after the misunderstanding in ep 2 was resolved, that is). It’s not about dominance but him showing her his support, concern, or reassurance. Ever since ep 2 when he helped defending her from the jerk lawyer, how he took her gently by her arm, or in ep 3 when he again ‘saved’ Mi Young from the lawyer’s harassment and took her hand to leave (we see that in MY’s flashback in ep 5), and later in ep 4 when they walked out of the clinic hand and hand…and of course the deleted hand holding post-karaoke scene in ep 6. I don’t know if it’s the actors’ thing or because it’s easy to be physically affectionate toward Mi Young for Geon. Anyway, it does show the natural pull between them and not just emotionally, but also physically.

  12. Hoo boy. Honesty. In k-drama. Using all the tropes but with HONESTY. This story is just zipping along and I love it. Everyone is coming clean, and this ep ends the initial setup. New boundary lines have been drawn. It almost felt like the end of a movie. Then came the bittersweet last 10 seconds and I was CHEERING! Because that’s exactly what I was thinking. “What about their 10 month expiry date?” Is it just a piece of paper? Or is their uncertain future the real difficulty here.

    Kudos to the (re)writers for making everyone’s pain real. Sera. Geon. Mi Young. I was on all their sides. How often do you see that in a love triangle? How about never. 🙂
    I am going to believe these writers know what they are doing. Looking forward to the rest of FTLY!

    • Yes, I love that they did not slight anyone’s pain. Geon’s, Se Ra’s, Mi Young’s are all real…for different reasons. The confession/confrontation in the rain and the scene afterwards with Geon hurting for hurting Se Ra and Mi Young hurting for Geon are nicely done. I genuinely felt sorry for all of them.

      The ending was so beautiful, but it got even better with Mi Young’s flashback and voice over. It’s one of the most heartfelt scenes this drama has given us and oh so bitter sweet.

      • Yes. The flashback made it all the more poignant. That the audiences were being lead to thinking that is happily ever after for the OTP only to be reminded it’s not. Going to cry recalling the scene.

        • There’s no happily ever after…not yet. It’s understandable from Mi Young’s point of view. And let’s not forget her guilt for separating and hurting Se Ra and Geon. I also wonder how she’s going to react once she learns about the drug. 😐

    • youholdthewater

      Honesty. Oh my gosh YES. I was thinking about this, and tbh there’s nothing hugely groundbreaking or original about FTLY. It’s the same tropes and character archetypes we’ve always seen in kdramas, but used – as you’ve so perfectly put it – with honesty and a huge amount of self-awareness. Eccentric, mean chaebol who has to learn to become nicer? No – how about we have him START off as a complete darling doofus and mostly stay that way instead? Sweet, accommodating female lead who constantly has her niceness being taken advantage of? Okay sure, but let’s undercut that by also giving her a sense of inner strength and quiet dignity and a refusal to be easily pushed over. Tragic misunderstandings as a plot device? Cool, but none of them will last longer than 1-2 episodes because we will let our characters have honest, open, mature conversations with each other where they will sort things out.

      It’s so, so, SO wonderful. And this honesty + self-awareness combo is what makes FTLY such a unique experience for me – I know I’ve seen it all before, but I’ve never seen it done quite like THIS. And I love it.

      • YES! This. The story already exists, the plot is nothing new. What sets this version FTLY apart from the source material or any of the other dramas out there is the amazing characters. I can’t remember the last time I saw such emotional depth from a rom-com while totally keeping it silly and adorable fun.

    • Good lord that flashback was everything! It was perfect! That big show of fireworks was sweet and all, but that flashback was completely spot-on coz that’s the question isn’t it? It undercuts the fairytale of it all with a very realistic question. And the groundwork was laid earlier when the mistress told her she needed to look out for herself. And their acting during this scene, Jang Nara’s especially, destroyed me! She was shy, and hesitant and THRILLED, all at once, and you could see it all on her face! Which made the flashback all the more devastating to hear. I crumbled!

      And just …just… everyone’s PAIN in this ep was marvellously dealt with. I was wondering how on earth Geon was going to break it to Sera, and you know what, the show was absolutely spot-on (yet again!!). What was there to say except the plain and awful truth that he married her, and that he is the father of her child? I mean, what else could he possibly say or do that would make it better? That’s the thing that gutted me, there’s nothing anyone can do to fix it. I had my hands clutched to my chest the whole time. It was like, so hard to watch him speak the words :(. So so good. If I was going to be nitpicky I would’ve appreciated a little less music coz we didn’t need the OTT ballad coz hello, painful enough, but yunno it’s Kdrama so whaddya gonna do ;P

      • I agree on everything you said here. And I thought the same about the OST on certain scenes. I feel this in many kdramas where silence or an instrumental would be enough.

  13. I am new here coz of Jang Hyuk. I know the story because I watched the Taiwan version few times. This episode is really making all hearts flutter! He beats the Taiwan actor ! I prefer the Korean cast now. Some drama coming up soon…..ok…🙊🙊

  14. I just saw this episode without subs and I got the gist of it. I love that this isn’t going into full angst mode without the comedy and romance. This episode solidifies Gun’s feeling for Mi Young and clearing the air with Se Ra and it couldn’t have been better.

  15. ok, for the episode. it’s great enough until my heart is skip a beat just for reading the recap. the tender Geon and vulnerable Mi Young make such a lovely couple. rite now i just want Mi Young step up and defend herself. not from Geon coz Geon always great to her but to claim what hers. it hard now coz people love a very meak but lovely Mi Young. i’m anticipate how writer will change her without losing her original self that everyone really love.
    and Sera, i pity her. she just following her dream by being selfish for a while. she know she’s wrong and she apologize before. i think in her heart she already assuming Geon will always love her and be with her. thats also mean she trusted him very much. that’s why she dare to make such a drastic decision.
    sometimes, things not going like what you want. this time in Sera case. little she know one girl will take him away and this time maybe forever becoz of her ambition and hesitation. how she will try to get him back we just wait and see. rite now she just too hurt to take any action.
    also i think Lawyer Min can go and flirt with Sera’s friend. both will be in my despicable character in my list now. gggrrrrr.

    • Wish there’s a lie function for the comments. Had a riot “awesome”-ing and “lol”-ing at soompi, did the same at dramabeans liking most of the comments..

      Just love love that everyone likes the show and especially the actors n actresses who breathe life to the characters.

      Haven’t watch epi 8, but reading the recaps really makes my heart flutter.. Wednesday cannot come fast enough!

    • Someone throw Lawyer Min into a trash can.

      • like Geon said live with class. so, i don’t want to dirty my hand with someone like him. HUhahahahahahahha.

  16. the sure thing is the story got straight into my heart. 😀 rite now i just want to wrap JH and keep it in my pocket. LOL. all the positive comment about him and new fangirling make me jealous. sharing is not caring anymore. hahahahaha. i feel really proud rite now when ppl keep recognize him and his talent. some positive comment make me grinning. this is what we want and we expect when he accept the role. he got new recognition and new fan. waaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! it’s suck to share him with all of you here what with everyone else outside? ok, ok, ok, joking. kkkk
    btw, did JH use accent for LG? when he deliver his line it sound like and oldie. LOL. sometimes, it sound like saeguk to me.

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