Fated to love you – MBC C-RADIO interview with Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk

Hi there!!!! I’ve been totally absorved by Fated to love you (Im rewatching, reblogging on tumblr, spamming on twitter, etc) and ironically I have not posted anything new since the drama started oops! Let me fix that right now!

I bring you this interview of Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk at MBC-C-Radio.

Ok, so the video is frustrating cause it freezes and it doesn’t have english subs, but, Gumi translated some excerpts that are interesting and show the warm relationship between the sweet Jjangs.


Jang Hyuk said that he got offered a role, he read the script and asked who the actress was and when he was told it was Jang Nara he said “Oh then I’ll do it!”

And Jang Nara said “Huh? I think we were tricked!” she continued “I didn’t read the script, I read the synopsis and asked who the actor was, they said Jang Hyuk and I said “Ok, then I’ll do it!”

Then, they look at each other and laugh and say “Oh, we were tricked”


When asked, what is your plan or strategy for the drama? Jang Hyuk said he is just going to trust Jang Nara, follow her

Jang Nara said: “He is saying that, but he is the leader of our team. He is the main pillar and I just trust him”

Hyukie said: In this drama, the female lead’s emotional change is very important. It’s the main thing in the drama. He thinks Jang Nara is capable of doing that so that’s why he accepted this role.

Nara said: Lee Geon is the most attractive male lead she has seen, ridiculously funny and charming, too characteristics that are hard to co-exist but in this case, they do.


They also said, they actually didn’t talk much during Succesful Story of a Bright Girl’s filming. Their schedules was too busy. If there were 60 scenes in the drama, they were in at least 50. So they were literally filming all day every day, no time to take a shower. They were all smelly according to Jang Nara

So, they never had a conversation other than greetings, and after SSBG, for twelve years they haven’t seen each other at all, not even walking by, but when they met again, they still felt comfortable. They also said it was partially because both of them were shy. They said, they have a similar personality, both are shy, so back then, no one would reach out first, but Nara says that after 12 years both have become more active in engaging with people.


When asked, what was the moment they were most moved or touched by the other, Jang Hyuk said, it was when he was approached first, when she told him to use non honorifics. He said he was grateful because he knew that it was her trying to approach first. He is not good at starting to use non-honorifics. He said that when he was young, just because he was younger, there were some seniors who were really rude to him. He didn’t like it and he thought to himself that he would never do that. So now, it is hard for him to not use honorifics. Nara asked him about three times. When he started not using honorifics, he felt comfortable.

Nara says that she thinks he gave into her request because he knew all the courage that she gathered to ask him

Jang Nara’s answer to the same question was “When we are filming, ALWAYS” she said he treats the actresses really well. Whenever there is an action scene, he takes care of her inmediately. When they were doing the dog chase scene, she was running with all her might and it was hard to stop, so he would hold her after they yelled “cut” preventing her from falling or bumping into something. And that is an automatic action of his, like he is programmed to do it.


9 responses to “Fated to love you – MBC C-RADIO interview with Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk

  1. why can’t i watch the video? :((

  2. OMG I was super nervous with that kiwi .. I really wanted the MC to take it off so that any random thing happens .. It was so cute that JH oppa didn’t even try to play, I’m guessing he was being considerate and tried to avoid (un)necessary skinship :3 I ship these two so hard but I ALWAYS have oppa’s wife on my mind for some reason (something I never experience with other hot actors), so I was relieved with the outcome.
    Thank you for the translated excerpts, I was really frustrated watching this and not understanding a word >_<

  3. I watched this whole thing last night and it didn’t freeze for me! Yay! It was super cute! I wish I knew what the original actress from fated to love you said. Jang Nara looked so moved and happy. I was hoping the kiwi would have fallen lol

  4. hiiiii
    oh my god what is happen in this seri?hyuk oppa will make a new version iris?AIGO
    i miss you Dramafan,this post is very good..like always

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwww! Oh my gosh. That’s the sweetest thing ever. Is it possible that I love them even more now? They are so cuteeee.

  6. THE TWO JANGGGSSS!! Sweeties, both of them. Thanks for this 🙂

  7. aww, he always so sweet. btw, i copy this to Soompi. hope you don’t mind.

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