Interview – Jang Hyuk: “Ridiculous but heart-fluttering, is the comment I like the most”

Q. ‘Fated to Love You’ is rising in ratings every week. How do you feel, and what’s your goal?

A. I am happy that it’s increasing little by little, but I’m happier that a lot of people are sympathizing with and enjoying the characters and chemistry in story line. I will keep try to make Lee Geon’s character loveable and understandable.

Q. People are calling Jang Hyuk-Jang Nara couple ‘snail couple’. Do you like it?
A. Like a snail, getting closer slowly but surely? (laughs). I enjoy the nickname. I guess it’s because the audience found that snail scene funny and impressive. I think approaching each other slowly and with patience, just like a snail, and ending up feeling different love than they started with is the charm of the snail couple. I hope the couple can be thought of as the perfect match by the time this drama ends.
Q. ‘Heuheuhahahahaha’ laugh became a trademark of Geon. Was it your intention? How was that laughter created?
A. It wasn’t intended in the beginning. It wasn’t for the trademark, but there was a scene in my movie where I laugh loudly. I tried it in the first script reading, and the director and writers loved it.
Lee Geon’s character has childish side, naive side, and also cold side in some aspects. So I thought what if I put this laughter in funny scenes? I tried it, and I’m grateful that many people liked it.
Q. Recently, more than comments like ‘handsome’, ‘attractive’, ‘heart-fluttering’, I think you hear more comments like ‘hilarious’, ‘ridiculous’. What do you prefer and why?
A. I also heard a lot of comments saying ‘hilarious and ridiculous, but at the same time heart-fluttering’, personally I like hearing that the most. Lee Geon’s character is not only for comedy, also not only for romance. This character has hilarious behavior pattern, but also can be very caring to a girl, and does carry that sweetness so when I hear “hilarious, ridiculous and heart-fluttering’, I get happy that I delivered it well
Q. How would you grade your chemistry with Jang Nara? Out of 100?
A. I can’t even put standardized number grade on it, I see the great chemistry myself when I look at us. When we are exchanging lines, I have faith in her reaction to my lines.
Q. ‘Fated to Love You”s every scene is legendary scenes that deserve to be be clipped and brought up again and again in the future. What’s your favorite?
A. If I’m asked to pick one right now, I pick the scene where Lee Geon runs into doctor’s room when Kim MiYoung went to obsterics. He runs in, the doctor asks who he is, he answers ‘I’m the father of the child’ and hears the baby’s heart beat. That scene is most memorable to me. I feel like since I’m married and have children, I could feel that scene with whole heart.
Q. One word to the audience who love ‘Fated to Love You’
A. It’s a comic and hilarious drama, but I think it’s closest to ‘home drama’ genre. I hope we can approach the audience as a drama that you can enjoy and share together with your family. Hope you enjoy ‘Fated to Love You’. Thank you

5 responses to “Interview – Jang Hyuk: “Ridiculous but heart-fluttering, is the comment I like the most”

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  2. this is a perfect example of 100 chemistry between the 2 Jangs. They were interviewed separately and yet the replies are similiar.

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  4. Like his comment about Jang Nara “I have faith in her reactions to my lines.” You can see they have faith in each other when you watch.

  5. I love that Hyuk has the ability to create his character from a 2D in a script to a 3D through acting. He is just amazing!

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