Fated to love you – Ep 6 – Thoughts and discussion

I read excellent comments about this episode. Let’s start talking! We can spoil about the episodes in the korean version that have aired until now. But, as usual, we’ll refrain from comparing to the tdrama.


88 responses to “Fated to love you – Ep 6 – Thoughts and discussion

  1. I rate this episode as the most TLC i have ever watched. Subtle change of heart by Gunnie, love the plaster change..so funny and yet so real, the kid in us.

  2. youholdthewater

    I pretty much agree with what everyone has already said, so I’d just like to add that I really loved the bit with the stepmother, when Geon just walks up to her and is all like “If you have something to say, you can say it to Mi Young’s face”. I loved that he stood up for her, but minus that macho how-dare-you-insult-MY-woman vibe. If you’re going to talk shit, do it where KMY can hear you. You know where she lives.
    (And because I loved this bit so much I’m kind of dreading the upcoming pissing contest between Geon and Daniel, but if they can keep that funny and inconsequential then I’m good).

    And with the impending arrival of Sera, I’m going to need one or both of the following; for Sera not to be horrible to Mi Young, and for Geon not to regress to being a cold jerkbutt again to prove a point or cement his loyalty to Sera.

    Also this is my first time commenting here! I hope it’s okay for me to butt in at this point, I’m so glad I found a space where we can talk about the show without the TW original version hanging over our heads all the time.

    • Hi there! Welcome to the blog and I also loved that scene plus it revealed a bit more about Geon’s feelings towards his mom.

    • Yes, isn’t it great? Thank you again @DF for opening this space up faithfully. It’s a real relief to have a place where I am not (too) worried about spoilers. I literally kept one eye shut recently when I peeked into Soompi. However, it also seems like the comparisons have died down, as this version got it’s feet under it and started establishing itself as a unique, possible better entity.

    • Love that scene too. In fact, I’m curious to see Mi Young’s reaction if the stepmother actually says it to her face. I think Geon sees and respects Mi Young’s strength. He knows that she’s capable of taking care of herself. So even when he stands up for her, he does not go to over-protective mode. He’s there to help her, not to take over her place.

      And yep! even though I pretty much know about the big spoilers of the TW version. I prefer discussing K-FTLY by itself. Who knows what more changes this version is going to make?

  3. Helloooo!i am sooooooo sorry Drama fan,i am so busy so i could not to come here(join to your blog from iran is soooo hard work)
    i love youuu and i miss youuu
    wow his new work is very cute,,jang nara is so beautiful.and our hyukie is so young and hand some..i will see it drama soon,i wait for persian subtitles:D
    see you again:)

  4. I dunno how this show does but boy it just knows exactly when and how to make me completely forget I ever had a doubt about where this was all going to go. Just when I was throwing some serious side-eye its way, the show pulls out a super duper episode! I peed my pants laughing. And I crumbled with the cuteness. Yunno Geon is so completely clueless and so bumbling that it’s hard to be annoyed with him for long. Or maybe all I need is some laughs and some squeees and I’m happy.

    And did they give him some kind of hereditary brain disease??

    • Hi DDee, I asked the same on twitter. It is a hereditary brain disease right? Well, its a kdrama that loves its tropes they had to right? lol It being a brain disease explains EVERYTHING! lol although it doesn’t cause it hasn’t manifested yet :p

      • You did?! Oh boy I subconsciously plagiarised you! Apologies.

        Yes I thought to myself, well that explains it! But you know this means they’ve forshadowed him thinking he’s going to die, landing in hospital due to the stress of either losing MY or having to choose between the two women, or something like that, right? That will either be played for laughs or tears, or since its FTLY, probably BOTH 😉

    • I think so. They didn’t say what exactly, but that explains why his ancestors died at a rather younger age…except for his parents who died in a car accident.

  5. I’ve said it before, and my opinion remains the same after episode 6. Daniel is over-stepping his line. Unnecessary provocation at the beginning and the end of the episode. If he wants to comfort or provide support to Mi Young, words of encourage are enough. But he did more than Mi Young asked him to..well, he did more when Mi Young didn’t ask him at all.

    • Maybe it’s just me. I don’t see what he did for Mi Young as romantic. At least, his characterization is consistent. He’s introduced as a guy who’s very full of himself, and it shows here. I guess it’s his flaw?

      • Yes I think it makes him more interesting than being a goody two shoes? And I’ll like it if Mi Young doesn’t accept this!

      • It does make him a more interesting character. He’s not perfect. And his acquaintance with Mi Young is based on a lie. I’m interested to see Mi Young’s reaction when she finds out that he’s not really a priest.

    • This is true, but he is doing to test Geon. He is a little aggressive in his pursuit though. I kind of enjoy that Lee Geon’s rival is someone with a strong personality and at the same time I want to send him far away from my OTP. They have so many things to sort out. BTW, I think I’m going to love the new misunderstanding. Mi Young will be mad at Geon! Yesssss I want him to beg her forgiveness. It’s another trope but I love it!

      • I don’t mind the rivalry. What bothers me is that he’s taking advantage of Mi Young’s vulnerability and her trust in him. It does create entertaining drama though…there won’t be any if Geon and Mi Young are allowed to sort things out on themselves. And yep it’s fun to see Geon’s rival is almost his polar opposite. Daniel’s character also fits the typical chaebol male lead, but he and Geon feel very different.

        Oh, I love the new misunderstanding too. It’s like a retaliation for what Geon did in ep 5. We know that Mi Young is very protective of things she considers hers. And I can’t wait to see Geon becoming the receiving end of her anger. It’s probably also a good chance for her to reexamine their marriage and her relationship with Geon. We’ll see.

    • I’m totally with u on this one. On one hand I’m happy that MY has a friend she can talk to, but what he’s doing is so over stepping the line. I don’t know about others, but if some one do that to my wife I’ll go n punch his lights out. (Not that in real life I’d ever have a wife or that I know how to fight, but yunno just saying)

    • Totally with you here. I was thrilled when he admitted he was conning her and was going to fess up, and then it all went south when he pulled that awful move at the end. It’s true that he’s consistent–he oversteps in her personal life earlier, so it makes sense that he has no issues being physical now. And his reasoning is so lame! Oh well, I’m happy it looks like we’ll get some funnies out it–let the ridiculous dick-swinging contest begin!

      • Yep! I was relieved when he decided to tell her the truth…in a very Daniel fashion. (He just couldn’t tell her in any other normal occasion but choose to do it at his exhibition…so it would make him look less terrible). But, nope, he just had to meddle. I really don’t like the move he pulled there. It’s good to see that the camera shows a glimpse of Mi Young’s discomfort and that she’s struggling against his physical advancement.

        It’s good that the angst will actually be about the problems Geon and Mi Young have, whereas Daniel and Geon’s pissing contest is used for laugh.

        • OMG yes! He just HAD to do it at his own exhibition right? At least he means Mi Young no harm and has the best of intentions, hopefully platonic ones. But his behaviour still sticks in my craw.

          The thing about pissing contests is that it’s never about the girl, it’s about the male ego. And yes! What’s awesome here is that the show has given Geon and MY a conflict that’s entirely separate frm Daniel (the soap factory), which allows the pissing contest to be used just for laughs, which won’t (hopefully) let MY be caught in the middle. As opposed to like say, Heirs, where the girl was cannon fodder, ping ponging between both boys.

          So here, the pissing contest can be exposed for what it really is–pure ridonculousness! I can’t wait 😉

          • Right? When I thought about the location he picked, I wanted to laugh. He’s so obvious. Between him and Geon, he seems to be the more egocentric one. (Se Ra’s assessment about him isn’t wrong then).

            Yes, pissing contest is about the male ego, it’s never about the girl. So I’m more than happy to see how the writers use the trope here. Whereas the couple’s conflict is about the real problems that lie between them.

            The stills of Daniel and Geon grabbing Mi Young had me worried, but after seeing the preview I’m more relieved. Let Geon and Daniel bring on all the ridiculous antics. I can’t wait for the hilarity ensued.

            • Definitely more egocentric of the two in my book. Geon’s more fragile, in the head and heart ;P.

              About Sera, isn’t it strange that no one thought to sit Geon down either before, during or after the wedding, and seriously ask him about her? I don’t expect Tak or MY to do that but what about grandma?

              • I also thought about this. Stop stealing my thoughts! (kidding). I’m surprised grandma has only casually mentioned Se Ra and has accepted Mi Young immediately. She scolded Geon for something related to Se Ra when she was also scolding him about letting Mi Young sleep on the sofa. But I didn’t understand what she meant. Could it be that she didn’t really like Se Ra? I still find it strange

              • I thought of it earlier too. At least grandma should have asked him about Se Ra after going home, if they didn’t have time when preparing for the wedding. Or she just assumed that Geon would break up with Se Ra and only realized that things were not right when finding out about Geon’s mistreatment of Mi Young?

                I don’t think grandma disliked Se Ra. She seemed to be happy for Geon when he told her about the proposal and sincerely hoping that his plan went well. But she probably felt disappointed in Se Ra after knowing that she stood him up and left for NY instead.

                • Yes she did seem happy for Geon. And does she know that Geon hasn’t broken the news to Sera? But maybe this isn’t the kind of show to be a stickler for details like this. It might drive us crazier than Geon ;P

                  • Grandma doesn’t jknow anything.,Is she concerned how Geon ended with another woman during his trip to Macau? No. She probably assumes her grandson is a player and it’s interesting that she is not judging Mi Young. I wonder what if the Hamoo guys had succeeded. They intended to have a man had unprotected sex with a strange woman. It’s actually disgusting. What if that woman had gotten pregnant? Would grandma accept her the same way? Like I said she doesn’t seem to want to know details, just as long as things happen how she needs or expects.,Geon hides things firom her as well.

                    • The Hamoo guys are disgusting, despicable leeches and I hope they get their just desserts. I don’t know if they intended the unprotected sex since the original woman he was supposed to sleep with was supposed to have been er prepared. But as grandma’s primary purpose is to ensure the bloodline continues, and it helps that MY is the sweet thing she is, she’s just thankful that it’s all “worked out”. You’re right, she hasn’t judged MY at all! Something I’d missed!

                    • The problem is grandma accepted Mi Young before she met her. She was too excited about her being pregnant to think.

                    • Crap I hv to hold my tongue & reply in the later thread or else I’ll be spoiling

                  • I can’t tell if she knows or not. Maybe not. :p Speaking of, there’s a deleted scene where grandma was in their room and she asked if Mi Young had been crying and why Geon didn’t wear his ring. This does fill in the gap as to why grandma reprimanded Geon in ep 5.

                    • I think that only makes it clear that grandma is very pushy and nosey and doesn’t give a damn whether her grandson loved another woman before. I want my OTP to find each other on their own terms. The grandma pushing the situation is not very nice to me.

                    • Your comments about grandma got me thinking. What she did after knowing about Mi Young’s pregnancy was not cute at all (if it’s meant to be cute or how ppl viewed it). It’s hard for me to watch the second half of ep 4. Even though the marriage was agreed upon by both Geon and Mi Young for the sake of the baby, they’re still more or less pressured into it by their families. Grandma was, in particular, the most pushy one. Her main concern throughout was that they’re saved. I get that she’s worried about their right to the family’s fortune and whatnot. But she entirely disregarded Geon’s emotional well being, and other things you already mentioned. The role grandma plays in Geon & Mi Young’s marriage is very bothersome. She sees it as the solution to the troubles and threats their family faces, but fails to recognize the impact on the people involved and the pain they’re going to endure. Talking about character growth, I do hope that there will be a moment for grandma to realize that family member(s) are more important than family business.

                      And yeah I hope she won’t meddle too much and will give them (Geon, Mi Young, Se Ra) space to sort things out when the time comes. Her pushing anyone won’t be of any help at all.

                    • Yes, this is a rom com but it deals with heavy subjects so it borders on disturbing at times. This makes it interesting to me, actually. Geon even had a, hilariously portrayed, nervous breakdown. Grandma seemed oblivious, absent, did she know, does she not care or is she used to her grandson having episodes? Only Geon’s assistant seems aware of him. And now Mi Young.

                    • Yes, this is a ‘rom com’ with heavy subjects, not exactly a light drama. I remember his assistant said during their discussion about the proposal in ep 1 that (living so long with his grandma only) Geon must be very lonely. So I don’t think they are very close…emotionally. Geon keeps things from her, and not just from her but from everyone. She’s unaware of what’s going on inside his mind. I won’t say she doesn’t care…but they appear to lack communication with each other. It’s possible that their conversations are mostly about the company and remain this way for years. I need to see more of their interactions. So far grandma comes off as more domineering than caring, especially after ep 4.

                    • Oh that explains it! I think a lot of important stuff (at leas for me) ends up on the cutting room floor! That’s good to know, at least the writers hv thought of it and haven’t glossed over stuff.

                    • Oh that explains it! I think a lot of important stuff (at leas for me) ends up on the cutting room floor! That’s good to know, at least the writers hv thought of it and haven’t glossed over stuff.

    • Daniel’s male protective instincts kicked to high gear when he accidentally saw the divorce document and when she finally admitted that all’s not well at Chez Lee. He knows Mi Young was just too kind and she would never readily fight back. Therefore, around Lee Geon, he gladly took on the role of Mi Young’s knight in shining armor. He seems to be well intentioned but he is not exactly truthful as to who he really was. Yeah, the last scene, when he hugged her forcibly, totally uncalled for.

      • Yup I am pretty sanguine about Daniel’s misdemeanors. From
        p.o.v LG is pretty much the rich ass who knocked a girl up, is marrying her to get an heir and then dumping her. Added to his knowledge of her struggle and his own background as an adopted child, I can totally see why he’s so protective of MY. I don’t see it as romantic feelings at all. Right now anyone who has MY’s back is golden. Oddly enough, that’s both men, just in different ways. ^.^

      • Mi Young has that magic power to make people want to protect her tbh. The fact that Mi Young shares the same name with his long lost sister is also part of the reasons he feels protective of her. And since he’s the only one who knows about all the worries and troubles Mi Young keeps from other people, he probably thinks of himself as her guardian angel. Still, he intruded to much in a situation he did not fully understand. I get where he came from, but I don’t have to like what he did.

  6. Even in the preview of ep7, there is a glimpse of Geon competing with Daniel running together, that reminds of Jang Hyuk in the Powerade CF 😀

  7. This is the first time I seen a drama with so many parodies, it can be an anime. Is there other dramas out there like this??

    Haven’t watch anything but the comments alr made me rofl.. haha

    • Even the teaser is a parody too. 😀

    • @fiveinone

      List of parodies
      – Titanic backhug
      – TJ’s ‘project’

      List of metaphors
      – LeeGeon’s man-cave for his heart where the Sera altar is
      – Bandage of lurrrve – one man after another ‘putting a band-aid on it’ 😉
      – Snail JangMi – slowly nudging her way into his heart

      Can’t beat [insert Hong Sister’s drama] yet, but the list is growing. 🙂

      • Some of these might or might not be references. Shampoo Ad looked like a reference to something he and Gary did when he appeared on Running Man. Chuno OST during the fight with the dog. Mi Young’s makeover reminded me of Bright Girl (although its a typical rom com trope) and when he won and she laughed at the casino I thought of Pretty Woman for some reason. A certain angle.

      • There was a refference to drama White Tower when Geon was sewing baby clothes 🙂

      • I agree that there can make a list or post/discussion on the parodies, references, or symbolism this drama uses. We as audiences probably don’t always get them. 🙂

  8. I loved that TJ appeared in the episode. This was a great episode. Geon has this way that he looks at Mi Young that is so tender. He doesn’t look at anyone else like that. I’m glad that we got some sweet tender moments before they go off the same page again. Daniel is a great second lead. I like the tension between the two guys.

  9. I’ve been thinking of something upsetting about the future of my couple. But I don’t want to ruin the spazz mood yet so I’ll wait until the spazz settles lol

    • What? Let’s talk about some upsetting thoughts. It’s bound to come.

      • Ok. I was thinking the following. Ugh I don’t like this scenario but here I go. Today we found out possibly the source of Geon’s pain. His parents died when he was young but that’s not all. His father was unfaithful to his mom and made her cry. This is the memory he has of them. He blames his father and tries to be the opposite of him. He also remembers his mother hiding so he wouldn’t see her cry 😦 What if they put him in the position of his father, “between two women”. While experiencing something similar to his father he might be able to forgive him? The problem is he’ll be hated again if he is undecisive.

      • I can picture it happening. It would be hard for him to cut off his tie with Se Ra. His growing feelings for Mi Young and being married to her do not negate the fact that he loves Se Ra. I think Geon’s indecisiveness would be unavoidable, and he’s going to hate himself for it and for making two women suffer. It’s messy but it’s also real. I’m curious to see how the writers deal with Geon’s dilemma. I hope they won’t do it by making Se Ra evil. That’s too convenient a way out.

        I know people will probably hate Geon for that. So it’s going to be a testament to the writers’ ability on how to deal with such a subject. (Now I want to watch Soulmates just to see how Jo Jin Guk made it work).

      • Actually, this is where Geon’s character growth is probably going to come from. I mentioned earlier that he has to confront his feelings and deal with Sera. Being torn between these two women will probably make him see his father’s situation in new light and examine his resentment towards his dad. It’s heart wrenching cos his feelings for both are valid and real. So I agonise for him. And I hope the writers will handle this well enough so that none of the folks involved become too unreasonable, or become totally evil.

  10. I didn’t catch the hot karaoke moment! I watched on my phone! Now I want to rewatch ASAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  11. MUAHAHAHAHA Tumblr turned up this gem.

    I didn’t know. LOL. And I can’t watch more than 5 seconds. LOOOLLL

  12. lol ep 5 &6 are like a roller coaster ride. I want to frame all the cute moments and keep them in my pocket.

  13. Here here!

    Loved it too. Tender Lee Geon is back. Bittersweet with the divorce, Sera and the factory hanging over their heads. Triple Jeopardy.
    This show has some wacky editing and some weak storytelling, but overall it has so much heart and such wonderful leads, I choose to park my brain at the door and just enjoy the feels.
    Not gonna analyse! I like Daniel, I like Lee Geon. I luff Mi Young and her mom. All other distractions are angst to make the sweet sweeter. 😛

    • I feel the same today. I just want to swoon!

      • Then here comes the spazz….

        Most memorable moment:
        Good golly, did Lee Geon just do the most sexual Karaoke I have ever seen? While singing trot? I just… there was this one moment in the middle of the song where he gave her the ‘I want sex, right now’ look. Did my eyes deceive me or did you get it too?

        >..< I felt every scrape, and it was too funny when you two-foot-kicked it away.

        To me, it doesn't matter if it's driven by male possessiveness or by his own growing feelings – it feels like the scales were tipped and he only has to put a label on his feelings now.

        • He was too sweet for it to be possessiveness. He was moved by her two nice actions. He is loving being with her and her mom! I just loved him with her mom! He is a needy man. And if anyone else was playing him I’d roll my eyes. But I just love Geon. Rationally its too early for him to love Mi Young. But I feel them! I do! He just needs to break with Se Ra ASAP!

      • Me ME! So I’m not the only one. I got it too! He’s giving her ‘I want to sex you up’ look in the middle of the song…

      • It’s less like possessiveness for me. Okay, maybe a little when he changed the band aid, but it’s more due to Daniel’s provocation. (Seriously, Daniel’s provocation was so unnecessary, huh.)

        Overall, I think he genuinely cares for Mi Young. He enjoys taking care of her and making her happy. The feeling of doing something nice for her makes him happy. There’s no interest, no calculation involved. He wants to be needed and the feeling to be reciprocated.

    • @spideysteve Phew. I thought I was starting to hallucinate.

  14. Where is everyone? I loved this episode so much!!!!!!

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