Fated to love you Ep 2 – Thoughts and discussion

Ok, it’s impossible! I can’t stop myself an I’ve been screen capping every single moment of this episode. The purpose of these posts is to allow a SPOILER FREE AND COMPARISON FREE discussion area.

The second episode fleshed out our characters more, and it showed a more “human” side of Lee Geon. He became more attractive in my eyes. Mi Young showed strength, thus becoming more attractive as well, in my opinion.

A not so brief reminder of Ep2 events:

1.- THE LAMP– Need I say more?


2.- THE BED SCENE  (It was delightfully subtle and at the same time felt real and HOT and then FUNNY and then SWEET and also naughty teehee “We came together”)

FTLY_Ep2_00022 FTLY_Ep2_00023 FTLY_Ep2_00027 FTLY_Ep2_00028


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3.- SE RA DUMPS LEE GEON – I feel bad for him, but she somehow does not come off as a typical selfish second female lead. Her position is understandable (to me)

FTLY_Ep2_00052 FTLY_Ep2_00055

4.- “THE FACT THAT YOU’VE BEEN ABANDONED, WON’T CHANGE” – Lee Geon says these cruel words to Mi Young, but isn’t it projecting? After all, he has also been “abandoned” by Se Ra

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5.- LEE GEON NOTICES MI YOUNG IS BAREFOOT – I liked this moment. Mi Young pleas for her brother in law and Mr. Park, while Lee Geon notices she has been barefoot all the time. His heart starts to soften.

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6.- MI YOUNG CONFRONTS LAWYER MIN – She defends her earrings, and kicks him out of the room. She doesn’t “really” need Lee Geon to rescue her, but it was nice to see him help her

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7.“YOU ARE NO LONGER POST-IT GIRL, YOU ARE CRAZY GLUE” – (And the whole conversation preceding this where she defends her earrings, “They are mine”)

FTLY_Ep2_00083 FTLY_Ep2_00084 FTLY_Ep2_00085  FTLY_Ep2_00087




8.- THE MAKEOVER – I loved how she said she looks good even now 🙂 And Lee Gun’s reaction was my favorite scene of his in the whole drama so far

 FTLY_Ep2_00092 FTLY_Ep2_00093 FTLY_Ep2_00094 FTLY_Ep2_00095 FTLY_Ep2_00096 FTLY_Ep2_00097

jh_leegeon_miyoung_pw jh_leegeon_miyoung_pw2 jh_leegeon_miyoung_pw4

FTLY_Ep2_00098 FTLY_Ep2_00099


9.- THE REVENGE – So delicious!



jh_leegeon_miyoung_pw3 jh_leegeon_miyoung_pw5

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10.- “PLEASE BE CONFIDENT” – Possibly the best scene so far

“Watching him kneel in front of Money, not him but I looked pitiful. He is a bad person, it’s true. But my feelings for him were real. Truth shouldn’t become useless” – Mi Young

FTLY_Ep2_00125 FTLY_Ep2_00126 FTLY_Ep2_00127 FTLY_Ep2_00128


28 responses to “Fated to love you Ep 2 – Thoughts and discussion

  1. After many repeated watching of FTLY, it just struck me that Gunnie & Sera must have a sexual kind of relationship – the way he comfortably backhug MY in bed (naked, mind you) thinking she’s Sera….lol

  2. 🙂 *shy* nothing much in there, just a few GIFs here and there and yes i am planning to do something related to FTLY but time is not on my side, i hope i can something soon.

  3. first time i posted here, (maybe i posted before, can’t recall
    but it is just so fun reading your post
    make me want to put something of my own too
    haven’t done it for the longest time
    but this drama just makes you do a lot of things and
    it’s crazy how our camaraderie formed at soompi
    because of this drama
    thanks for such a wonderful post.

  4. Well done sugarpiehoneybunch 😉
    I like the way they are happy when they win … Lawyer Min and that strange thing are happy to see them lose and are all “nose up in the sky”, but when Gun and MY win they do not show off at first but celebrate with each other … well ok, they show off, too, but not in the way to make the other look sore

  5. This episode has the most subtle messages abt how the drama will turn out and the beauty of it is we all dont realise it unless we watching a re run. Gunnie not realising that becos Sera dumped on him in this episode will subconsciously change his mind and accept MY and marry her. Subtleness of MY’s strength even though she seems weak and post it even to Gunnie. Love the bed scenes, the lamp was so funny. So was the rolling around in bed and rice pounding. Hahahahaha

    • I think I need to join you in rewatching soon!

      • Hi Drama Fan, perhaps you can help me understand the difference? Sera calls LG as Gun only, MY calls Gunnie. Does this show the difference in the relationship? As i understand Korean culture has the formal and less formal wordings/phrases and between elders and young, the usage of words differ. Not trying to dissect this episode so much but to understand Korean culture more. Thank you.

  6. Also, I wonder if Geon’s fear of dogs is a real phobia, and it it is rooted in something, and whether it will be significant in the story? He seemed freaked out about touching the candy with dog’s saliva and kept saying that he can’t really touch dogs. They might just leave it at that too, but I wonder.

  7. I became a Geon-er too quickly! Now I’m scared! so I’m trying to adjust to the idea of his future possible douchiness, I think I might always root for Mi Young, she seems “predictable” in a good way. What I mean is, I can sort of anticipate how she might react to certain situations because I think I understand her, etc, Geon on the other hand, fascinates me but also seems more “unpredictable” (not in a bad way though, because that makes him exciting) What I worry the most about right now is, how he is going to react to Mi Young’s pregnancy. I know that these kind of stories are about the leads “evolving” throughout its course, so I do expect them to make mistakes. In the case of Mi Young it is kind of obvious that what she needs to get is more confidence (and maybe some other things I’m not perceiving yet), Geon, on the other hand, maybe will learn to be more compassionate? He is not a bad person and obviously not unaware of other people’s pain, but I still noticed how coldly he rejected Mr Park and Mr Choi’s plea. He also seems to be a bit paranoid, or at least he doesn’t trust people right away, not always a bag thing to be wary of strangers but I can see this lack of trust in others become a potential source of problems as well. He also talks about being confindent, about not being “too nice” and this suggest a character which could be good or bad, depending on the situation. It does seem to me that he protects himself (understandable, he is an adult after all, not an innocent child who lives in a bubble, and he is also in charge of business, etc) But, in summary, I DONT WANT HIM TO MAKE MI YOUNG CRY lol and despite how nice he was at the end of ep2, he is still a freaking chaebol in a kdrama, so let my put my guard up again! .

    • Yeah I’m worried about Geon and his potential future douchiness too. I think maybe that was the whole point of letting us see him so vulnerable and open in those two balcony conversations with Mi Young in episode 2. In the first scene when she tells him how she liked Lawyer Min because he was nice to her and she just wanted so badly to love someone we can see him reacting so strongly. First he gets angry, then nearly starts crying, then hilariously vows revenge for Mi Young because his is out of reach. In the second balcony scene when Mi Young gives him the cherry lolly he laughs off her words about people who like sweets wanting to be happy but in the limo afterward we get another glimpse of the guy underneath the wacky exterior who does long to be happy and be loved. I think those glimpses are going to have to carry us through a lot of the usual k-drama shenanigans so it was important that we not only saw them but saw that Mi Young is the one who brought them out. They have the potential to bring out the best in each other which has me REALLY loving them as an otp. I just hope they don’t hurt each other too much in the process.

  8. The tteok making scene is the best and cutest metaphor I’ve seen for sexy times anywhere, EVER. So adorable. The whole bed scene was really well done I thought. It took what is really a gross and horrifying concept (consent issues!) and made it sweet and tender.

  9. I love how he gets so emotional when he’s outside with her listening to her and almost starts crying and decides she needs to get a makeover to get revenge. There are so many precious and funny moments in this episode.

    • I thought that was so funny! Cause they were crying, I was feeling sorry for her and then he starts yelling like the drama queen he is and I had to laugh out loud. I mean we both know how Jang Hyuk can cry so beautifully and realistically (not referring to the animal sounds he made in Chuno, but to the more contained crying he also can do, though all the styles suited each moment) but here he kind of cried more funny crazy than realistic (reminded me of Ben Stiller’s ugly crying in There’s Something About Mary) It was cute and WTF at the same time

    • I loved how when he yells at her for crying it’s because he’s willing himself not to do the same thing. And when she defends herself by basically saying “I’m upset, why shouldn’t I cry?” I wanted to jump up and cheer. People might see Mi Young as a doormat but it’s those little hints of strength and conviction that make me adore her. That whole scene was just gold.

  10. Much as I enjoy a good makeover, I did like the fact that she was back in her own clothes by the end. Also, how great is it not to have one-dimensional second leads?

    • Agree on the makeover, I liked that and it makes me think Mi Young likes and accepts herself. Yes, I want the second leads to be interesting as well. Norhing better than a drama where we can like or at least understand all characters 🙂

      • It’s true. I don’t have to like everyone, but it’s nice to be able to think of characters as fleshed out people versus placeholders.

  11. Oh you giffed his reaction scene. Loved that moment. I like that it wasn’t over played because it’s still too early and his heart is still with Sera. At the same time the reluctance and unexpectedness of his reaction to her makes it sweeter. Awesome! Thank you!

    • Loved that moment too! Perfectly played, indeed! It’s true, what’s spot on is that he isn’t in love with her yet, but they’ve bonded in a way that feels real and meaningful for both still (apart frm the banging, that is ;P). Argh, and their faces kill me!

  12. “She doesn’t “really” need Lee Geon to rescue her, but it was nice to see him help her”–> yeah, I was soooo happy that she got her moment and pretty much did the job herself before he came along. And he didn’t swoop in like white knight either and go apeshit on the jerkface. He was gentle and aware of her vulnerability first and foremost, as evidenced by that detail of the shoes.

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