Fated to love you Ep 3 – Thoughts and discussion

So many endearing and funny scenes in this episode:

REMINDER: Please refrain from giving spoilers about future episodes or speculation based on the taiwanese version. There are great places for that kind of discussion on Soompi and Dramabeans. We are watching this drama for the first time and would like to keep the suspense and enjoy the surprises, the korea adaptation might bring. Thank you for your cooperation. 

1.- LEE GEON PUTS LAWYER MIN IN HIS PLACE: This was very satisfying because minutes before, Mi Young had shown that she can say NO to slimy people like Lawyer Min. Again, she didn’t need Lee Geon to rescue her, but it is very nice that he showed up

“Please spread the rumor, that I tried my best to win Kim Mi Young’s heart but she never accepted it” – Lee Geon

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2.- LEE GEON CRAVES SWEETS: It seems Mi Young’s pbrase “People who eat sweets, are the ones who want to be happy” stuck with president Lee. Here are some examples:

– Lee Geon pours a significant amount of syrup on his iced coffee or tea while talking with Mi Young


– Lee Geon is boxing and gets knocked down (our alpha male no more?) He freaks out because of a nosebleed lol! and we learn that he has been craving sweets

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3.- LOOK WHO’S TALKING! – Mi Young and Lee Geon’s baby starts talking to him! It was a hilarious sequence but it was just the product of Mi Young’s imagination.

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4.- MI YOUNG CONFESSES TO “FATHER” DANIEL – He provides useful advice and we also learn one of the reasons Mi Young wouldn’t want Lee Geon to find out about her pregnancy. He already loves another woman and she thinks she has caused him enough troubles. She is also afraid to tell her family.

FTLY_Ep3_00030 FTLY_Ep3_00032

5.- LEE GEON IS BLACKMAILED – He consults with his lawyer on how to fix the problem with the factory workers who are blackmailing him with the video of him and MY in bed. It’s sweet that he still tries to protect her identity.

FTLY_Ep3_00033 FTLY_Ep3_00034

6.- MI YOUNG TRIES TO TELL HER MOTHER – Mi Young’s cries unable to tell her mother about her pregnancy. Her family notices her appetite has increased

FTLY_Ep3_00035 FTLY_Ep3_00037 FTLY_Ep3_00038

7.- LEE GEON IS NOT ANSWERING SE RA’S CALLS – Is he still hurt or does he feel guilty (the answer is revealed on ep 4)



8.- MOM AND SISTERS DISCOVER MI YOUNG’S PREGNANCY – Mi Young apologizes to her sleeping mother for what she is about to tell her. She takes another pregnancy test in the morning for a more accurate result and confirms, once again, that she is pregnant. Her mom and sisters find her with the test in her hand.

FTLY_Ep3_00050 FTLY_Ep3_00051

9.- MI YOUNG IS INTERROGATED BY MOM AND SISTERS – She doesn’t want to reveal the identity of her baby’s child but her brother in law enters and declares “I know who the baby’s father is”

FTLY_Ep3_00060 FTLY_Ep3_00059 FTLY_Ep3_00058

10 .- LEE GEON RELUCTANTLY NEGOTIATES WITH THE FACTORY WORKERS – Yes, with emphasizes on reluctantly. He takes secretary Tak’s advice and mentions his appreciation for the local dish

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11 .- LEE GEON MEETS HIS FUTURE MOTHER IN LAW – My favorite scene in this episode

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49 responses to “Fated to love you Ep 3 – Thoughts and discussion

  1. Beautiful part of this drama is that i had no urge to even watch the Taiwanese version. Even now im starting to watch all over again. In fact becos of the great chemistry between the Jangs i have started to watch their 1st drama together. Amazing 12 years ago they worked together but yet they can still “ignite”.

  2. I like the screen caps you added. I’m glad I came back to this post.

  3. Geon continues to be awesome hero material. Yeah he’s a diva and can be kind of an ass sometimes but the sweetness and decency underneath carry him through. He’s so gentle with Mi Young most of the time it makes me swoon.

    Mi Young, oh my heart hurts for her. It seemed very real to me that she looked equally shocked each time her pregnancy was confirmed. It’s times like those that even when the evidence is staring you in the face it just CAN’T be possible. Her fear during the confession scene and her tears when she saw her mom waiting for her felt real too and I felt like crying with her. I did love that she stood up to slimy Lawyer Min on her own and it was only when he escalated things that Geon swooped in to save the day. And I love, love, love that she insisted that she be the one to tell Geon about the baby instead of having her mom blab it first. The strength and the courage are there she just needs a little push to realize it for herself.

    The OTP is so awesome I find myself not really caring about whatever else is going on like the Lee Family manoeuvrings or the factory subplots except where they concern our lead couple. There are a lot of secondary characters and my impressions so far are – Grandma is adorable, half-brother is an idiot but maybe not as much as he’d like you to think, stepmom is ridiculous, President Park is awful and I can’t forgive him, Mom and the sisters crack me up, Ji Yeon is just the kind of best friend Mi Young needs, Sera doesn’t seem very happy with her choice and I feel sorry for her, and finally Daniel is still a mystery and he knows way to much about pregnancy tests, lol.

    TL;DR great episode of a truly delightful show.

    • Right now Daniel Pitt (!) can be as much of a mystery as he wants, as long as he keeps giving me mischievous Choi Jin Hyuk hotness. I am that shallow. ^.^
      He’s probably going to be the one to take Mi Young away from the Lee family madness later, but even now I am enjoying his somewhat random presence in the drama.

      • I see that the actor is good and likable so I am getting a little frustrated with his randomness. They need to give him something better to do, but NOT at the expense of our OTP. I hope they keep this well balanced.

      • Choi Jin Hyuk is definitely a hottie 🙂

        Daniel did seem genuinely affected by Mi Young’s distress during the confession scene and I wonder if that was because he’s just an empathetic person or because of his mysterious backstory? IDK, he just seemed to take it really personally when he was insisting that Mi Young tell the father about the baby.

      • Daniel Pitt, the Phllipe Starck of Korea *chuckle*. I was abit taken aback by his listening to her confession like, dooood, you’re not a priest, get out of there pronto! But again, with this drama, it’s one of those things I’m just happy to go along with. To answer TK, he was affected I think coz he’s reflecting on his own circumstances as an orphan, no?

  4. I don’t have anything of substance to add except that I continue to be stunned at how much this show makes me laff my ass off, while being able to insert these teeny glimpses of emotional depth without seeming out of place, and it’s is sooooo super satisfying. That joke about the “stand”, and the visual pun of Geon getting literally punched in the face (before being downed by the pregnancy news), is soooooo….KAKAKKAKA. This show makes me laugh for days!!

    • I was confused by the boxing scene because it seemed kind of random to me. That scene did give us the info that Geon drinks his coffee sweet now instead of black (influenced by Mi Young’s words?) and a chance for Geon to look broody in the locker room while ignoring Sera’s message, so I was OK with it. I just didn’t pick up on the significance of him getting knocked down physically like you did.

      • Well that’s just how I took it, but it may very well be that it was just a op for knocking him about and for him to look broody! I noticed that thing about sugar, what was it that Mi Young said? The thing back in Macau bout the lolly?

      • He get knocked down, she gets knocked up ^_^

  5. i wonder if in the wedding scene, Geon will be imagining Sera as his bride for once? i think it’s more realistic and we can see how much he loves her. no one can go married someone else instead their lover without feel a little bit sad. it’s so hard coz Geon is Geon, he rather keep it silence and tossed his problem/worries away instead of mopping. can’t wait when he finally break down, coz that guy keep too much in his heart.
    Anyone feel how adorable both mi Young with his tiny cute voice vs Geon deep and sexy voice. it’s not only JH using a differ tone of voice, Nara too.

    • I know right? Nara has such a soothing voice here! Very different than in Bright Girl where she also used an accent. BTW When Geon was looking at the necklace with the ring, I remember Kitae looking at his parent’s rings 🙂

  6. I really appreciated Mi Young and Lee Gun’s reaction when they saw each other. Mi Young’s reaction to Lee Gun coming to her company was shy and sweet. She felt awkward. I thought this was a very normal reaction under the circumstance. I also loved Lee Gun’s reaction when he heard her name, then when he caught a glimpse of her and tried to catch up to her. Part of him seemed really happy to see her. Both their reactions were realistic and tender. I was happy to see him like before he got overwhelmed with “the news”.

    • I knowwwwww my OTP!!!!! I loved them there too! Gahhhh I can’t deal!!!! lololol Ok, sorry for that extreme kya moment there ahaha

    • And to think that Mi Young’s mom just locked them together sqeeeeeeeee!!!!

    • ” I was happy to see him like before he got overwhelmed with “the news”.” Exactly. That one scene set up the believability of his gentle reaction to her on the dock when she was stuttering… and that’s the end of my rational response because SQUEEE!
      Mom is funny, mom beating up on Jang Hyuk is funny, Halmoni is a hoot and while the cartoony moments are OTT, the little tender and real moments make me BUY IN. The comic timing is excellent. Even when I can see Goen’s response to the news on the dock coming, it’s still SO SATISFYING when it does and he straight up swoons.
      That and the ongoing gag with “STAND” was killing me.
      Only one thing I don’t understand was why mom chose to lock them up together? While the coincidences so far have been too convenient, they still felt smooth narratively, but this locking up together business was contrived. Unless it’s some Yeowol Island tradition, LOL.

      • The mom is on our ship? lolol That’s all I can think of 😀 Go mom!

      • That has to be it. LOL.
        I was totally taken in by the ‘Appa’ scene too.>.< That's how much crazy I expect from this show now.

      • I don’t get that locking them up thing too, and it IS contrived, but yunno, I’m happy to give this show alot of leeway if the pay-off is good, and I can feel some super good comic/sweet/character-development stuff coming from this! *rubs hands in glee*

        • I think the show will have these moments, like when Mi Young drank the spiked water? Where we go “Oh come on”!!!!! they are sort of WTF transition moments. I feel like the writers are telling us “Hey just bear with us here, we need to move the story, close your eyes for a sec there. Moving on!”

      • Lol. My interpretation:
        – either MY mom is too anygry and can’t think straight hence lock them up;
        – or she can tell MY likes LG so trying to give them some space?

        Either way, we all get our wishes! XD

      • I think Mom locked them up to keep either of them from escaping before Grandma gets there in the morning. Like maybe she’s afraid they’ll steal a boat or even swim away, lol. But hey, if it has the benefit of getting our OTP a chance to talk to each other I’m all for it 🙂

      • I kept loling at the STAND gag. Maybe mom was afraid that, if she only locked up Geon, Mi Young might secretly let him go. So the best solution is to lock them up together.

        • Mom did explain her reason to the secretary. She senses they like each other and wanted them to have time alone to talk 🙂 She IS a shipper like we suspected

    • I love those moments too, especially Geon’s. When he caught a glimpse of Mi Young, instead of avoiding her, he tried to catch up with her. And I was fascinated by his wistful smile when he thought that he probably mistook someone else for Mi Young. Maybe he’s happy that she could be around or that he’s laughing at himself for wanting to see her again. But it’s so noticeable that his aura immediately softens up in Mi Young’s (possible) presence. 🙂 I also love that, in the scene where he ‘saved’ Mi Young, he first looked at her with such tenderness before he turned and talked to lawyer Min.

      • Yep, when he said “let’s go” in that soft undertone…*gulp*

      • I like to think that Geon’s spent the last month being constantly reminded of Mi Young. Like before he realized that the coffee girl was the wrong Kim Mi Young he looked both startled and hopeful. And then when he chases the look-alike to the elevator it was like he almost couldn’t help himself. Then there are those like tiny little moments I caught on the second watch through where it looks like Mi Young’s words about people who like sweets wanting to be happy have stuck with him. In the lawyer’s office coffee girl delivers the one with sugar to him, then he puts a ton of syrup in his ice tea while in the cafe with Mi Young and finally Director Tak marvels in the gym that Geon drinks his coffee sweet instead of black now. I just love that her words seem to really meant something to him.

        • I noticed that about him liking sweets now! although I didn’t realize all the instances he did. Answering to DDee, Mi Young said: People who like sweets, it’s because they want to be happy 🙂

      • Yes, I first noticed the change when he poured all the syrup into his iced coffee. I was thinking…isn’t that a bit too sweet? I love how Mi Young’s words effected him so much already.

  7. Ok, I finished my first watch which was on the phone, but I plan to watch again on TV with mom! come on, so much beauty needs to be appreciated on a big screen 😀 I agree with your favorite scenes, and I don’t really feel like analyzing this drama at the moment, cause, it makes me so happy that I just want to accept it as it is, and love it! For now, allow me to sqee a little about Lee Gun please. Oh but first! I’ve been wanting to praise the actor who plays the slimy lawyer cause that guy is perfect at being slimy! The entire cast here is so good. But among the secondaries, this guy is so good at being horrible that he makes me want to punch the screen!!! well, or throw my phone? lol Anyway, him being so ugghhhh made me LOVE Lee Gun when he LAFFED his awesome laugh and the bastard’s face. And that guy’s reaction was PRICELESS. And then Lee Gun coming at the precise moment to help Mi Young and squeeze the RAT’s hand AHHHH I seriously wanted to marry Lee Gun right there! And it doesn’t help that Jang Hyuk talks in that low voice that it’s just soooo freakin sexy! Anyway, for the rest of the episode Lee Gun started going back to his usual Drama Queen buffon mode hahaha and I adore him too. Freaking out cause his nose was bleeding? ADORBS Swearing revenge on the boat and then puking? ADORBS, Freaking out and flailing scared of Mi Young’s mom and then his perfect hilarious reaction and almost fainting? SUPER ADORBS! Gahhhh adorbs adorbs adorbs!!! More reactions later! 😀

  8. So many things happened. But what touched me the most is the scene when Mi Young saw her mom at the dock, or every Mi Young’s scene with her mom to be exact. I also love the confession scene. We see MY’s insecurities, fear, and most importantly her strength…I cannot describe how much I love her, and I thought I couldn’t love this woman more than I already did.

    This episode is just as funny but with lots of emotional depth as well. From the shot of Geon sitting in the dark to Se Ra’s voice mail, we feel the hurt of two people who still love and care about each other. I love that this drama gives Se Ra a voice and we get to see from her point of view instead of simply focusing on Geon, even if we don’t necessarily agree with her decision. We at least can empathize with her.

    • *NODS* I LOVE HER SO MUCH TOO! Jang Nara is a perfect little bundle of sweetness and meekness and vulnerability a-and…GAH. That scene at the dock…d’awwww.

  9. Lesson learnt from this episode, mothers can be extremely scary. But, I love her mother reactions because that’s the way all mothers should react if something like this ever happen to their daughter – well, real-life mother should be less dramatic.

    Loving all Miyoung’s moments. And as much as I love seeing drama king Lee Geon, I prefer seeing soft-hearted Lee geon more. As much as I love Mimi flipping through the air – that she does almost all the time, I prefer Mimi just sit there silently looking down-to-earth like when Geon is sitting in the dark looking longingly to the necklace after he refuses to pick up Sera’s call.

    And I already said this too many times before, saying one more time won’t hurt the amount. I LOVE JANG NARA unnie. She portrayed Kim Miyoung perfectly. I feel all her emotions, when she feels insecure, I feel like rushing to her side to comfort her. 5 thumbs up to Jang Nara unnie.

    • I’m guessing Mimi is a nickname for Jang Hyuk… which makes me LOL. Why does he have this nickname?

      • Mimi is Lee Gun’s hair 😀 there is no reason in particular why she has this name but all we know is she is a diva! Naming her was a way for some us fans to cope with her (initially unwelcomed) presence. The “hair” was taking so much attention. Anyway, long story short, many people have converted to “Mimiism” Even I who could only think of sccissors when I saw her. I think the hair suits our eccentric chaebol after all 😋

      • Ah…. so that’s what’s going on. It certainly does add something to the character. 😛

    • I LOVE HER MUM too! Normally, this kind of humour is hit-and-miss for me, but that whole scene with her mum and sisters was just PERFECT!! I was just kakakakaka-ing all the way. The comedy is just indescribably like, perfection. I have no words, clearly, because it just WORKS. Alot of it has to do with the casting, coz that actress who plays the mother is awesome. She feels like she’s a mother one would find on tiny islands outside of Seoul who won’t hesitate to beat dudes like Geon with a spoon.

  10. Oh. Oh my. Can’t speak coherently. Everything is flappy hands and high-pitched squealing. Be back later for intelligent discussion 🙂

  11. I found the pacing of the show to be good. Quick but not rushed. A bit confused by why mom is the way she is with her daughter

    • Hi Alan! its great to see you here 🙂

    • Now that I watched the episode, I think the mom is a tough one and seeing that Mi Young is so “passive” there seems to be a clash between their personalities. I actually liked MYs mom cause she defended her regardless of who Lee Geon is. The brother in law reminded her that it would be to their advantage if Geon was on their side, but all she cares about is her daughter.

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