Fated To Love you Eps 2: Screencaps

Screencap recap of Ep2 by Ahjussi Fan

Ahjussi Fan

I seriously loving Jang Nara unnie. She’s the best!!! Enough said.

Lee Geon having his beauty massage.

Later in the room

Then the drugged Kim Miyoung entering the scene and next we know is the morning after.

While way back in korea, Lee Geon grandmother is imagining something and this picture comes up.

So cute

Lee Geon is very angry.

Lee Geon receives a voice message from the girlfriend who already fly to new york.

After the heartbroken news, I think he tries to let his frustration to Miyoung, which does not went well of course.

Then Miyoung going back to her room only to found this.

Miyoung says how she really like that lawyer and how she really anticipated to go to this trip. Lee Geon is angry and ask/force her to follow him.

Revenge time!

It’s time to say goodbye *for now*

And there! Done. Took me 2 hours…

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