Fated to love you – Section TV interview

Section TV interview with the cast of Fated to love you

Thanks to Polaris Cat for uploading it

【MBC섹션TV연예통신-Fated To Love You 운명처럼 널 사랑해… by polariscat

It looks really fun! There is some priceless BTS of the JJangs in bed and Lee Gun fitting the dog while doing his awesome laugh (it really is perfect!). I wish I understood everything, but here are some excerpts translated by Gumi

When they asked: Who is the “atmosphere maker” on the site? Jang Nara, Wang Ji Won and Choi Jin Hyuk pointed at Jang Hyuk, Jang Hyuk pointed at Jang Nara 🙂 awwww. And they showed BTS of him rolling on the bed, hopping around and the crew laughing.

They mentioned that the first scene that Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara filmed together for Fated to love you was the bed scene, (this might be wrong because we thought their first scene was the one in the shopping mall) and they showed and they showed BTS of the bed scene with the Jjangs hugging and laughing shyly and awkwardly lol!


Thanks to Zoi from Stuck on Hyuk for the captures


When they were asked who has the less NGs (bloopers) Wang Ji Won and Jang Nara voted for Jang Hyuk. Choi Jin Hyuk pointed to Nara? (not sure) but he also said that he hasn’t had a scene with Jang Hyuk yet.

The MC told Jang Hyuk that in his previous works he had been dressed with not very fancy clothing (they show a clip of Chuno) and now he is wearing all those fancy clothes, how does it fell? does it feel uncomfortable? new?

JH answers “Oh it feels so comfortable, like my own skin”

When asked what ratings they expect : Jang Hyuk says 52% (everyone laughs) Choi Jin Hyuk says realistically 23% and then Jang Hyuk replies “Well, that’s like 52% in the good ol’ days”

Ahhh I hope our guys are right! and the ratings go up! I’m loving this drama

14 responses to “Fated to love you – Section TV interview

  1. hahahaha, DF i refer to you girls: you and Gumi, Zhaoul, AhjusshiFan etc. i think there’s a tonned compare to other k-celeb. there’s no new Hyukie blog that you don’t know. sawry for confusing you. hehehe.

  2. Was lurking at the FTLY soompi thread n am so glad to find this blog! Didn’t know JH has his own dedicated blog to him (as compared to you know those young idols), so this is a pleasant surprise. He didn’t strike me as super popular (though I know he’s considered a huge star in his own right), just not those names u will associate with crazy no. of fans. Having said that, I’m crazy about him, so nice to meet u folks here~~~ 😀

    Just curious, when everyone became a fan of him – which drama made u fated to love JH? Heheeee..

    P/s: to be on topic, love those BTS scenes, he’s so lovable~~~~~

    • Glad you found us here! I do feel like he has less presence especially in English speaking world..probably because he hasn’t done a lot of romance-centric dramas which used to get more attention…? But he’s an established actor with a lot of great works, so yes there are quite a lot of crazy fans, including us 🙂 My firstt fated to love him drama was Thank You, but I really enjoyed and loved him in all his works.

    • Hi fiveinone, we english speaking Jang Hyuk fans might not be a lot in terms of number nut we certainly crazy about the guy 😀 Welcome here! this is your home! Don’t ever worry about being on topic either, we have no rules here. You can freely spazz about whatever you want 🙂 And you gave me an idea for a post! It’ll be nice to know which was everyone’s first Jang Hyuk drama! I met him on Tree With Deep Roots and was inmediately taken by his intense stare. It made me excited! I didn’t know I was in love then but I think that’s when it started. I had tried watching Chuno before and appreciated his expressiveness but way back when I was crazy and didn’t think he was “that” attractive physically. I know! huh? but yeah it took a half of Tree With Deep Roots to realize the guy is actually handsome. It was actually my mom who pointed it out. But yes, this means I fell in love with his acting before his hotness. It also means my crush will last longer because even if he becomes “ugly” I’ll like him 🙂 But hey! tell us your story as well

      • Hellos! *waves*
        @gumi – yep I gathered that he prob don’t have that much of a following among us English users, but he is Damn worth it. 😉 wish more will appreciate him.

        For me, well I guess my schoolgirl crush began ten yrs ago when I watched him in windstruck (can’t rem the story just that I cried buckets), but, I think he went to army soon after that so I forgot about him. did saw the news on Thank You which was his comeback drama n wanted to watch but didn’t muster enough enthusiasm >.<!

        But strangely even though I never watch any of his shows after windstruck, once when my friend asked me what's my type of guy I said JH. (Even though I can't really be considered a fan then lol)

        Only recently when FTLY was announced, I finally decided to revisit my teenage crush, and finally (!) started to watch Thank You. Since then it's fated to love him! Haha.

        @DramaFan – same as u! I didn't realise he's handsome when watching Thank You (windstruck was too long ago I can't remember), until my sis who was watching with me suddenly mentioned that he's the handsome doc. Then it struck me, he's really handsome! *pats my teenage self for having good taste* lol

        Pardon for the long post :p

    • awww, i think it’s make the longest one who have a crush on him. No? eh, i think so. hahahahahah (*insert Geon laugh). i attracted to him since SSOBG day 12 years ago. he’s so cute. even some of us maybe found his hair is weird i like it in earlier episode bf it become longer. LOL. his acting really impressive there. his body language, his eyes and his dorkiness acting blown me away. the Hallyu here start with Won Bin, SSH and BYJ but i found them just for eye candy not much in acting. everyone love Winter Sonata but i don’t coz i can’t stand all the crying. SSOBG really my drama crack coz of him and also Nara.

      one more thing, Hyukie have so much English site compare to others in my opinion.

    • My first encounter with JH was Thank You and that was it! I thought he was so freakin’ attractive, his intensity and his er everything. I’ve thought he was a sexy beast ever since 🙂

  3. HAHAHA did you see how in that BTS he swung his jacket like nunchucks and then did his ridiculous laugh?? Gaaah, I hope they release more BTS videos!

  4. Reblogged this on kdramadreamer and commented:
    What would I do I without your posts? Seriously. I love this. I really do hope the ratings go up because the drama is good. I know ratings aren’t everything, but I want everyone involved in this drama to feel encouraged.

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