Fated to love you – Ep5 – Thoughts and discussion

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68 responses to “Fated to love you – Ep5 – Thoughts and discussion

  1. I’m probably the least sympathetic person here towards Geon right now! He wormed his way into my heart but his taking out his regrets on Mi Young is hard to take despite me knowing it was coming. He could straight up ask her if it was a hoax but instead he lashes out at her. It’s cowardly. Just like he baulked at telling Sera on the phone. He’s supposed to be some overgrown kid judging by that man cave (or rather boy cave), so I think I’m supposed to see him as being unable to process pain maturely and recognise he’s really just angry with himself for betraying Sera and getting himself into this mess. That’s fine, if MY wasn’t so vulnerable and meek. While I think MY has a certain strength of character in the sense that she in no way is false with her feelings unlike Geon, he holds all the cards in his hands in terms of money and power and so him doing this to her comes across as bullying. And that’s what really irks me. I don’t like bullying especially when it’s towards a sweetheart like MY, who wants nothing more than for everyone to be happy. Not because she’s needy or has a hole in her heart to fill, but because she just genuinely wants happiness for others.

    So there, I say POOOH to Geon. And I’m disappointed in him. And you can only be disappointed by those from whom you expect more. 🙂

    • He has practically no reason to believe she wasn’t in cahoots with the islanders. He already asked and she already denied. That is not the point. The point is, even if she believes she is not malicious, she is such a pabo, who does anything others ask, that for now, from his point of view she could’ve been manipulated into doing that. And he hasn’t done nothing too outrageous but be cold and ask for a divorce. As long as she answers back, there is no bullying. She answered back. People with money will always be the less sympathetic to the audience. I actually pity their weakness. They thing they can solve everything with it.

      • But she doesn’t just go along with everything when push comes to shove, and he saw that in Macau and when she stood up for herself to that lawyer. And if he does think she so dumb as to be manipulated into being in cahoots with them and unwittingly drugged too, then how can it be all her fault? Why get angry at her? And after all he’s seen of her, and we know they bonded sincerely, can he really seriously think she’s capable of such deceit and manipulation?

        I think he jumps to that conclusion because it allows him to direct his anger at MY and therefore avoid dealing with the fact that he betrayed Sera. It’s easier to lash out at MY and play the victim, instead of facing the reality that he’s lost the love of his life.

        This turnaround after he showed alot of care and concern, is a slap in the face to MY. And she says as much when he gives her the divorce papers. It’s effectively Geon going back on his word. It’s much worse than if Geon had been just cold and mean from the start.

        I understand that the speed at which decisions were made floored him more than her, and he’s not in his right mind because of it. But he’s handling the fallout poorly. I wish he would be honest with himself and her, but I guess that’s the journey. There would be no drama if Geon doesn’t screw up.

        And no, I don’t believe that just coz the person on the receiving end answers back the act of bullying gets negated.

  2. I’ve been trying to think of something to add to the discussion but my brain keeps dissolving into a puddle of squee. Kitchen ghost! Hand snail! Boob massage! So much zany comedy to love. Then I cried buckets when Geon presented Mi Young with the divorce papers. I’m so proud of her for being brave and honest about her feelings. And for standing up to him, even just a little bit, because we’ve seen how hard that is for her.

  3. loving this show more and more….that massage scene was epic! Jang Hyuk is nailing it with his awesome comic timing 😀

  4. Is it just me who want MY to fall for Geon first instead of vise versa? he was a very complex and lonely character. like the article said all woman in his life step on him even his own grandma not to mention Se Ra. i want Mi Young fall for the good side of him that he rarely bare to anyone. most of K-Drama always guy fall for a girl first and i really like for something different here.
    those two character is different but similar. Geon is tough outside but very vulnerable inside and Mi Young maybe look meek and weak outside but she strong inside. i love how the writer blend and balance this two character together.

    • I totally agree with this. Since MY alr has the best of both worlds (2 guys for her), I really want MY to fall in love with Geon first. But don’t seem to be the path the writer is taking though… *sends telepathy*

    • My dear Yoeda, are you sure that males fall for the girls first in kdrama? Cause so far! The few rom coms I saw, the girl fell for the jerk like an idiot EXCEPT in Jang Hyuk’s case lol! Point in case Gong Hyo Jin fell for the guy in Master’s Sun first and in Pasta first, but in Thank You she wouldn’t let Jang Hyuk kiss her lol Bright Girl is the only drama where I saw the chaebol fall first. So are you sure its not just desperation as a Jang Hyuk fan to see him be loved first at least once?

      • yeah, i rarely watch k-drama lately but the last time i watch Secret Love Ji Sung head over heels for Hwang Jung Eum even he want revenge. and last year You’re The Best LSS, Jo Jung Suk following IU doormat character everywhere she goes. LOL.. but that’s popular trend there. i’m sure it’s not my desperation. hahahhaha.
        as for Geon character i want him to be love genuinely. he has so much issue in his life. i want him to feel how being love not for granted like Se Ra do to him rite now.:D

        • He needs to experience a bit more of an unconditional love. Everyone wants something from him, including his dear grandma. Something that is not his happiness I mean. Such is life, but it’s nice to feel or dream there is one person in the world that could love you like that, where the only expectation of the other person is that you are you, and you love them back. Usually such love comes from the parents. As we grow old, we all give up on such lazy love where we dont have to make an effort to receive but sometimes when he are pressured by life, no matter how old we are, don’t we secretly crave that for a moment? I have no doubt Grandma loves him but she is more preoccupied with the company’s future. Of course this is connected to her love for him, she knows being the CEO is Geon’s life but since she naturally sees him as what he is, an adult and a man, she is taking all the pressure he carries for granted and adding even more pressure on him

    • Exactly Yoeda! that’s what I meant by him having issues. Not only is he lonely but paranoid and insecure. I wish the drama addressed it since they will address Mi Young’s issues and this does not mean it will turn into a serious drama

    • I’m not sure…how their relationship is going to develop. For Mi Young, what she feels for him seems to be mostly gratitude. He’s a guy she feels safe with. As for Geon, he cares a lot about her despite thinking that she’s in cahoots with the Hamo duo. So far, it’s not hard to tell they like each other, but that’s not love yet. It would be interesting to see the development of their feelings.

      Agreed on your assessment of their characters. MY might appear weak, but she’s the stronger one, whereas Geon is very sensitive and vulnerable on the inside.

      • Yeah I get it that they haven’t reach the stage that they really fall for each other, but when it comes I’d like it for MY to fall for Geon first. not because of graditude or she thinks he’s a nice guy, but having experienced his worst, and still can’t help falling in love with him. Lol I know I know, I’m dreaming. Haha

      • fiveinone, lets dream together. 😀

      • Maybe her strength is the fact that she is self aware? This is partially why I don’t feel a radical change in her is necessary although there are moments when I feel she does need to change. When I feel her passiveness a little too much and this is mostly connected to her islanders. And this is why I kept feeling that Geon does need to change since real Geon is very insecure and wears a facade of confidence. Since he doesn’t seem aware of this and its all “comical” they might just leave it as that. But anyway, that is why I’m more curious about him. She is lovely and easy to root for but I know where they are going with her character pretty clearly.

      • Yeah, self-aware is one word for it. I don’t know how to describe her strength. Usually, she’s meek and docile, but if there’s a thing, a belief, that she wants to protect, she stands up for it, like her earrings in ep 1 and baby in ep 5. But those instances are still rare in comparison. Like I said above, she needs to learn how to draw boundary, be more confident, and try to prioritize her needs first.

        Funnily, I think Geon is similar to Mi Young in a way, that he puts his family and his company before his own needs. Since his parents died when he’s quite young, he has had to shoulder the burden as the only heir of the family since then. He has to live up to the expectation and keeps the business running. The responsibility comes with being born into this family, it’s not something that comes with what he wants, what he asks for. Can I say he’s been living for others too? Maybe? But is there anyone who really cares about what he wants, who really listen to him? I’m sure grandma loves him, but there’s more pressing matter on her mind. And Se Ra fills that void, I think. She’s probably one of the few things that he wants for himself, that make him truly happy. That’s why she’s extra precious to him. But since their relationship seems unbalanced, his loneliness probably never did go away. (lol I digress, but well I still need to think about this more).

        • I agree with everything you said. I’ll only add that the lonely rich person (not just guy) or the lonely head of family type of characters, are archetypes. The same as the pushover sweet underdog. So none of this is new. But the writers, director and actors are giving these characters some uniqueness that makes them stand out. I do tend to “feel” for lonely characters in general and for those who struggle to bear responsibilities. In this case Geon and Mi Young have that in common.

        • To me they are both characters who don’t own their lives yet. They do live for others. We all have to carry responsibilities since we live in a society. But there needs to be a balance between conforming to others expectations and your own dreams, wishes, wants. We can’t live entirely for one or the other.

      • Yes, archetypes. But FTLY make them work. It’s probably because they approach the main characters in such a realistic way that, despite all the absurdities that are happening around them, it’s easy to connect with and root for them. They’re not treated as caricatures but as real people. Oh yeah and I love that the humor is situational rather than using their characters as the butt of jokes.

        “they are both characters who don’t own their lives yet” they don’t. And like you said, they both need to find a balance between conforming to others and without sacrificing themselves.

  5. I was wondering how the show would handle Mi Young’s move and was worried that it would become more Geon-focused since we are now in his world, and MY is so far removed from her old life–losing her job, her one friend, her home, family, on top of being preggers. And I’m quite pleased that we still see things mainly through her eyes and experience her sense of displacement. That scene with the robot sweeper thingamajig (what’s that called?) captured this beautifully. Jang Nara continues to nail it 100%! I look at her face and her little nose turns red when she’s about to cry and I just crumble!

    And did I miss something coz grandma’s saying the kid’s a boy? Or is that just her wishful thinking or the show glossing over a plot point?

    • Probably grandma’s wishful thinking. Another reason why I don’t find her that adorable. She is one track minded, so far. The original was pretty focused on the leading lady’s journey. I have no doubts that this is Mi Young’s journey as it is written so I don’t worry about her. I do hope that Geon will be much more than just “the guy who makes her cry and hate men until she becomes stronger” I hate that trope and I’d hate for Jang Hyuk to be underutilized again. His last drama was painful enough for me. But I still feel I can trust these writers to flesh out all the characters as much as possible. And worse case scenario he is still very amusing to me.

      • I was wondering if grandma’s telling MY “you are good and kind” was sincere or not since she hasn’t done anything to show us that she’s the typical evil in-law. Does she really like MY or is she only being nice coz of the baby? Because truly, does she know MY enough to say that?

        • It’s BS. She was happy with the “great grandson” before she even knew Mi Young. But we are supposed to assume grandma is clairvoyant maybe. In my view, she wouldn’t care if Geon marries a horse as long as he produces a heir. She was talking about the company and how Geon was going to ruin everything before she mentioned Mi Young sleeping on the couch. But I’m being a nitpicker because grandma is supposed to be “adorable”.

          • Yeah I suppose. I think I’m just happy that she’s not mean or cold to MY when she could easily be! I’m fine with just one overtly evil woman in that house 😛

            • Im going to bed now. I hope today’s episode is more fun for me. The Jjangs being cute is enough really. I didn’t expect depth going in so I’ll just go back to that mindset

              • Nite! They are uber cute and Geon is so much more than just a clown, very clearly. I think he’ll get there, and Sera will have a big role to play. I hope.

            • It is refreshing because typically the woman of the house doesn’t approve of the poor girl for the rich chaebol. Her reasoning might not be the best, but I do think that she does genuinely like Mi Young (or I like to think so)

              • She does according to the writers. I was just pointing out what bothered me. But I think we are supposed to believe grandma loves Mi Young from the start.

              • I’d like to think so too, and that she sticks up for her in front of the clan elders says a lot about her genuine feelings, or else she would’ve just caved, no?

      • She probably has a general good impression of Mi Young. But I don’t feel their bond yet, and they really didn’t have much time to know each other. It’s more likely that she’s being nice to Mi Young because of the baby.

    • I love that scene too, nice and did a great job at fleshing out Mi Young’s sense of displacement and lost.

      I suppose since the Lee family has only one boy in each of the nine generation. Grandma would naturally assume that the baby is a boy.

      • I didn’t hear anything about a boy. Must have missed it.

        DF: I don’t think JH is being under-utilized. I am enjoying the depth he is giving Geonie. I have never watched him in anything before, though I understand he usually does more intense, tortured roles. It’s a Romcom, so it can’t be too dark. I like it when these usually intense actors do a light role, but bring a tinge of bitterness to the role. The same happened with So Ji Sub and TMS. FWIW, I think JH is well-cast here.

        • Lol he has done maybe 2 tortured roles, more intense in general but people associate him, understandably with his most famous role in Chuno. But no, he has played normal guys, wimpy guys too, all kinds of guys. I love his work here now and it’s a good experience for him but yeah all I was referring to here was to evolution, growth of a character. This does not depend on the actor, but the writers. I was hoping as a fan that his character also has growth. He is already fun for me, he already has layers, in my opinion, but will he go somewhere else and how? His path is not as obvious to me as Mi Young’s. I understand that not everyone is interested but I am, that’s all.

      • @Webfoot I didn’t either. But if grandma really thinks it’s a boy, that’s probably because of their family genealogy.

      • Oooh yeah forgot about that one boy thing!

        I think if I can get one scene like that in each episode and one scene where I can giggle a bit, I’m happy. I giggled at the boob massage. Couldn’t help it–the boob massaged her boobs.

  6. Oh my oh my. Going to keep this comment post spoiler-free since you haven’t watched it yet DF. More about overall structure and handling of the story.

    The pace in this ep slowed down and I think that is a good thing. The manic speed of events in ep1-4 was pretty impossible to keep up. In return we get CONSEQUENCES. So many of them, and Sera hasn’t even come back yet. Aiiiiii. Someone promise to come mop me off the floor when that happens. 🙂

    Getting married was the solution, at the end of ep4, but in this ep we see it clearly is NOT a one-step solution as we get to see everyone adapting to the new state of affairs. Each reaction set up a new bunch of questions and challenges, and through it all Little Mi Young shone. I luff the little pink snail. ^.^ If anyone reading this can point me to a wallpaper with that snail on it, I’ll be grateful!

    Minor quibble : Contrivances. Come on Show, you’re better than that. It’s getting a bit too convenient.

    Overall: Five episodes in and it’s a resounding RECOMMENDED. Two thumbs up!

    • That was a great non spoilery comment! but spoil away cause I’m about to watch 🙂

    • Definitely a slower paced episode. It’s funny how the reactions on Viki and Soompi were different. On Viki lots of hate for Geon, on Soompi more balanced. They at least noticed he is struggling. I think Mi Young was perfect. She doesn’t really need anybody to defend her. Lots of swooning for Daniel on both places and laughing at Geon. It was slow but ironically I felt like time flew by. It might be my lack of objectivity but my favorite scenes were the one where Mi Young scared Geon in the kitchen, the pre natal classes, and “our snail must eat” in the middle of a meeting. The upsetting scenes were well acted by both Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara. She was vulnerable and brave and while he was being a jerk I felt his struggle, she moves him. Plus, I just find the low deep voice he makes too sexy. Not a lot of people noticed he was hesitating on Viki though. People were too busy hating him and crying for Mi Young. While I don’t like what he is doing I can still see why he is angry. It becomes more clear to me when I hear the brother in law and Hamoo hamoo guy expecting Geon will give them a position or something? Those leeches! The way they pressure Mi Young is disgusting and also realistic, which makes it more disgusting. Grandma is cute but she also pressures Geon a little too much in my opinion.

      • I absolutely understand his struggle. He’s hurting from losing the love of his life (so far). He’s backpedalling, which I normally would hate, except that he thinks she and the islanders were in cahoots. He feels betrayed and cheated. So it’s understandable that he’s settled on this way to extricate himself. The only thing I didn’t understand was why he seemed to forget his good impression of Mi Young too.

        The scene that got me was the divorce paper signing. Even as my head was laughing at me, “Again, Webfoot?!” I was sniffling and rubbing away tears. Every time MiYoung takes a hit, processes it, then rolls with it, my heart squeezes for her. Every time she pronounces a positive guiding principle for her behaviour, in her tinny voice, I cheer for her. The funny thing is, I don’t understand why I root for her so much, since I can’t really tell the difference between her ‘downtrodden but brave k-drama heroine’ and all the other ones out there.

        The other thing that made me cry – Mom. “You have no status, you have no money, but you have your Mom”. Awright, you go Momma!!!

        LOL Grandma was totally transparent. But Geon is a sweetheart to pander to her, even when he’s hurting. Pre-natal class was bizarre though. Who massages boobs in public???

        Viki is short for vicious. LOL. Vicious Viki.

        Re: Swooning over Daniel. It’s just the Choi Jin Hyuk effect. Something about his boyish smile and his tall body. I swooned too, so LeeGeon better bring back his tender self really quickly!!!

        • I honestly don’t swoon over Choi Jin Hyuk but I tend to take forever to swoon over actors. I swoon over characters. And Daniel is nice but, I don’t know, no swooning from me. Maybe some day.

        • And the more I think about it, while it seems impossible to think she was in cahoots, just the thought that those guys are people she defends is enough to feel repulsed. I really hated those guys in this episode. I’m
          not a fan of her sisters either.

      • You are made of tougher stuff than most, then. 🙂
        Agree about the sisters and the HamuHamu. They are clearly users.

      • I blame it on the SLS, they r rooting on the second lead too much (cos he’s CJH) hence the hating on the lead. Lol

        • I think they are hating on the lead because he is making Mi Young cry. Viki did start with the place full of CJH fans already hating on the lead but that’s another story.

        • Soompi is now more balanced even though the thread’s mod is a CJH fan. But most people seem to be enjoying all characters and trying to understand them. Also, the place is full of tdrama fans and the general concensus is Geon is still more likable than the original lead (and I’ll stop here cause that’s the one rule we have here, no comparisons with the tdrama) I’m not used to see fans of a Jang Hyuk drama having SLS, but since Geon is more on the quirky comical side I can see people not seeing past that? passed the hair? passed the laugh? I see much more but maybe its because I already know him. Im trained, maybe. I see people laughing with him at least, so that’s something.

      • Neither of the guys is in my favor rn tbh. They have their reasoning. Geon and Mi Young are more complicated. But in Daniel and Mi Young’s case, I don’t see their scenes in ep 5 as swoon-worthy. Though, it’s nice that Mi Young has someone she can talk too. It’s a bit jarring seeing Mi Young being so trusting with him while he couldn’t bring himself to tell her that he’s actually not a priest. Maybe his intention is good, but in a way he’s taking advantage of Mi Young’s trust too. And I’m also disturbed by the hug in the preview. Mi Young’s not a thing, guys!!!!

      • @spideysteve YES. I’m not feeling both of the dudes right now, though I know where Geon’s coming frm at least and I can see his discomfort plus he’s well, Geon! Pitt however…isn’t he a tad nosy, poking his (very handsome) nose in her business, and telling her this and that like he knows her? Dood, that’s totally over-stepping and presumptuous. He doesn’t mean her harm, but his deception isn’t a plus. But why do I feel like it’s going to be used for some comedy with grandma & him and MY?

        And that hug? I think Geon’s using her as a human shield against whatever animal that’s gonna freak him out next. Butterfly? Grasshopper?

        • It looks like she was falling and Geon grabbed her. I know you care mostly about Mi Young but good writers should be able to balance it out so you can get all the Mi Young goodness you need and I can get my Geon to evolve. One character shouldn’t need to be sacrificed for the other. Plus this is a romance. The ideal is to care about the couple. Both of them. The second leads could also be fleshed out and be compelling, especially since they hired actors with good reputations to play them.

      • @DDee Too nosy for my taste. I do think that the painting scene was nice, but later during their conversation Mr. Pitt came off a bit patronizing, and yes over-stepping. Especially when they’re not close and this dude is lying to her. I don’t mind if they use his mistaken identity for some comedy but I hope they can also address Mi Young’s reaction on being lied to. I hope…I guess, It’s not going to be pretty.

        Not Geon and Mi Young. I meant the part where Pitt pulls Mi Young to him right in front of Geon. I was like “PITT, back off!”

      • i’m agree with @spideysteve about Daniel character. i don’t like it when he just grab MY in front of Geon like that. even he know Geon acting harsh with MY but there’s no reason for him to hug someone else wife in front of her husband. i want more from his character. as we know in k-drama about second lead, care too much the bigger the heartbroken will be.
        as for Geon reach for her, he has right as her husband. and just let that be without any action proving you’re not totally a man and show what kind of husband you’re. but, i do agree she’s a human being not some kind of goods.

      • Ugh Daniel’s lies are so hard to stomach and he IS patronising. And there’s a bit of that in Geon too in earlier episodes when he takes credit for her standing up for herself (I forget which ep precisely but it’s when they hv coffee after meeting again at the office). They both have a tendency to do that to her.

        • He said he turned her into crazy glue and then she went back to her normal self. She appreciated his help so there must be something there. She also appreciates Daniel’s support. If she does that, they will think they had something to do with it.

        • And this is my beef with passive people. Men and women will patronize you if you let them. She allows this to happen. Her friend patronizes her too. Her mom too. Everyone.

          • Ya. You are right. But she does seem capable of sticking up for herself. It’s interesting to me how she can seem very meek but then surprise me and can be strong willed and vocalize it clearly.

        • About patronizing. I can’t speak for Daniel much, but he is looking for a little sister and Mi Young fills that void now. She seems fragile and people like that attract people who will either want to protect them or shake them to react. That protection can turn into patronizing. Geon on the other hand, didn’t feel sorry for her because he is a saint or anything. He saw her as an equal. He covers his insecurity with artificial confidence so he thought that giving her a makeover would help her because that’s the way he copes. So I don’t see patronizing from him since he has established he sees her as an equal by explicitly saying “We are the same”

          • Yes that’s exactly where Daniel is coming from, and that’s exactly why he over-steps and patronises her too. Rather than thinking of her as an adult who can make decisions and respecting her boundaries, he talks to her as if she’s a child in need of saving. When he hardly knows a thing about her.

      • Yes, she lets them. This reminds me of my earlier thoughts on what Mi Young needed to change. She needs to learn how to draw boundary so that people around her would not step over their lines. Right now, she’s letting people walking all over her. It’s especially dangerous when it comes to people who claim to care about her. She needs to stand her ground in the face of those who are close her even more.

  7. This is a drama that it is worth talking about the little things like costuming, set design camera angles and especially snails. My sense is from the first 5 episodes that Fated To Love You will be a textbook example as to how to use color to enhance the written script.

    • This sounds interesting. Explain?

    • I don’t know what the colors mean bur there is a lot of blue! starting from Geon’s suits but today I noticed the men on the meetings also wore blue and Mi Young’s skirt was a beautiful bright blue one. Then all the vibrant colors during the painting scene with Daniel. All that color puts me in a good mood!

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