Fated to Love You: Me Likey!

Please all read DDee’s wonderful first impressions post of Fated to Love You. I can’t really react at the moment. Too many feels!

obsessive compulsive (k)drama-watching disorder

Well this is a shocker! I’m sitting here absolutely giddy in love with Fated to Love You.

I was wary bout this one for obvious reasons, but see what happens when a show exceeds your expectations? You get me writing a very fangirly first impressions post, which I almost never do. The first impressions part I mean. I fangirl all the time!

First, let’s talk about this creature here.

Fated to Love You Ep1

I was looking forward to a certain level of ham and slapstick from what I’d seen from the teasers, but I certainly did not expect the show to zealously devote itself to making Lee Geon look as ridiculous as possible.

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One response to “Fated to Love You: Me Likey!

  1. Gotta say, you made me smile with your featured image for this post!

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