Fated to love you – Ep5 – preview

How did Geon go from his insomnia induced paranoid rampage, to back hugging Min Young? eh? Let’s hope this is not a dream! but even if it is, The JJangs look so so CUTE in their matching couple pajamas that I just have to scream!!!

From the preview it seems our drama will continue strongly on the comedy side yay!

If Geon’s big revenge consists on stripping in front of and backhugging Min Young then BRING IT ON! Wednesday, we need you NAO!



More teasers 😀 suspicious selfies! karaoke and Mi Young and Daniel? Me thinks jealous mind is imagining that one! We’ll find out in a few hours YAYYYYYYY!!!!!








3 responses to “Fated to love you – Ep5 – preview

  1. They definitely look adorable in their matching PJs! I think Geonie must have seen something scary, like a snail, so that he hides behind MY. The smiley picture probably is taken while they’re rehearsing.

  2. Their PJs are so cute! I like how hers are frilly

  3. Stripping, backhug, and frying pan don’t sound like revenge, at least not the ‘mean’ kind but the hilarious kind. Oh, and it looks like he’s not wearing his wedding ring in the new stills for ep 5?

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