Fated to love you Ep 4 – Thoughts and discussion

Hi! Opening the post for spoiler free and comparison free discussion

The wedding: While making screen caps I remember how much I loved the phone call Geon made to Se Ra. It breaks my heart because it reminds me that Se Ra exists, that Geon loved her and that her return is going to bring a lot of pain.

There was a long discussion on twitter about how Geon has betrayed Se Ra and he deserves to be punished by her. To me, betrayal is a very strong word and he doesn’t need more punishment that what he already got. The mess he is in, is not something he initiated. And the “mistake” of marrying Mi Young, was not ill intentioned. It was also for their baby.

While re-watching episode 4, some things became clear to me. One point people bring up ,in defense of Geon, is that Se Ra, left Geon first. This implies that Geon doesn’t owe Se Ra anything. I disagree. Why? Because Geon did not marry Mi Young due to Se Ra. The two events are unrelated.

Geon was hurt, as was evident by his words to Mi Young on episode 2, the pain that Se Ra gave him is what allowed him to identify with Mi Young, right? But he forgave Se Ra, as he had done many times before.

Why didn’t he call Se Ra right away? He never said anything, we only saw him brooding in a locker room and we assumed he was “punishing” Se Ra or just hurt. But when he called her before the wedding he told her “Don’t say sorry, I am the one who is more sorry”

Before that, when he asked Mi Young for marriage he said “I have lost, all my qualifications as a man to Se Ra” This makes it obvious that he feels he wronged Se Ra by sleeping with Mi Young. I don’t even agree he should feel guilty for doing something while drugged. The man was practically raped by those Hamoo guys (I know this is a rom com, but the fact remains) If you think about it, both Geon and Mi Young should go to therapy but anyway, let’s not dwell on that, since the characters apparently accepted this a lot better than some of us did.

Anyway, Geon feels dirty or guilty towards Se Ra before the wedding. He is not yet aware that he was drugged, therefore he blames himself and only himself. I am convinced that the moment he asked Mi Young to marry, he was giving up on Se Ra and thinking of Mi Young as his new parter with whom he would raise a child and possibly make himself love in the future. But his primary reason for marrying Mi Young is to raise their baby. Was it a backwards decision? Well, maybe we either have to accept that this is the drama’s universe or maybe Korean society is different than ours. But I am told that single mothers still carry a stigma in Korea, therefore Geon did what he had to do. Give Mi Young a status and the baby a father.

Then, he finds out he was drugged. He no longer blames himself. Now he feels “raped” wronged, his life turned upside down by complete strangers. His mistake is in blaming Mi Young, who is as much as victim as he is.

Now that he feels he is not guilty of sleeping with Mi Young, I assume he wants to explain the whole mess to Se Ra. Whether he expects her to understand or not is a different matter and we have no clue about this, but Im sure that he is hoping to have such a difficult conversation, in person. Not only is it something almost impossible to explain but he was definitely being careful not to upset Se Ra while she was performing, since these are probably her last chances to be the prima ballerina she has fought so hard to be. Geon knows that Se Ra’s career is more important than him.

His plans with Mi Young changed, now he wants a divorce. But as he becomes convinced that she was also a victim, he’ll be once again torn.

I seriously don’t think the guy deserves any more punishment than what he already got and will get. Sex was not his choice. Marrying was not done for selfish reasons and was done under a lot of distress. Not telling Se Ra by phone has many explanations.

I’ll add screencaps and gifs when I get a chance

For now I watched scenes without subs and, there was a bittersweet wedding and this episode felt particularly like a fairy tale, with Geon turning into “the beast” towards the end 😦 with thunderstorm in the background included. It looked both sad, tragic, scary, but wacky and funny too? This weird mix of “feelings” lol! but it works for me, somehow

There was a lot of emotional scenes too at the beginning, carried very well by our two leads. This is the Jang Hyuk I know btw, the one who shows emotions without talking in a subtle natural way, ahhh my Hyukie, still there somewhere behind crazy Geon. And I’m continuously pleasantly surprised by Jang Nara’s natural acting.

More scenes with Daniel. I guess now that Geon went nuts, he’ll come to help Mi Young (We knew this was going to happen, but I’m kind of sad to lose dashing Geon like that 😦 I hope this “beast” stage doesn’t last too long) And I’m glad we got to see his good side, so we can at least understand if Mi Young has patience with him, during his “stupid” times?

AND I hear a snail kept appearing in the drama WTF? I need to see this and somebody needs to explain the significance of this






50 responses to “Fated to love you Ep 4 – Thoughts and discussion

  1. Se Ra does remind me a lot of the girlfriend in Goong. You are right, the rest is very different, but that is a good observation.

  2. Did anyone here watch Goong? The story in the beginning sort of reminded me of it, where the two main characters are forced to marry when the guy already proposed to his ballerina girlfriend (who refuses for her own career in ballet). Of course everything else is different, but I just wanted to point it out ^^ And like Goong I bet you Sera will be coming back and confusing Gun..sigh. Anywho, I can’t wait to see how Gun reacts when she actually gets the baby, that’ll be pretty amusing lol.

  3. Thinking about things more closely, part of what may be driving Geon’s suspicion of Mi Young are a couple of clues that taken out of context are pretty damning. First, before the two Soap Factory Morons pulled the sheet off her head they called Mi Young their island’s patriot Miss KIM. By the time they realized it was the wrong Miss Kim the damage was already done. Secondly, in order to legally get the abortion Mi Young had to sign the paper saying that they were intoxicated or unconscious when she got pregnant. While Mi Young thinks she’s lying (but really isn’t), Geon can’t know for sure whether or not she knew about him being drugged but just never intended to get pregnant. So from his perspective things look pretty bad.

    • Yeah, and seeing the gift from Park was like reconfirming his initial suspicion. In episode 2, he accused Mi Young of pulling a con on him with her bro-in-law, and it’s only after Mi Young explained herself again and again (and thankfully she reserved the room under her name) and Geon saw it for himself that the room number was upside down that he’s willing to believe her. The seed of suspicion was there. And the factory workers asking Mi Young to marry Geon for their sake didn’t make her look good either. Now his suspicious nature, the pain of having to give up Se Ra, and the pressure of marrying someone who’s practically a stranger get the better of him. I just hope that he will come to his senses sooner and realize Mi Young is still the sincere and sweet girl he saw in Macau.

      • Yeah the thing with the factory workers looks really bad too. Our OTP needs to get themselves out onto a balcony ASAP so they can talk about their feelings. 🙂

    • Hi TK, this makes a lot of sense although we didn’t see him making that connection but they might show it later. One thing I’d like to point out is that Geon was already drunk and laughing maniacally and there was thunderstorm in the background, before he “realized” he had been trapped. I know him laughing like that is not a big deal lol! but I feel that he was going nuts before he felt betrayed? Maybe because of the pressure? He was already stressed out? and then boom the thought of Mi Young’s betrayal just pushed him over the edge. He looks fine (at least less crazy) on the previews but we are yet to see what’s going on in his head after his breakdown passes. I still hope there is a lot of comedy mixed in with the dramatic and heartwarming moments. The previews looked hopeful in that sense 🙂

      • You’re right. Geon was already stressed and at the breaking point. Maybe if he hadn’t found out at that exact moment he’d have handled it better, but being drunk and half-crazed with guilt and pain just sent him over the edge.

        I think the thing this drama excels at (so far anyway) is taking crazy, OTT, comedic moments and undercutting them with genuine, heartfelt emotion. Take Mom’s speech defending Mi Young on the dock for example. In the middle of all the chaos and shouting we get to see Mom’s love and appreciation for her daughter but since it’s delivered in her no-nonsense doesn’t-pull-any-punches style it makes you laugh at the same time. So I’m hopeful that things even if things take a turn towards jerkface hero the show can carry us through with the sincerity of everyone’s emotions. I’m just wondering how I’ll make it through to next week

    • I didn’t get the “miss Kim” earlier, thanks for pointing it out! And I agree – right now they are both missing an important piece of information – she was drugged too.
      Can’t wait for next Wed ^.^

      • Right! Mi Young still didn’t know she’s drugged. She kept apologizing and blaming herself for going into the wrong room. 😦

  4. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about this episode. It was very hard to watch the whole abortion storyline play out. I mean we could be sure Mi Young wouldn’t go through with it because that’s the whole point of the story, but my heart just ached for her and I cried pretty much the whole time. I’m glad that Geon insisted on being there with her. At first I thought he was racing to the hospital to stop her and I was a bit annoyed anticipating it would the typical scene where the highhanded hero imposes his will on the heroine. I mean there’s a bit of that when he takes her from the operating room but I’m really glad that up to that point he allowed Mi Young to decide for herself and just wanted her not to have to do it alone. (Just as an aside that doctor was an asshole. I really really hope that was not an accurate representation of what abortion doctors are like in S. Korea because he was extremely unprofessional and I wanted to punch him.)

    Yay for more emotional honesty on a balcony! I think this couple should just live on one! It’d probably make things a lot smoother, lol. Seriously though that was my favorite scene of the episode. It was so sweet the way they each promised to be good parents to the baby. For me that was their real wedding vows right there. The wedding ceremony with the whole town was more for show but their promises to each other and the baby on the balcony were more honest and heartfelt.

    Poor Geon. I know he’s not thinking clearly right now and if he’d just stop and think past his sense of betrayal he’d realize that Mi Young is not to blame but it doesn’t make it any easier to watch his breakdown. I think what makes it worse for him is that he took all the blame on himself for getting Mi Young pregnant and his guilt was a lot of what drove him to agree to the marriage. Finding out that there were outside forces at work and his suspicion that Mi Young might have had a hand in it just broke him and now he can’t see past it. I’m bracing myself for next week, but I really hope our OTP can work past this misunderstanding quickly.

  5. do you realize guys this story turned a little bit melo now? we don’t really feel it coz the balance with the comedic. mostly with Geon antics. LOL. i love the rom com which sneakily insert the melo flavor without viewers lost the original taste.

    • Yeah, and seeing the gift from Park was like reconfirming his initial suspicion. In episode 2, he accused Mi Young of pulling a con on him with her bro-in-law, and it’s only after Mi Young explained herself again and again (and thankfully she reserved the room under her name) and Geon saw it for himself that the room number was upside down that he’s willing to believe her. The seed of suspicion was there. And the factory workers asking Mi Young to marry Geon for their sake didn’t make her look good either. Now his suspicious nature, the pain of having to give up Se Ra, and the pressure of marrying someone who’s practically a stranger get the better of him. I just hope that he will come to his senses sooner and realize Mi Young is still the sincere and sweet girl he saw in Macau.

    • Wait, lol. Wrong reply. Ep 3 & 4 were actually pretty heavy. So, good for the drama for finding a balance between comedy and the more solemn and emotional moments. But the downside is…one second I was laughing hysterically and the next I was sobbing hard.

  6. His laugh today was finally revealed to be a mask. He looked so pathetic 😦 with his laugh cry. My Geoni is cray cray. Somebody help him!

    • Random thought:
      (Taking a leaf from my beloved One Piece manga) – maybe geon witness his parents’ death, n before his mom died she told him to laugh n all the pain will go away, that’s when he developed the manical laugh..

      Wahaha. Well I think I’m crazy… Always, always trying to imagine the script myself. *stops* hahaha

  7. I LOVE cheering for people who struggle to do what is the right thing, even though it feels so wrong otherwise.
    Sucker-punched, left and right.
    Decision to abort? Cry.
    Decision to keep the baby? Cry.
    Decision to get married? Cry.
    Struggle to tell Sera? Cry.
    But I.am.a.sucker.for.punishment!

    At this point in time, Geon is still not aware that Mi Young was drugged too. So Mi Young continues to take the blame by being the conscious one of the two and despite thinking that, he still understands her position. It’s going to be quite the bomb when he realizes they were both drugged, isn’t it? I hope the writers time it well.
    Jang Nara – I must apologize to you. You look so fearful and classic kdrama cute that I had my doubts about you, but you are SO.GOOD at being scared but brave.
    Doormats want to please everyone. Mi Young just wants to make everyone happy. It’s an impossible dream, of course, but she’s going to try. The results are similar, but there is a world of difference when it comes to her defending Geon’s love, because it displeases everyone but legitimizes the struggle of the person she is defending. Jang Nara brings out every nuance of the struggle and I officially luff her now.

    • I don’t understand why Geon asked her to marry him. I know he was under pressure but he had not broken up with Se Ra even if they weren’t talking. He was saying he could be a good father without marriage so what made him change his mind? the poor mind that he then lost lol Damn! I was kind of laughing but mostly feeling sorry for everyone in this episode 😦

      • I understood it as him stepping up to the plate. It’s not a popular sentiment, to give up love for personal responsibility but I think he was convinced by the crowd who were pressuring Mi Young. Basically he was touched by Mi Young defending him and seeing his point of view, and the crowd reminded him that Mi Young is going to be the one bearing all the stigma if she is a single mom. The money and personal support he was offering at first will not change that.

      • Yes, he was stepping up to the plate, and also I think in his mind, he’d already ruined a future with Sera by sleeping with Mi Young even if it was a mistake–he says he’s “lost all qualifications” to be her man. And it all happens so fast for both of them, with so much pressure, that they hardly have time to really think bout what they’re agreeing to. Apart of me thinks Geon is silly to think she of all people tricked him into the marriage, but then again, they really don’t know anything about each other do they? They’ve only met four times!

        Except for the bro-in-law. Somebody throw him into the ocean *HISSSSS*

        And what I really really appreciated was how delicately the show treated the abortion issue and just about every decision made leading up to the marriage. Both of them react like adults, like people trying to do their best under the circumstances. Absurd circumstances, yes, but the emotional responses are grounded and believable.

        And Mi Young’s mum!! She gets the prize this ep for being awesome for standing up for her daughter who can’t stand up for herself, and for doing it in such typical tough-love Kdrama ahjumma fashion too. And she wrist grabs Geon!!! HAHAHA

    • Can I say Jang Nara was really great in two of her confession scenes? Like you said, she’s so good at being scared but BRAVE. Especially the one at the hospital, when she apologized to her baby. Her voice was shaking but she finished the prayer. And then she still remembered to cheer for Daniel and encouraged him not to be nervous. That scene BROKE me.

  8. I loved this episode! There were some really heartfelt moments, like how he whisked MY away from getting the procedure done at the last moment.
    Not only can JH act with his eyes, he can act with just his voice too. When Gun and MY were exchanging wedding vows, his grandma tells him that he wasn’t loud enough. So Gun yells out a long “yes” — most people just laughed in the wedding but I could feel what he was going through. It was funny and sad at the same time. I just love him. I thought that last scene in which him going nuts was just hilarious. I never heard anyone being compared to a snail like THAT. I couldn’t find English words to translate Gun’s description of slow moving snails, but it was so funny!
    I have not watched the Taiwanese version but I hope him treating MY with disdain won’t last very long!! I’ve fallen in love with Geon.

    • I love poor crazy Geoni too! I only saw the first few scenes and I crazy about this OTP now! CRAZY!

      • Weren’t you mad at him earlier today? Lol. He really shows heart in this episode before he gets all paranoid.

        • I was never mad at him. I was ranting that the doucheyfication was going to start now. But he was adorbs for the most part in this ep too. I just don’t understand why he got married, now that finished watching the episode.

          • Well I think he thought it was the right thing to do. It all seemed to go downhill after he talked to Se Ra. I

            • On the other hand, how beautiful did he look in that conversation with Se Ra goshhhh and so loving too. Damn Im too sensitive today It seems 😦

              • There’s a real tenderness about him but I guess he cannot tolerate being hurt anymore (and he’s so hurt because he feels deceived).

                • I don’t know but that whole “I can’t do anything but laugh” makes me feel sorry for him. Like he is sad clown or something.

                • When he says that it’s like he can’t do anything about anything. He can’t change things. He is powerless right? Maybe his breakdown has to do with the fact that he lost “control” of his life (his destiny) like Alan suggested but truth he has always had this kind of strange flamboyant, apparently super confident “fake” persona masking the more gentle Geon

                  • Good point he hast lost control of his life. But it was him that stopped the abortion and him that talked to her about marriage. He might not be in love with her yet, but she effects him

                    • I agree! He liked her. He identified with her loneliness. More than once he said “We are the same”. He opened up to her. He trusted her, and the more you trust, the more vulnerable you become to that person. Especially when you don’t trust anyone, the one person you choose to trust becomes vital to you. So I understand his reaction in that sense and I believe it is strong because his feelings for her were starting to get strong. And now he’ll push her, so she doesn’t hurt him again, that snail! lol but she’ll earn his trust and love again soonish I hope? that crazy glue girl? Still, I’d suggest he keeps getting treatment. The boy needs it

                    • Yes. He does but we heart him. Love your comments BTW. It helps to talk it out.

                    • I like the snail analogy for Mi Young. She quietly works her kind considerate doe eyed magic on Lee Gun and Daniel Choi. And like a snail, burrows into their hearts.

          • I just hope in the upcoming episodes they remind us how sweet he really is from time to time to help us deal with his downward paranoid spiral of delusion. I can understand why he is upset, but she’s not a mastermind manipulator. She’s a super sweet, loving lady.

            • His paranoia is not about her, he was like that before. The guy clearly has issues. Something changed in my perception and I can’t laugh at his craziness after that drunk scene. If he laugh cries like that I become convinced he IS actually crazy and somehow that is not too funny? On previews he looks like same ol funny cray cray Geon but now I’ll always remember his laugh cry and somehow feel uneasy. It’s a bizarre feeling. Don’t know how to explain it.

              • Honestly I feel the same. I felt very uncomfortable watching him like that. But it makes me really believe that he needs someone like Mi Young in his life.

    • Excellent point that JH acts with his voice. I have thought with a passing thought but you crystalized it and brought it to the forefront.

  9. and it was a good thing when you watch without sub coz there’s nothing to distracted you and you need to look closely at the actor every single move and gesture to try to understand what they say. finally, you can help but feel impressive with what you found. a good actor or bad actor.

    • I agree! I feel this way too

      • both my bias is like that and it make me appreciate them more. not to mention fall in love deeper. kkkk. also i have an experience when it lead to some argument after the live recap coz people hate and want to kill the character coz what he said (actually assume what he said coz it without subs) but weirdly i kind understand what he said is betraying his own feeling when i look at his eyes. LOL.

  10. Hi Drama Fan,
    At the end of the episode, he starts doubting MiYoung…that she was in it with Mr. Choi and President Park when he finds out that his drink was spiked with “Joa-Gra.”
    I’ll do my best to translate: What drives me crazy the most is the fact that I have to live with this snail woman.. snail of horror! snails look harmless on the outside but they have amazing suction power! amanzing! Once you get sucked in…they very slowly advance toward their goal…with their giant shell (house) on back…they are worse than turtles…at the end, they get what they want…when I think that snail of horror will be on the top of my head one day..hahahahah…it just makes me laugh..hahahaha

  11. i don’t understand a single thing when Geon and his manager talk about Sera after the wedding. the broody scene. but, i somehow can feel his pain. his eyes is so sad. i think he’s not showing much emotion physically but it’s totally impressive how he make his eyes look that sad.

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