Interview – Jang Nara: “Another project with Jang Hyuk? I’ll do it no matter what!”

Link to the interview in korean

Translation by Gumi

Q. Currently ‘Fated to Love You’ is rising in ratings every week. How do you feel about it? And your goal?

A. I am happy and grateful that people who are enjoying the show is increasing. I was concerned that MiYoung’s character might look colorless and charmless, so that’s what I paid most attention to when I was acting. Fortunately, audience appreciated not only the drama but also MiYoung’s character, I’m thankful of that. I would keep up the work so that audience will be able to sympathize with MiYoung.

Q. Post-it girl, bond girl, snail girl…You have a lot of nicknames. Which is your favorite and why?

A. I am happy with that many nicknames, shows people are interested in the character. I love every single one of them, but my favorite is ‘snail girl’. Because it’s what Geon, MiYoung’s man, calls her. (laughs)

Q. Rice pounding scene was the talk of the town. Weren’t you shy or embarrassed when you were filming the scene? Have you seen the result video. Did you like it?

A. I was embarrassed to no end. (laughs) When I was filming the scene, I felt like disappearing. But I guess my age helped me to do those innuendo scenes with thick skin. And when I saw the end product, it looked more witty and cute than I thought on the filming site, I enjoyed it. I was satisfied with responses after it got broadcasted.

Q. If you meet Geon in real life, would you be able to like him?

A. Of course. Their first meeting wasn’t that pleasant, so I would wish we can meet differently in real life. (laughs) Geon can be prickly sometimes but he’s soft inside, kind, humorous, and he gives all to his woman. Isn’t that the best man? How can I not love him.

Q. If you grade you and Jang Hyuk’s chemistry out of 100, what would it be?

A. 100, you don’t even have to think about it! Just 100. No matter what. (laughs)

Q. What kind of energy do you get from each other?

A. Jang Hyuk is like a huge tree to me. I depend on him a lot on filming sites. No matter what kind of acting I do, he’s able to give proper reaction, and he always takes care of me so that I can become MiYoung most comfortably. He helps me act without any fear. Jang Hyuk is the energy and the pillar of our team.

Q. Any word to the world’s Kim MiYoungs, who are nice, plain and timid?

A. I love you. What else do I need to say. (laughs)

Q. If you get another offer with Jang Hyuk, would you take it?

A. If it is with Jang Hyuk, I want to take it no matter what. It’s just that, if we end up doing a project again, I think it could be some genre other than romantic comedy. I do wish we can meet again. (laughs)

Q. One last word for the audience who is loving your show.

A. As I add another project to my filmography, and every moment I wait for the premier, I get more nervous and even afraid, but the reason I still can be happy is because of those who watch my show. I’m always grateful. I promise to be Jang Nara who fills up what she lacks with effort. And I will do my best until the very last episode of ‘Fated to Love you’.



3 responses to “Interview – Jang Nara: “Another project with Jang Hyuk? I’ll do it no matter what!”

  1. 100 for chemistry between the two Jangs. Absolutely fabulous and we agree 100%.

  2. Love her comment about Jan Hyuk “he helps me act without fear…is the pillar and energy of our team”. Super compliment to give your co-lead.

  3. I’m so glad that Jang Nara has a great time working with Hyuk, as usual, most of the actresses complimenting how wonderful Jang Hyuk is in the sets.

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